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  1. You get forced into enemy LoS, which is basically everywhere on C cap.
  2. Trying capping C then getting hit by several unavoidable arty things lol
  3. Queuing for frontline EU: 104 SPGs 32 everything else in queue

  4. Im not big on WoT grinds atm, how little can I play to get the Emil?

    1. sohojacques


      Just buy it when they eventually sell it? Definitely not worth the grind.

    2. Deus__Ex__Machina


      i assume you mean the premium? 

      if so then you can just aim to prestige once each week of front-line, which isn't to hard tbh.

      thats maybe like 1-2 hrs a day for the 7 day period each week (providing most of your games are major or general) 

    3. sohojacques


      @Deus__Ex__Machinait is if you don’t like game mode.

  5. Defender spam is more a result of loot boxes rather than viability
  6. People who are stuck at a certain WN8 and say damage is too big of a deal can't actually average high damage consistently, which means their current WN8 is correct and deserved.
  7. Marshmello live concert in a Fortnite game.. Couldn't think of something more bizarre but it was well made I gotta say

  8. I don't care if the Emil is mediocre, they're some of the more unique tanks in the game and that makes them interesting to play and far more interesting than the STA-2. I would consider the WZ-111 because it is a pref mm tank but I already have the 112.
  9. Jesus I'm taking Emil over both those two combined, especially STA-2. I have a STA-2 and it has one of the worst cases of tier 8 med syndrome.
  10. Wot reddit: The St Emil is not that, the bad depression is pretty good

    Savage redditor: So is yours after a few rounds

  11. True, ISU-152 got nerfed and it still has a bullshit 290 APCR 750 damage round and you are supposed to match that thing against it. Hell even the SU-101 has the T-10 gun now.
  12. Jesus WoT would have twice the player base if you could grind like that without spending 100 euro on festive levels and boosters
  13. Measles epidemic 20 years after most countries declared it eradicated because of vaccine use, here we go ._.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. mati_14


      Thanks for reminding me that I need to get that vaccine, I planned getting it almost 2 weeks ago, totally forgot about it.

    3. hazzgar


      @simba90 the problem is they take their kids to the doctor where they will infect other kids who are too young to be vaccinated. That's a true story that happened in Poland to a doctor who publicly said he will direct antivaxxers to other doctors since he doesn't want his patients to be at risk

    4. Haswell


      I'm waiting for the day when vaccines are put into foods and drinks, so they can be available to more people and I can skip the long line ups every time I go get a flu shot.

      Some day all those "health" foods we see everywhere will actually be useful. A red panda can dream. :doge:

  14. SU-122-54 gets worse and worse with every patch as more and more open maps get turned into corridors even though it isn't even in the game
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