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  1. I think it will be fine. Played well, it's a pretty OP tank. The nerf just means you'll have to fire some gold. As is now, it's standard rounds can pen anything it faces (170 I think?) It might be fun to switch guns on occasion for the different gameplay. I've got a great crew in it now. Not a fan of any other French tank. So a bad nerf would really kill that investment for me. Hope it stays as predicted..
  2. Any updates on this? The T71 has always been a favourite of mine. Would love a premium version to use. As a light tank player, I'd be pretty happy that my two favourite light tanks are premium tier 7 and 8 (along with the Bulldog GF)
  3. Optics with good crew skills (SA, BiA), otherwise binocs. vents/rammer are a good choice.
  4. Picked one up last night. I like it a lot! It works well for me. My two other most played tanks are the T67 and ELC AMX. It has qualities shared by both. Good Sniper. Great gun (no need for gold. AP and HE round are excellent, and accuracy for weak spots.) Small target and excellent gun depression. When you can't bush snipe, hill snipe. Means it has a roll on almost all maps. Stalingrad and Ensk are still a challenge though. Good credit maker. Get to put my awesome T67 crew in it. Very happy so far best Premium I've ever played. Fits my playstyle perfectly.
  5. +1 for www.tazillon.net I'd say weather you go 5cm or 3cm on the Luchs or Leopard is dependant on playstyle and/or $$. I like the 5cm on the leopard for it's versitility, but swap in the 3cm when I'm low on $$. I usually stick with the 3cm on the Luchs because it's so OP/fun to clip out tanks when you get a low teir battle. It's crazy strong against teir 3s and 4s. Have fun the Germain light line is one of my favourite lines. Though personally my favourite tanks in the game are the T71 and the ELC AMX.
  6. I usually like Auto Fire Extinguishers on my scouts. Scouts usually don't need the extra engine power. Some really benefit from food though. So saving up and buying when it goes half off can be a good idea. I pretty much always run food on my ELC.
  7. Thanks! And thanks again for going through the effort. That's a lot of work! I was hoping you had an easier way.
  8. You mentioned that you found a good simple way to upload to YouTube. What did you end up finding?
  9. Personally, I drop the rammer for vents. This tank needs the extra bonus to vision and gun handling. I also use food and have BiA. (If you don't have food and BiA, I'd probably stick with the rammer).
  10. I only found the Auful Panther a bad grind. Even that one isn't so bad. I found it better using the 10.5 gun. (less exposure, and big damage on all the new glass cannon tanks).
  11. The T67 can pen any tank it faces (frontally with premium ammo). But I see your point. Lately I've been playing the T71. Similar play style. More challenging with the higher teirs, but also more rewards.
  12. It's great to have them up there. I've been watching them on my phone. Handy to think about improving your gameplay just about anywhere.
  13. Sadly I'm stuck with low FPS. I average around 15. I'm running on an old laptop that is about as optimized as I can get it. It does hurt the gameplay though. FPS tend to drop when you need them the most. Glad you're getting some games up on YouTube. Already subscribed.
  14. Thanks for the detailed reply! I took your recomendation on equipment. I'm running with Cola to get my view range up until the skills are there. I have BiA, but no view range skills yet. (Just finished my 2nd skill yesterday). I've also got a lot of large first aid and repair from the last time they were on sale. I've spent the weekend trying to put these points into practice. My WR and WN8 for the T71 are way better as a result (Thank You). I still need to work on relocating to get a better penetrating shot. I find I still bounce way more often than in your replays. I'm also hav
  15. I've watched all your replays, and definitely picked up a lot. A few things that I noticed to change in my gameplay. (Please correct me if I'm wrong). Equipment: Change Binocs for Optics. The amount of movement/aggressive play doesn't seem to allow Binocs to kick in often enough. Currently using Vents instead of GLD. Probably going to keep it that way and save the gold (much of a difference?) About the Large repair kit. Is it worth it when not taking a fire extinguisher? I noticed when you did catch fire on Westfield, it was handy to fix all the hurt modules. I usually run with
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