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  1. Anyone also weird here and into classical piano or chess

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    2. HowitzerBlitzer


      Polyrhythms... ugh

      This part is what I've been slowly dealing with the past month or two, barely anything lines up. The voicing is another challenge on top of all that. 


      The whole piece is also literally like triplets and sextuplets. 

      This is part is also a pain.


      This page took also took forever to learn, again nearly nothing lines up.


      But if that isn't a problem, reaching some chords is... OZjagaw.png


      There's also like only 1 or 2 recordings on Youtube I can find with a good tempo throughout, usually some slow down in the denser passages or go too fast at the end... (The two I like most are Hayroudinoff's and Ashkenazy's performances)

    3. Ham_


      Oh wow 12ths aka hope you hit the genetic lottery. I heard you need to play them like an arpeggio and use the pedal or something but thank god I haven't done any piece where you need to learn that skill. Rac is laughing in his grave.

    4. HowitzerBlitzer


      I can stretch to a 12th... But I still can't play the chord because the top key is a black one while the bottom is a white one, can't stretch like that. Rolling the chord makes the top note sound weak, so I imagine the bottom note as a grace note and play the top 3 solid. I use the same technique in the final bars where my left hand can't exactly play some chords (right hand can reach the last bar chords just fine). LsSFDti.png

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