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  1. not that great of a player but down to toon if your up for it
  2. im down for some morning platoons
  3. Been away from wot for a couple months now trying to get back into it so looking for some people to platoon with dont really care about stats just be competent enough to have a good game. preferably tier 6-10
  4. My recent normally is 2450 but these missions have lowered my 60 day by a bit so i may not meet the requirements of some clans but iv decided to stop the missions for a bit to try to recover my wn8 to get into a clan thats not dead t10s: IS7, IS4, 50B, OBJ 263, OBJ 907 also close to e100
  5. If i were looking to move up to a higher clan what clan would i be good for. I am looking for a clan wars clan preferably but i will look at non clan wars clans So far i have 4 tier 10's IS7, AMX 50B, IS4, OBJ 263
  6. I know i'm not cut out for any top clan but i was hoping i could get into serious clan that i might actually have a chance at getting into with my stats. What i'm looking for in a clan is very straight forward. -Tourneys -Clan wars -Platoons I have teamspeak and i can be on almost every night from any time after 4pm est till when ever i'm needed If i missed anything just ask and i'll answer
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