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  1. Don't care if it sucks I love gimmick tanks they make my peen hard
  2. Played Ghost Town first time today, with 3 arty naturally. I contracted every disease known to mankind.

  3. I recommend the newer LG monitors such as: https://www.overclockers.co.uk/lg-34gl750-b-34-2560x1080-ips-144hz-1ms-hdr10-freesync-g-sync-compatible-curved-widescreen-led-gami-mo-156-lg.html Fast refresh rate IPS with minimal input lag is too good for settle for older monitors tbh. The "fastest" response time is 1ms with high overdrive but you can set it to medium which is around 3-4ms gtg which has no loss of quality and is still considerably faster than comparable monitors on comparison tests. I use the GL850 but obviously this is something a bit bigger for you, that being said it is 1080p ultrawide whereas mine is 1440p 16:9, so I would shop around to see what the bigger variations are.
  4. is there a freakin minimalistic garage mod, shits so ass

  5. I got that trex bod, squat 300 bench 150 ohbtw are you dk from Tokyo Drift by any chance?
  6. I mean at least WoT is still one of the best games to play while listening to music and chill

    1. Raj


      literally the only redeeming quality. I still play games like siege while blasting lolicore though.

    2. j_galt


      I play it while explaining "The Wire" to my 65 y.o. wife. 

    3. kolni


      the reason for why it works well is that audio is redundant in WoT as you don't need it to play, unlike other games audio queues basically give you nothing in information besides hearing shots on the ground near you that don't connect.. which you can still see if you look for it but it's harder to see on some maps than others when the ground isn't flat 

      wot is a game you can play with the sound off and lose on performance, doesn't work like that w other games 

  7. bitch lasagna


  8. classic is low key more fun then the real game, even if its laggy.

    1. SoliDeoGloria


      The lag is authentic feature of old. 

    2. Folterknecht


      No, not really. I played closed beta with joined NA/EU server and 200+ ping, usually there was no lag. Something wrong with the server/client.


      And yes - classic is much more fun than the nonsense they have nowdays. They should really rethink their approach - I quit in 2014/15 and have played maybe 100 games since then just to check in sometimes. If they bring back old WoT with some tweaks I 'd start playing again.

  9. I am about to exploit and abuse mechanics so hard oh boy prenerf T-54 here we go ez clap
  10. You get forced into enemy LoS, which is basically everywhere on C cap.
  11. Trying capping C then getting hit by several unavoidable arty things lol
  12. Queuing for frontline EU: 104 SPGs 32 everything else in queue

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