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  1. Ham_

    Winrate Expecations

    One thing I know top w/r players do is being insanely active early game, constantly shooting and just always being a position that works, and they do so much that they can die mid game but still win because they created such a massive hp gap between the two teams.. Easier said then done though, I usually try get damage and kills early on a flank but then 5 brick heavies go hull down and I just stand there wondering how the fuck they do it instead.
  2. Found RGB strips in a shop and put them around my desk, am I gamer now?

    1. Assassin7


      Depends if you also have an RGB gaming chair

  3. WoT switched from Big World to Core? Is it me or is it literally a name change

    1. Wanderjar


      afaik its just a rebranded Big World that WG did after they bought the engine and developed it a lot then they read something that multi threading is a hot topic and decided to go that way.

      Apparently news is slow to get to Cyprus by mail steamer...

  4. Im pretty sure IS-3A had .44 accuracy, didn't make it any less retarded
  5. Ham_

    Get Ready for the BIG Fist....Lube Up!

    Shoot me but I'd love if the armor stayed the same but it was nerfed elsewhere, like that retarded best in tier alpha, I'd like to have a heavily armored heavy that isn't a facist box tank tbh. If the KV-4 can be armored and meh the Defender can also be meh with no change to it's armor.
  6. Ham_

    Get Ready for the BIG Fist....Lube Up!

    Getting some prequel flashbacks here, "All those who gain power are afraid to lose it. Even retarded scrubs driving OP tanks at the expense of others"
  7. Never™ is about as credible as Soon™
  8. Ham_

    Hidden tech tree jewels?

    SU-100M1 because its stupidly overpowered, with the only balancing factor being mm.
  9. Got fortnite a few days ago, anyone else play? Hmu Pidyr_McBlyat

  10. Merry Christmas, at least that's more you'll get than from WG EU...

    1. Tarski


      WGNA didn't even do any discounts in the last week. 

  11. No better way to get sales on Christmas Eve then a tank nobody really wants that was just in a marathon a month or two ago.

    1. Tarski


      I'm still waiting for WG NA to announce...anything for Christmas. We had a 3x crew exp weekend that was announced by email but not as a news item, and still no discounts. Last year we had the holiday sales up on the 22nd. 

      It's weird for them to have an entire week of the Caern AX. I wonder if they have any other tank sales planned, surely that would make more money than a week of the Caern AX.

    2. TheChang


      Yeah, NA hasn't had a consumable sale in ages, I have around 50mil credits to drop into food.

    3. BadLuckCharm


      And available for 7600 gold, except not.:doge:

  12. Just noticed, quickybaby is 3350 WN8, and has only three marked the 140 despite having every single tier 10 in the game? That's some serious seal clubbing damn

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    2. Ham_


      I admire the patience at least. The 240 alpha is boring as fuck and it's a good but generic platform, If I went back in time I would take the Chrysler instead in a heart beat.

    3. TheChang


      He would 3-mark more, but everyone knows that you have to redline to 3-mark, and quickybaby is constantly up in the thick of the battle trying to win.:kappa: At least, that's what I got from his 140 3-mark video. I watch him for numbers which he usually does a good job on, but his gameplay and general playing mentality hasn't changed in years.

    4. Ham_


      I'm not sure if he understands that being able to abuse hyper aggressive positions early game not redline camping is the only way you can push insane dpgs

  13. Ham_

    200 IQ unicum blindfire

    It was harder to spot if I didn't zoom and pan lol