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  1. 13 57 or EVEN 90 worth it? On sale atm

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    2. Ham_


      EU? If yes then lol WG marketing on point

    3. hazzgar
    4. j_galt


      ELC Even 90 can be fun because of silly bush hiding.  It is also extraordinarily frustrating because it turns out that current pubbies actually  are not inclined  to shoot red tanks until those tanks have pushed into them - leaving no choice.  For me, that often leads to taking too many shots too soon and dying stupidly.  Alternatively, if you double bush up and play conservatively a red player will team kill you for not "scouting" in a match where you spot 10 tanks and have 3800 spotting damage - at the point you are TK'd.  Also I just run full gold spam because any bounce is just tooo painful.

      13-57 on the other hand, is more fun because it can generally pen with standard ammo, reloads fast and is a giggle to active scout with.