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  1. https://vk.com/wall-127481957_43 Not sure of the reliability of the source, but So a new game mode that promotes the -opposite- of teamwork, and a new currency, only available from said mode, that gives access to higher level consumables and equipment that will only increase the disparity between good players and bad players? Well, it's not p2w, but cancer to win seems like the opposite of a legitimate endgame. Unless the "improved" equipment only adds a progression bonus on top of the normal combat effectiveness bonus (i.e. bonus XP, more credits), it really seems cancerous, especially with the goals of the game mode. I could see -anything- else, maybe some rare prems, some unique camos, unique emblems, etc for the new IG currency. I really hope this source isn't correct.
  2. Is this thing going to be worth picking up during the advent calendar event?
  3. Looks interesting. With the angles on the hd model it would appear that the turret is not quite autopen. I'd like to have a tiger h equivalent that I don't need yet another crew for.
  4. Seriously. The tank would still be a pain in the ass to play, but would at least not be complete cancer if every single arty shell, pen to the front half of the tank, and slight bump in the road didn't damage the damn ammo rack. Even with safe stowage, I'm pretty sure I sat at about an 80% ammo rack rate over 126 games. Pretty sure if they just doubled the HP for all of the modules, the tank would fit its role a lot better. But when you're a gigantic target with glass modules and the inability to dodge shots, well... I think a module hp buff, as well as buffing the hull armor frontal cheeks as well as the side armor would make this thing more playable than mobility and gun handling would. The Maus can handle those speeds, so I think the Type 4/5 can as well, if you make it to where it can actually tank shots in more than just niche situations. This is coming form somebody that averaged 2200 dm/g blocked in his Type 4. The tank just can't do what it needs to to win games.
  5. Myself and WVREBEL60 in game have a shitload of prems and are always down to platoon. Private TS as well. He's sub 2k recent, but he'll lay it down to win a match.
  6. Not sure if I should take that seriously...
  7. I feel you on the Type 4. 126 battles, 2450 dpg, 2208 bounced per game... 44.44% WR Sold it before finishing it. Don't even want the type 5. Fuck that nightmare.
  8. This is the decision I went with. Thanks Rexxie. My requirements for mobility are pretty low. E5 is right where the comfort level begins, there are a few I am keeping below that that are more for just the fun I do have in them, without feeling completely gimped by the speed. I'm already tier 9 on the Patton line, nearly have it researched. Tier 9 on the 50 M as well, about 1/3rd the way. Tier 9 on the 62a/140, but literally haven't even started on the 430 line at all. I planned on doing the AX just because it meets my reqs for mobility, and I think it looks fuckin sexy. I haven't went down the french med line at all, but took my french heavy crew, stuck it in an m4 R, and will free xp to the 13 90 when the time comes. Haven't started on the Czech line, have free xped to tier 6 on the Jap line, sold my Type 4 and going to respec the 3 skill crew and free xp to the sta-1, I have the STA-2 and chi nu kai as trainers.With the chinese line, I have a med crew and have free xped to the tier 6 (to get started on the chinese heavies) and run that crew in my t-34-3, so I'll probably start grinding on the T-34-1. I do wish I would have bought the Pz 58 mutz back when it was available, so I could have a leo style prem to run.
  9. Buffalo444

    Dog thread

    Thor and Elroy, both coming up on their 3rd birthdays in July. aka Toto and Roro Thor (blue collar) is a pit and Elroy (red collar) is a pit-lab mix.
  10. Alright, so here is the deal. I have all these tier tens still, I have had in the past the Obj 268, WT E100, and Obj 261. I absolutely hate campy playstyles, so the two camp tds got the ax long ago. Recently, the cancer has been so widespread in WoT, I decide I should do my part and get my garage to chemo. That leaves these 13... I am really starting to hate slow gameplay. I hate losing matches because I can't get back to cap, or I can't keep up with the team. I can thank the Type 4 for this. This has me considering dumping several of these tanks. Just a little bit of background, I don't really enjoy clanwars anymore, and although I might get back into it in the future, the selling/keeping of these tanks does not hinge on that. I play these tanks for enjoyment in pubs/toons. Ones that I am definitely keeping: Leo 1: self explanatory, fast, great gun. E 100: 1300 battles, still fun as hell. T110E5: nice jack of all trades tank, decent mobility. T57 HT: OP as shit, not too slow. T110E4: Decent mobility, great heavy tank. IS-4: Fast enough, good gun handling for a rusky, good armor. IS-7: Fast under the right circumstances, troll armor, god turret. Ones I am debating: JPE100: sloooooooooooow. Gun is punchy and can do well in a pinch, but the limitation of the RoF makes it hard to really contribute to wins. 183: Almost as slow as the JPE. significantly worse gun handling. The only reason I have it is because one shotting everything below tier 10 and half of those at tier 10 is fuuuuuuuuuuun. Troll gun is huge limiting factor in the ability for it to win games though, as hitting a scout for 500 with a direct hit, or hitting a T57 in the gun and doing 20 dmg is maddening. Bottom line, losing is not fun. Foch 155: Got this after running the Foch 120 and having a blast in it. This is like its inbred older brother. Atrocious gun handling, intershell reload, and derpy as shit shells. T110E3: Feel like I am most likely to keep this one out of all the considerations. Decent crew, does well in a standoff, fun to troll heat. But good god is it slow. FV 215B: Was really expecting the Chieftain to be out by now. Now, I don't know if it is coming at all. Don't necessarily hate this tank, but the rear mounted turret on a tank that needs to be hull down is painful. Getting penned so often makes the 2500 HP seem like 1500. So, some on that list I think need the ax, just having trouble deciding. Tier 9s I am grinding to put it in perspective of what my current playstyle is: Type 4: Literally just grinding this to get the type 5 unlocked, then going to pull the crew to grind the STB. AMX 50 120: Hopefully the 50B is worth the grind, this tank has a lot of painful weaknesses M46 Patton: Excellent tank, keeper E 50: Excellent tank, keeper T54: Excellent tank, keeper ^ May need crews to throw in the last 3, or their tier 10 successors. Thanks in advance for the advice.
  11. Myself and my regular running mate are looking for a platoon oriented clan. Don't have the time or desire to do CWs, would consider running some strongholds, but primarily want to platoon. Mostly active for me is currently 7-8:30 MST M-TH, any time of the day F-Sun. My buddy is mostly active 6-10:30 EST M-F, somewhere in that range. and normally early afternoon Sat and Sun. Our stats are below, we both came back a little rusty but aren't in any hurry to pad them just to get recruited. Btw, we prefer tiers 6-10, mostly the higher end of that.
  12. It's not bad... but with the O-I being superior in nearly every way, its not worth buying. Getting it pre-9.10 let me grind a decent crew to start in, but it hasn't left the garage since.
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