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  1. https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/eu-supertest-application/ Application involves submitting a replay. Upon advancing the screen, you will be asked to report on the following: Your opinion on the map. Your opinion on the tank. Your opinion on general game balance. Knowing this forum, nobody is getting through based on those questions alone lel
  2. What equip did you use? I'm running biau/rammer and trying hp or vents, but I struggle to make it enjoyable relative to playing 430U or 121B, which are relatively care free 3.5k+ sessions, but with the 140 I'm dragged down by trash 2ks in any short battle, where I struggle to force the issue like I can with the better armor profile of the other two, neither can I zoom around fast enough like a paper med. The versatility is killing me lol, it's like your timing needs to be so damn perfect because you don't have as generous of a window as you do with the 65kmh meds. btw does the yung_xd acc
  3. Trying to maintain top 1000 in 1v7, it's just a question of grinding enough entry tokens which involves dealing with the pubtard cesspit that is 7v1. 1v7 is impossible to lose.
  4. i sexually identify as a kran turret

    1. kolni



    2. Ham_


      more like can't get it up *two drums and a hi hat*

    3. Ham_


      can't even shoot lights on top of glacier aircraft carrier imbalanced tank :kappa:

  5. Introducing new tier 11 super heavy, Yoh Mama

    1. Panzergraf


      Yoh dawg, we heard you liked tracks so we put tracks in your tracks

      Now we just need Xzibit as a commander

    2. orzel286
    3. ZXrage


      canceled by WG for being too big for the game

  6. Apart from the the obvious use on low tier tanks that can't mount vstab, it's one of two things that reduce bloom after firing, there's probably some use on shit autoloaders like the AMBT where you can cut the tragicly bad 7 bloom down between 4-5 with vstabs+irm which is closer to non arty bloom and can use the mobility slot. Autoloaders just happen to have some need for better bloom after firing and can't mount rammer so it warrants at least a thought as an addition to stabs, I agree it's far less desirable for most tonks otherwise.
  7. officially lost it and put turbo grousers hardening on the 705

  8. The ranked battles experience, pictured


  9. never thought I would be playing wowp in 2021

    1. ZXrage
    2. Ham_


      war thunder bad plane go brrr

  10. RIP Reckful

    1. #NightWolf5628


      RIP Byron Bernstein

  11. What about real "shit just popped a wheel on a multiton vehicle going 90" physics? I want the fucker to flip and burn
  12. WG seem hopelessly out of touch looking at these numbers
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