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  1. Tanks should have an equal price choice of APCR/HEAT. Get rid of premium APCR because that just invites sprem. HEAT has genuine drawbacks + some pen/velocity nerfs make switching between rounds more important. That's how it should be imo instead of keeping the concept of premium ammo. For instance Chieftain, but 300 pen HEAT not APCR. Already more palatable. Thoughts?

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    2. Ham_


      30 euro Battle Pass

    3. echo9835


      The 30 euro battle pass pays for the hot tub and coke, not the moonbase itself.

    4. ZXrage


      I think tier 10 should be the only tier without sprem, you're top dog you do not need to be spamming gold
      But if they do this then they need to bring back weakspots in tanks instead of "lol just flank them"

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