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  1. Now if only the game had the same dong physics as mount your friends...
  2. Im seeing a possible test bed for garage battles. The game mode is still fun though.
  3. The WGLNA butt hurt over Lamps victory is real.

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    2. Tedster59
    3. Kilpanic


      maybe lol, but it was an absolutely clutch play by the two remaining Lamp guys and one of the most exciting moments of WGLNA.

    4. TheMarine0341
  4. Wow, the chat is actually full tonight

  5. I wish you luck in your exodus. I've done it twice before and it does feel good. Hope you had a great ride.
  6. Friend zoned that hard? All these pictures though. So purty.
  7. Good day or evening depending on when you read this. Decided I should stop just lurking around like the creepy guy in the dark corner. Been playing WoT for about threeish years now and decided to not be bad about 6/7 months ago. I started playing then quit for about 6 months because I was terribad and hated playing a KV vs Ferdinands on swamp. As far as the name and other such is concerned I was and am a massive Command and Conquer player and was always more fond of the Nod faction. Also this the only screen username I maintain with a capital letter because 'nodforev' belongs to a
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