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  1. I'm the first one to say that CVs dont really belong in this game (why include a ship type that historically relegated every other class to support and brought the end of the BB age?)...but the one and only place I've seen CVs "work" is in competitive play. Not unlike arty...which i hate having on my team in a random pub..but can work in a competitive environment. If you watch competitive play CVs dont really carry the damage..they are primarily used as spotters...and thats a good role...and in competitive CVs have to be very careful they dont get their planes murdered...as teams are
  2. Hey Syko Were probably what you're looking for. Lots of good players who basically still enjoy the game but dont want to sink too much time into it. We do SH three times a week and a T10 adv on weekends..but its totally optional. Lots of folks just do pubs but we all enjoy the team stuff more than random pubs. Personally dont pub anymore but still enjoy SH and T10 Adv so i play 3 times a week for any of our organized play. We dont care too much about win8 and are more looking for good people who are fun to play with. We have a large win8 spread between 3k folks to 1.5k
  3. Still a couple spots left in 5Line..1850 recents and a penchant for TKing team-mates in SH are all it takes! Oh and a Kv2..or at least acknowledgement of its greatness... Put in an app and lets make it happen! http://www.o7mort.com/forum/m/29825107/viewforum/5528345 somebody needs to help Matt to prevent his mother from beating him with Kim Chi every time his win8 drops below 2k
  4. Ya i kinda have a love hate relationship with this boat....it murders DDs, and has pretty useful torps...but the lack of HE really hurts this whole line esp @ T5 as you get up tiered so much that your AP will be next to useless unless you can land some broadsides..but even a little bit of angling and your damage will drop right off to nil even versus CA/CLs. Really think WG has made a mistake by trying to create artificial differences for each nation...esp since the Premiums from this line do have HE? Grrr.. Its not unplayable by any means as you can still do great work with torps an
  5. Thanks to everyone who came out ! Was good times! Next month will be even better. Gratz to Punishkilla who won the 1250 Gold! He was the only one who actually finished a lap...everyone else was dead. RIP.
  6. ITS HAPPENING! TOMORROW NIGHT! 5Line Community Night! Saturday Night Feb 25th from 8 pm est to 10 pm 1250 Gold up for grabs, event will be live streamed as well... come out and kill your favorite 5Line members! Events include: BT7 Races, Hunting Snowdude and many more! Twitch Streams of Event: www.twitch.tv/RNGunderscore www.twitch.tv/snowdude21325 www.twitch.tv/insurgus
  7. ITS STILL HAPPENING! 5Line Community Night Saturday Night Feb 25th from 8 pm est to 10 pm 1250 Gold up for grabs...come on out and kill Snowdude or your favourite 5Line member. Lots of activities like BT7 races and hunting Snowdude...will be live-streamed as well if you cant make it but still want to hurl verbal abuse at 5Line...were here for you! Twitch Streams of Event: www.twitch.tv/RNGunderscore www.twitch.tv/snowdude21325 www.twitch.tv/insurgus
  8. ITS SORTA KINDA STILL HAPPENING! 5Line Community Night has been "POSTPONED" IT'S HAPPENING~! NEW DATE: Saturday Night Feb 25th from 8 pm est to 10 pm Hey all due to REAL LIFE issues...5Line community night has been moved to Feb 25th...sorry but stuff happens. As a consolation prize i will make myself available this weekend Feb 18th from 8pm to 10 pm for TKs in training room. So while there's no gold this weekend you can take your frustrations out on me!
  9. Ya my bad...found a pic of you from the last Minion Alumni game. you STILL GOT IT mate! Once a minion always a minion... just like herpes.
  10. Oh..i see...a couple of MM alumni comedians eh? Don't encourage former Minions Dirty...you should know this....you're one of them! And if you dont get a KV2 soon... its off to the 5Line Former M--M member Corner of SHAME and Bad Feelz! with you!
  11. Maybe... but you'll have to answer the "skill testing question". How many Kv2s do you have in your garage? If your answer is anything less than one...then you are: Excluded and Banished to the 5Line Former M--M member Corner of SHAME and bad feelz! Its a long and exclusive list...though at least the corner is tastefully decorated.
  12. Dont forget to bring all HE...cause it always does damage...well not if its a small calibre...fortunately KV2 is a discriminating Tank...and only fires the highest quality 153mm High Explosive! See you there mate! 5Line Community Night is HAPPENING~! Saturday Night Feb 18th from 8 pm est to 10 pm 1250 GOLD up for grabs!
  13. ITS HAPPENING! 5Line Community Night is HAPPENING~! Saturday Night Feb 18th from 8 pm est to 10 pm Wtf is 5Line Community Night Hanz? Glad you asked voices in my head! 5Line community is for everyone: Current, past members, friends and people just curious about what 5Line is all about! Were all getting together to do play some grab-ass, poke fun at each other and shoot Snowdude all night. But whats in it for me Hanz? Well other than the chance to shoot Snowdude, one person each community night will win 1250 gold! No not that useless real
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