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  1. Is there a hard VR cap? As in, if I put full bond equipment, binocs and directives on a Flipwagen and get 690m view range, could I actually spot a 35% camo tank at 445m?

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    2. simba90


      @kolni Do you recommend running optics over vents in an M60? my setup gives me ~490m but with optice I can push that up to ~520ish. I always thought that was a bit of overkill in the M48 and just ran the M60 with the same setup even through they are different tanks.

    3. kolni


      I only play M60 with improved so I don’t need optics to get a real VR advantage to play around, but I also never had any problems with being outspotted in US meds, if it is then yeah doesnt hurt to try it out and feel for yourself


      mostly preference anyway i think

    4. kolni


      I normally use vision as my primary way of dealing damage without taking any back so might be possible that I overvalue it

      I tend to lean towards looking for ~ 400m shots whenever I can to leverage it but that is also a very specific condition to meet for it to be worthwhile; below 350m engage means vision stack is wasted so I would probably not stack vision unless I get more than half my damage that way 

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