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  1. Anyone also weird here and into classical piano or chess

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    2. kolni


      i’d say i’m at a point where i can adopt and accomplish a long term strategy rather than just seeing a few moves ahead, which doesn’t make me very good but it helps with understanding the mid-game of chess

    3. HowitzerBlitzer


      Not really classical piano, more into late romantic if anything.

      Finishing up with learning Rachmaninoff's prelude in D-flat major at the moment.

    4. Ham_


      Well, I was referring to any music that isn't modern as a whole, not necessarily baroque or something. Personally I'm big into the Chopin , I play Nocturne in C# Sharp Minor, Op 9 2, Prelude in E minor, working on Waltz in A minor. Hoping to do Op 9 1, Minute Waltz then I'm going to finally attempt Fantasie Impromptu. Learning all the polyrhythmic and arrhythmic sections in his music is god slow though, because it's so damn hard to put it together without being able to play the melody and accompaniment from memory.

      Btw Op32 No13? Just had a listen, there is some serious octave and chordal work in both hands near the end, respect.

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