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  1. Hey Zeven, What advice can you give someone struggling with the transition between T9 to T10? I am 56% WR on my M103 after 256 battles but a horrific 38% on my E5 after 49 battles. Damage output between the M103 and the E5 is the same (about 1700 which may be the problem with my E5). With my RU med, I'm ~56% WR on my T-54 after 217 battles but a horrible 38% on my Obj140 after 46 battles. Damage output on the T54 is 1700 while the Ojb140 is at 2100. My survival rate between T9 and T10 is roughly the same, around 30%. I know those are small sample sizes, but I find it difficult to believe that there are playstyle adjustments needed when going up one tier. What do you think I should do to get over this hump and start winning games? Or is it more important to just play more T10 games to get comfortable at that level? Thanks!
  2. Just out of curiosity, when I activate the Autoaim+ why is there a red highlight around the target tank. Is that a feature? Great mod by the way, and congrats on the sub button!
  3. Just logged in and was like, woah! Looks great!
  4. Thanks for reviewing my A44 replay on Firday night. Your insights on what I should have done are noted and appreciated. I do like the idea you had on trying to get the reviewee (if that's a word) on TS to explain what they were thinking. I tried to respond in chat but chat tends to be slow. Thanks again and love the stream!
  5. From watching Zeven's stream this past month, I have learned how to position my mediums to get early lights and uncontested shots, I've learned not to be "married" to a position and GTFO when outnumbered, and I started paying attention to the compostions of both teams. Also, I've gotten into the habit of once my team has cleared its flank, to go back to base and screen cap, becasue "Winners learn to defend".
  6. Welcome! At least you didn't go the A44 route. I've shot more dirt than tanks with that gun...
  7. Great channel, great videos! I'm waiting for the "Ask Zeven" thread in the "Ask a Purple Poaster" section... hint... hint..
  8. Sela, have your internet issues been fixed?
  9. The Ace Tanker badge had eluded me for 226 games. Finally got it on a match on Mines. http://www.wotreplays.com/site/999094#mines-cruelster-m103
  10. How do you turn off "No Scroll"? You had it in the previous mod pack. Thanks for all you work!
  11. The tanks I currently play: T10: E5 (will only play it platooned) I can't seem to solo T10 very well. T9: M103. Love this tank. I seem to do well in it. T8: KT: grinding to E75. T32 (no crew). T34: my credit maker, IS-6 (crew trainer/money maker for Soviet crews) T7: Tiger 1 (my go to T7 tank, grinding it for a 2nd German heavy crew), IS (my medium heavy monster, few games in it though), E25 (crew trainer for Gernam TD crew) T6: KV-1S just because, T-150, Su-100Y (Box tank!), Chi To T5- Stug G, SU-85, KV-1, T-34 (pew-pew!)
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