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  1. Skill4Ltu prefers the T-62a gun for the T-54, he argues the lack of gun handling on the 140 gun, means you rely too much on heavy sprem. Gonna try it when I get the XP later today, bounty rammer should make up some of the difference. I'm hopeful.

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    2. Ham_


      @kolni I have given the other gun a fair try. 3k dpg 5k combined for 8 games. The AP really helped with perma tracking some tanks but I felt the frustration at the times where I could let dpm take over, the extra kick wasn't there which made some games closer than necessary. The gun could trade 2 for 1 with most tanks, how ever you get caught out trying to retreat more frequently which is extra hp loss. Big no no in my eyes. I switched to the dpg gun and with the help of some bond equipment and fem crew, the tank is just so much more of a beast. I would have to add, that food is mandatory. That's probably a no brainer for you but hell someone might just read this. I did agree with you previously, but was determined to make my own conclusions. So here we are.

    3. Ham_


      To add to that, my assisting damage average was 1,981 over that period, skill was hovering around 1000 when marking on RU. If that indicates I'm playing more aggressively, probably, it's in line with the fact I'm getting more benefit from the dpm gun.

    4. echo9835


      @Ham_ Yeah, the DPM gun is better with a full spendy loadout. I used the gun handling gun because I am cheap.

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