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  1. How ostracized would I be if I wrote: neither - the modern FV4202 beats them both?
  2. Note sure why that quote, above, won't go away. Any updates on play-style or buffs to the Firefly?
  3. I just had this happen at the end of the game for three shots on tanks that were capping our base. All game long I was a God controlling, and winning, the game ... we were up in tanks, but nobody on the team was trying to make it back to our base. I was top tier, and did make it there ... and bounced the shit out of everything that I needed to damage. Over 3,000 damage that game, but none when I needed it the most, lol. Next time I'll try the HE shells I guess.
  4. I'm only here because I had to buy the Tiger P back to get back on the path toward the Maus. 2012 (might have been 2011?): Because, out of the only three tier tens in the game, in 2012 I started up the German line to eventually get the Maus Because, holy hell, the Tiger tank gets penned by everything. I sold it twice, bought it three times, finally researched it out 2013: Because, by that time, other lines had been added Because, well, hell, my target of the Maus will have to wait a little bit more since it isn't a preferred nor capable Clan Wars tier ten Because, "ooh! tha
  5. I've read arguments to keep the stock turret vs. upgrading it for reasons of weight, and increased sluggishness. Supposedly there is a power increase with the top turret, but the thing is so heavy that it makes the tank handle worse. Has anybody tested both turrets enough to lay it down for us?
  6. ty for the reminder/tip - I just put my E25 crew in the Marder 38t without retraining (they are on the other Hetzer line), plus a radio operator I had lying around, and I agree that it's working so much better than the Marder II with a 100% crew is. Funny, because 75% crews usually suck in a tank, but in the 38t they seem to be just fine.
  7. You were correct - thank you. It started to change *finally* yesterday.
  8. So I have been playing it just to attempt to correct the wrongs. I had something like 120 battles in it when I started a few days ago, and now have 151 - I've also earned the Ace tanker award in it (that was a 10,080 WN8 game), had multiple 'good' WN8 games, and yet the WN8 for the specific tank seems stuck at "144," and isn't moving up despite the numbers of battles accumulating. Sorta seems like something is stuck.
  9. Believe it or not, I've already bought and re-crewed the M3 Stuart since it was at 144 battles of "UGH!", but thank you - I won't go buying the others. Are we headed for WN9 soon?
  10. How much does the effect of low WN8 have on the player's overall WN8 for tanks played very little? I'm talking those few tanks played just a couple of games, determined were crap, and lost hard each time. On one hand they are very few games compared to a nearly 25k game account, so they shouldn't count for much - but then they are absolute Zeros, which could affect the overall greatly. (and then there's the Skorpion that is still registering Zero, but I'm not worried about that as it will eventually be taken care of/fixed) Such as: And one that I didn't real
  11. My take is this: I own the JigTig 8.8, and find it now outclassed by how the game has progressed since it was debuted. It hit me the other night as I was trying to play the JigTig to think about it like this: Take the "mobility is King" concept that gets applied to the Jagpanzer II vs. the Ferdinand choice, and apply it to everything in the game. I'm not just talking about TD's here, though - the advent of higher-tier lights has marred the JigTig's effectiveness, and that the general player base has become much worse at doing anything expected or correct, the ability to flex is too impo
  12. Felicius, I agree. I believe I disagree that the IS-2 model and total play style is the way the IS should be handled. Maybe I'm wrong, but I've been looking at the frontal armor slopes and profiles, and the IS just isn't that tank. Something else surprising (to me at least)... the 100mm gun gets every bit the penetration the 122's do, but even more with premium rounds. Accuracy is better, and spamming 235mm penetration rounds... at nearly twice the reload rate. When trading shots this is obviously a bad idea, but if the IS were to be played as a medium with its top engine instead?
  13. Something tells me that the IS tier 7 should be an OK tank despite its long reload and aim time, but I was never able to get it to work. Years later - like now - I'm wondering about re-trying and side-scrpaing like a mo-fo. But is that all there is to this lackluster tier 7 heavy? Rammer, vents, and GLD would be my outfit. Despite going page by page here and in the WoT forums, I found only one thread here, and really no good threads elsewhere, on it.
  14. Yes, I do have something to say since I was an original buyer of it. It was originally guaranteed to only see lower tiers, and used to be OP when used correctly. I loved it years ago. I wish I had a screen shot of the original description of it. It actually said in the description that it would be a limited tier tank. Unlike so many of the premium tanks that WG held to their promises for, the S35 instead got its description changed, and got thrown into tier 5 matches. It used to be a king, but is now a pain.
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