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  1. This piques my interest. Haven't checked in for a few weeks, is this on?
  2. Bought Loewe - finally a gun that does what it is told to...traded in IS5 POS. Impressions so far: great gun, usable armour, good GD, decent mobility and $$$ printing machine. Good tank for solo play.
  3. Anyone trade in their IS5 or E25? Never mind - cannot trade or even check options if insufficient gold in account...
  4. Cannot win anymore...only capable of green output anymore. And rude on top of that...

    1. Driftin


      I feel your pain. Look at my recents....Truly pathetic.

  5. Ficarra


    Managed to 3 mark this baby. Still chasing HT15 - gotten it 2x but had wrong mission selected both times...
  6. Have you tried dropping tiers? I notice you are hovering at t8 or above(past 8k games with 29% survival). Perhaps try dropping to tier 5 or 6 and focus improving skills that yield wins rather than damage( which comes automatically if you do so). So, you would typically play tanks with the ability to flex to either flank/or just run to a safer spot to defend from. Examples: T37 forces you to provide your red teammates something to shoot at while surviving till end game, M4/Strv74/cromwell gives you the option of flexing to either flank when need be or just forcing your team through a position by flanking/exposing their defenders. Higher tiers usually require really well skilled tank crews and operator with good equipment setups. Playing t5 forces you to hone skills + learn good spots/abuse vision for attack/defense on any map sans great crews or equipment etc as it's a total crap shoot most of the time. Once you can consistently sustain good stats at t5/6, try t8/t9 and you will notice a marked difference in your game play. Not t10 though, as solo play is not recommended ( I am your best example). Pityfool's advice is great but only if you actually have the ability to analyse team comp, map needs and team skills within the first 30 seconds and can force your team follow through on your plan!
  7. Stop taking the game seriously - and focus on session results rather than 1-2 or 3 losses. Adjust your play to team composition. Try and have fun and shoot from positions of strength - that is if you get there in time
  8. What's the impression on this since the people have played it for a few days now? Have a crew waiting for a new tank.
  9. Anyone that says weekend teams are a lie - get on and play NA West OR East...
  10. Which arty line is best for an arty-noob like me? I find myself attracted to the dark side a lot lately.
  11. servers offline - they are probably fixing it as we speak. hehe
  12. WZ 111 1-4: 14 Skoda T 50: 52 M46 Patton: 35 + 1 = 36 ; incredible end-game carry ability. T-10: 39; nice tank but sluggish when compared with M46/Skoda. Should be on par with WZ or there about.
  13. WZ-111 1-4: 26Skoda T-50: 36E 50: 26Conq: 30 T54E1: 12 - 3 = 9 M46 Patton: 41T-54: 26Object 430 II: 31T-10:39 + 1 =40 ST-I: 22 + 1 = 23 T54E1 sticks out like a sore thumb - only one with a shit gun. STI - A bit slow but a super heavy at t9 that's relevant at t10 too. Also, please don't vote down a tank if you haven't played it OR you just don't like how it looks...
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