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  1. Anyone also weird here and into classical piano or chess

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    2. Haswell


      Legend says Chopin has long boney fingers, that's why he was able to play and compose highly technical pieces.

      He's probably secretly Asian too.

    3. kolni


      Whining about Chopin stretching when Rachmaninoff had a 30cm span and played with it constantly.. 13+1/2btw, two octaves from C or F or a full octave+large septima anywhere else... :doge: 

      I have the reach of C to F# in the next octave, my latin is rusty but I believe it’s an augmented undecima in range which is basically as wide as you will ever be expected to play without pedaling in Forte or above. It’s enough for Liszt’s La Campanella and that piece is as far from forgiving in reach as they come basically

      (I can’t play the Campanella, just clarifying)

    4. Ham_


      Im 6'4 and have big hands but a fairly small pinky, its super strange. The most I can practically play is a 10th with 1 5, I can reach C to #F but not cleanly. Now the weird thing is I can also play the same 10th that I can with 1 5... with 1 4 and 1 3. If someone said they can reach a 10th with 1 3 you would think they could at least play an 11th or 12th.. lol nope for me

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