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  1. i'm doing it wrong i think, surely you'll fix my things
  2. dank recruiting plis

    1. ZXrage


      Give me some time to crop it :doge:

  3. 'If I had a dollar for every racist joke i'v said, some black motherfucker would probably rob me.'

    - Random youtuber

    1. RutgerS


      Your humour is so dark the police shoots at it.

  4. 30-0 repairs, medkit, big repairs (coffee if you got cash) def need GLD and stabs, with maps atm probably vents
  5. Reading through books of someone who had more statistics than I have, might a t-distribution help me out?
  6. Sadly, my french is even worse than my engrish Err I guess it's because that one source just happens to have lower values? I'll try to give an analoge example: I know people donate on average 50$ to charity, which gives them a tax benefit of 30% of that 50$; population is 500 000 In my sample, people of one region donate on average 37$ to charity, which gives them a tax benefit of 25% (benefit is unrelated to region, i'm just saying region instead of that one provider) on that 37$; sample size is around 1300. I can calculate mean, deviation, range (of donation size) etc from
  7. I think I may be mixing up english terms. I have 1 data provider out of X (unknown amount of providers), with this one provider I got 1500 "subjects" of the population. Is this "big enough"? How exactly can I determine how it is unrepresentative? For example with the mean of the sample size and the mean of the actual population?
  8. Writing a paper and my puny statistics knowledge can't handle all the info (which I don't have). Decided to make a thread rather than status update because more questions may follow in the next weeks. Data I have: A small sample size (represents roughly 1/400 of population) The actual mean of the population Question numéro uno: Is it possible to calculate a range of values of the population? The problem is that the mean of the data that I have is quite far under the actual mean, and thus (I hope) the highest values as well.* *part of my research is around
  9. ahora LABS esta reclutando jugadores Scout_in_da_house: Help!
  10. Was gonna say that putting in cables isn't that hard but then I remembered inserting CPU
  11. How to SPG-12

    1. Select S-51
    2. click battle
    3. Click 4x
    4. Get 4 kills
    5. SPG 12 with secondaries done :serb: 
    1. _Cyclops_


      good one scrub


  12. oi m8 wer u go? :doge: 

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    2. Siimcy


      LINE? :doge:

      I'll just get a rope and hang myself tonight. o7 fellow wotlabbers :feelsbad:

    3. Solono


      It's re-enabled


    4. Roku



      Seems to be the preferred chat app in Japan, it's where I talk to the cuties :doge:


  13. 2 explosions @ brussels airport (13 deaths 35 wounded) one hour later smoke @ a metro station (maalbeek: 15 deaths) + rumors of another bombing in another station near american embassy If happen to have the idea to try and pass brussels you're going to need some time, flights are cancelled etc. France closes border and other neighbors increase precaution/border control and the like... @orzel286 broseph, I'll be the last to defend them and their actions, just pointing out how ridiculous some aspects of our society are and providing some factual background to your "most sa
  14. At least 13 deaths and 35 wounded so far, seems like another guy found it necessary to blow himself up. I think Rutger has a lot of off-time atm, not sure about the others. @orzel286 some of the terrorists that were in the news recently were born in Belgium, some had other nationalities though (I believe some french)
  15. Since WN8 is your main requirement and you want camo, why not buy type 64?
  16. Anyone else had problems with MT-12 for object 260? I torched two vehicles in one game and it isn't done... Or do you need to torch the same one twice?

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    2. Scout_in_da_house


      Nono, put on glasses and read the next line :kjugh:

    3. no_name_cro


      Works both ways AFAIK. You must've missed some condition for completion.

    4. Scout_in_da_house
  17. HE-shooting batchat camping base :serb: /10

    1. Siimcy


      Imitating an arty piece :feelsbad::serb:

    2. FavreFan4ever


      Well at least I'm a better Bat player than someone....

    3. leggasiini


      Inb4 used stock gun :serb: 

  18. Does it say 'ayy lmao' when you destroy an enemy vehicle
  19. Something tells me this isn't real
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