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  1. I'm too scared to play some tanks because I don't want to ruin the dpg like my 4k on 121b and 2.7k on SU-130 even though I like them, anyone else have the same problem :doge:

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    2. Ham_


      @Snoregasm2 I'm not as good as you are, when I see a big number I covet it far more lol. I just know I am incapable of maintaining it that's all. Object 704 is the one I don't touch that I actually have almost a 100 battles in.

    3. Snoregasm2


      I do know what you mean, but you'd just never play tanks you enjoy again if you followed it through haha.

      At least you can take the SU out in FL.

      I actually do this for kind of the opposite reason - when i'm not performing as I should I stop playing it. I have a lot of tier 10s i've put on ice because the meta frustrates me so much and i'm trying to work through it slowly so I can take my tiers 8/9 performance into those games. But I've stopped playing tanks I enjoy but don't play well (Kran, 277) until I don't suck at 10s anymore (or suck less)

    4. hazzgar


      I had that problem on my somua sm. 

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