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  1. Lefh is super broken and hilarious to play, forgive me for my sins

    Edit: Played a game after I wrote this comment, penned a T-34-85M frontally and ammo racked it with a HEAT shell

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina


      wow who would have thought that with all these tier 5 premiums people are winning that the LeFH would be even more aids

      considering it can pen every single one of them with its HEAT

      and make you credits whilst doing so

    2. Ham_


      I got so much swag I literally won't spend money ever again on this game because I got my money back twofold. Got everything bar Defender and IS-3A, already have Skorpion. I got all 4 3D camos, tier 5s, and even Simon Claus the 3 skill commander lol, plus the boosts from decorations is like being permaroided on reserves.

  2. Ok, change of heart, IS-3A is broke as balls and WG have incredibly given it magical hovermed terrain resistance 

    1. hazzgar


      Wait you thought it wasn't because it has bad accuracy? It was a balanced if annoying tank without the autoreloader. Now they added autoreloading and cut the aimtime by 0.4s. 

    2. Ham_


      I thought the soft stats would be terrible, but it can do 40km/h on flat ground... Which is just absurd

    3. hazzgar


      It always had hovercraft resistances. Plus yeah the hp/t is trash but it's not like giving a superpershing an autoloader wouldn't make it broken too and this has 390 alpha. 

  3. Got 140 a day ago, having trouble pushing past 3k most games because the tank is so damn squishy, any advice that isn't buy a 430U :/

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    2. DirtyACE7


      I won't tell you to buy the 430U. I'll just tell you to git gud ;)


    3. Ham_


      Been trying to do the 4.5k mission but I only got it 4 times in 20 games, always finishing with 3k or 5k, no in between, or get royally fucked 15-0 because the tier x morons are out in full force.

    4. Kolni


      it was last marathon day today, it was a fiesta

      my 5k dpg 50b dropped to 4k lol


      but uh i don't remember @hazzgar 

  4. 50 100 at the moment plays like a gimped old Lorraine and you more or less have the same mm, playing with it solo is a form of torture. 

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    2. Ham_


      EU PUSH STRONK meta really hurts when you don't have batchat mobility to make up for that excruciating reload, not that it can't deal damage but it's by far the easiest autoloader in the game to get caught out in.

    3. Balthazars


      Grinding this atm, don't even have the top gun. It is utterly painful. To be honest the main thing is that I was expecting it to be more mobile given the utter lack of armour, but it feels surprisingly sluggish.

    4. Ham_


      It's one of those weird turn really fast but can't go fast tanks

  5. Why the fuck is the friendly arty always a constipated chicken nugget and the enemy one is the lead warpack dev

    1. simba90


      What do you mean by friendly arty? Are they the  green ones that stun you while circling an enemy TDs in a light tank?

    2. Nicarasu


      Ah yes, the enemy spies.

  6. Is WG going to do the Christmas loot box again? My wallet would prefer if they didn't

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    2. nabucodonsor


      Just dont open it then. Discipline my friend

    3. Fulcrous


      See what else you can buy over gold for a dead game.

    4. Ham_


      but type 59 ;(

  7. Hold on T-50-2 and 5 million credits free? What the fuck where is the 100 euro bundle

    1. Assassin7


      only if you made your acc at least 6 years ago.

      but yes. WG actually gave out a great reward. 

  8. Pz III K on sale EU, recomend 10/10

  9. I regret not playing through Witcher 3 sooner, one of the best stories I've played through that's for sure.

  10. Anyone watch the chilling adventures of Sabrina? Wayyy darker then I thought it would be

    1. hall0


      Sounds like porn

    2. Ham_


      @hall0 There is a witch orgy at one point

    3. Ham_


      So I finished it, basically cannabalism, satanic rituals, hangings, burnings, exorcisms, freddy krueger demon to boot, but still manages not to be a full on horror, they really nailed the style. Definitely hyped for the next season.

  11. Defender on sale EU

    1. hazzgar


      Expensive package... 

    2. sohojacques


      We like to comment on WG’s incompetence. But when it comes to premium tanks, their price scales perfectly with their OP’ness.

  12. GSW up 40 on the bulls in the first half... Ouch

  13. Finally took the dive into fantasie impromptu, almost got the first main phrase down feels epic to play

  14. HEAVYHIT120 Wz120G



    RAPIDTIGER Jagdtiger






    RELENTYPE62 Type 62


    DERAVAL Ravioli

    BUSTIS6 Is-6

    VERSAT26 T26E5

    QUIKKBULL Bulldog

    LORLETHAL Lorraine

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    2. mostlyhybrid


      isn't it also EU only?


    3. Hellsfog


      it is EU only


    4. Ham_


      That was Type 62 not 64 my bad

  15. 75 x5 xp missions on sale... Thats enough for 750,000 xp with boosters


    1. ZXrage


      What speed does it hold now post-buff? it used to be like 20-30

  17. Someone under cut me playing basketball, got an ankle sprain but some bone got ripped off in the process, no idea what its called but it fucking sucks

  18. Leave it to WG to put cover in the cap sites on province but not make them arty safe

    1. Zinn


      I can already see SerB laughing and being incredibly smug about doing this to people trying to win the game. "i'll create obiovus bait zones to make it even easier for arty to guess their postion! XAXAXAXAXAXA"

  19. Kanon 105, same tank just with the Leopard 1 gun instead, 330 HEAT but I would rather play the 416 with real 330 HEAT

    1. hazzgar


      It's still bad. Low alpha, low hp, low armor, not amazing traverse. 

    2. tajj7


      Yep still bad

  20. WG are trialing "flexible" premium account... CONSUMER FRIENDLY IDEAS WHAT IS THIS JOKE

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    2. Hellsfog


      WG realized that they could sell more premium time.  This change does not effect every day players, WG still gets their money just as fast. Occasional players now have a reason to buy premium time so WG gets their money too.  

    3. Assassin7


      Hey thats a good thing either way frankly.

    4. Jesse_the_Scout


      At the current listening to players vs. player loss rate we should get arty removed right about the time there are 5-10 people left on the server.

  21. Anyone also weird here and into classical piano or chess

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    2. Haswell


      Legend says Chopin has long boney fingers, that's why he was able to play and compose highly technical pieces.

      He's probably secretly Asian too.

    3. Kolni


      Whining about Chopin stretching when Rachmaninoff had a 30cm span and played with it constantly.. 13+1/2btw, two octaves from C or F or a full octave+large septima anywhere else... :doge: 

      I have the reach of C to F# in the next octave, my latin is rusty but I believe it’s an augmented undecima in range which is basically as wide as you will ever be expected to play without pedaling in Forte or above. It’s enough for Liszt’s La Campanella and that piece is as far from forgiving in reach as they come basically

      (I can’t play the Campanella, just clarifying)

    4. Ham_


      Im 6'4 and have big hands but a fairly small pinky, its super strange. The most I can practically play is a 10th with 1 5, I can reach C to #F but not cleanly. Now the weird thing is I can also play the same 10th that I can with 1 5... with 1 4 and 1 3. If someone said they can reach a 10th with 1 3 you would think they could at least play an 11th or 12th.. lol nope for me

  22. Pak40 on sale

    1. Haswell


      An AT gun is on sale? Where can I buy one and how much?

    2. Ham_


      Mounted to your very own FCM includes complimentary pubbie tiers for the low low price of 20 euro courtesy of WG EU

  23. Played my first game in the 13 90 since the up tier... 20 second clip what the fuck is this

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    2. Assassin7


      I might have to if its that good... I recently played through the 13 75 on a friends acc and that thing was incredible as well

    3. mostlyhybrid


      You're free to use mine :doge:

    4. hazzgar


      @Assassin7 type64 has the same WR as the 13 90 but 3 tiers lower. Also comparable gun to same tier meds. T4T it's undeniably better even if less fun

  24. High Quality M44 picture


  25. Im getting shafted for WN8 because I own a 13 57 non GF version, expected values are like 20% higher on a already exclusive vehicle.

    1. hazzgar


      How high they could be? On GF I pulled 4300wn8 though I was 1-3 on EU when I played it so that might have something to do with that.