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  1. Enjoy is trying to make a comeback You could always try them again.
  2. [-_-]7 Was one of the best community's I have ever been in while tanking. I hope recruiting takes off for you guys and everything runs smooth! o7o7o7
  3. Out partying tonight as well, plz inbox me. P.S It would be handy to know what time zone we will be fighting in.
  4. Good luck with recruiting, always try to send good players your way!
  5. Hey guys, I'm relatively new here and wanted to show off some of my best games. I will post some old and new replays and will try to add new replays daily. I play mostly 10 tanks meds, heavys and with the occasional low/mid tier games. I hope you enjoy them.
  6. I will send you a platoon invite when I get home.
  7. I feel your pain. But its all up to you. Show everyone you are a great player, and show everyone you are good enough for the big clans.
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