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  1. The Pershing's dpm/alpha combo should be a crime in the games current state, I am going to lose my mind grinding for the patton

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    2. Evroz621


      I got the m48 in 2014/2015, played 2 games, lost both, rage sold it and i havent palyed since then. Its like 0% winrate and 4k avg damage or something lol

    3. Ham_


      With food and rammer, I'm barely over the 2k dpm mark. For comparison, a tier 5 fucking heavy has the same alpha and just .5 less rpm. If you want to frag someone quickly when even the tier 7s have 1500hp, you might as well drive behind the nearest friendly and push them around the corner

    4. Snoregasm2


      On 2/17/2020 at 5:13 AM, lavawing said:

      Isn't the M46 pretty much a worse Type 61 these days though?

      It's not what it was back in 2015, but it's still got a very comfortable gun if you load all gold and stay within 300m. Recently played it again as I can't stand tier 10 right now, and the 3 mark grind was surprisingly pleasant with current tier 9 mm - there was no need to even tryhard, it came playing dailies. 

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