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  1. RIP Reckful

    1. #NightWolf5628


      RIP Byron Bernstein

  2. What about real "shit just popped a wheel on a multiton vehicle going 90" physics? I want the fucker to flip and burn
  3. WG seem hopelessly out of touch looking at these numbers
  4. My daddy killed 5 Tigers with his Sherman back in them olden days, god damn Commie game
  5. DPM is too lack luster to be a ruskie chieftain, incoming buffs.
  6. Fuck outta here McWarpack
  7. Ham_

    IS-2 Shielded

    Just wait for the IS-2 Shielded Berlin
  8. Ham_

    IS-2 Shielded

    D-25T soviet premium #999999
  9. 8.7k damage is a first class in 430U, the meme machine knows no bounds


    1. ZXrage


      if you run into a 430U that knows what he's doing there's nothing you can do but take it in the ass like a man

    2. sohojacques


      I got a second class in the SU-100M1 the other day with 4044 damage ... balance da.

  10. Last 3 games, this tank makes me erect


    1. Snoregasm2


      Nice games man. Glad you took it out for a 2nd spin?

    2. RC_Tank


      those numbers are arousing indeed, kinda mad i bought a patriot with bonds instead but i needed a credit grinder that wasn't a lowe lmao

    3. Ham_


      @Snoregasm2 Initially I didn't because I had horrible teams with 3 wins in 10 games and the dpg tanked to 3200 but it all started to work out after that

  11. There is a 75% chance of getting 2 or more arty in a tier 10 game, love to see it

  12. 430U gets like +20 ammo capacity over 113, that's the biggest joke in the game
  13. First game after reading this is 8k combined, 10/10 would read again. Exactly what I was looking for.
  14. Hey I'm trying to catch back up with map knowledge, would appreciate some pointers on these spots to get me started. Paris, sorry for old map graphic but anyway, how do I play these areas early game to get sight lines into heavies, without getting spotted myself? Is there a specific bush/tree for this play? Malvinovka: How/when does someone use this area? It feels powerful for clearing out campers but once people make it to the hill it's unsafe, is this best used for early damage then retreating? Prok: Priorities when playing in this area, what should I be doing when
  15. It doesn't fail at scouting cmon, EBR won't get as much use as a T-100 in powerful passive scouting positions like on Malvinovka, and the advantage that T-100 has over the other lights is being able to get to more aggressive spots, almost like an EBR can.
  16. Abusing render box was a skill, too bad they removed it
  17. All arty are the same now 1. click 2.stun 3.??? 4.260+279e
  18. I'm too scared to play some tanks because I don't want to ruin the dpg like my 4k on 121b and 2.7k on SU-130 even though I like them, anyone else have the same problem :doge:

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    2. Ham_


      @Snoregasm2 I'm not as good as you are, when I see a big number I covet it far more lol. I just know I am incapable of maintaining it that's all. Object 704 is the one I don't touch that I actually have almost a 100 battles in.

    3. Snoregasm2


      I do know what you mean, but you'd just never play tanks you enjoy again if you followed it through haha.

      At least you can take the SU out in FL.

      I actually do this for kind of the opposite reason - when i'm not performing as I should I stop playing it. I have a lot of tier 10s i've put on ice because the meta frustrates me so much and i'm trying to work through it slowly so I can take my tiers 8/9 performance into those games. But I've stopped playing tanks I enjoy but don't play well (Kran, 277) until I don't suck at 10s anymore (or suck less)

    4. hazzgar


      I had that problem on my somua sm. 

  19. Never said it's a bad tank, most people are just incapable of making tier 8s mediums work
  20. Is there a hard VR cap? As in, if I put full bond equipment, binocs and directives on a Flipwagen and get 690m view range, could I actually spot a 35% camo tank at 445m?

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    2. hazzgar


      @GehakteMolen it's never 100% as in undetectible. Especially for tanks without elc even camo. 

    3. GehakteMolen


      hmm, many years ago a proper double bush could even hide something as a ferdinand


    4. simba90


      Thanks, I'll have a bit more of a play around

  21. 416 is A tier because of the gun. A-44 can be incredibly powerful as it's a remnant of the old 430 II playstyle, A-43 is awesome. It's only the 430 II and K-91 where things go to shit.
  22. KV-3, KV-4, well you don't want to get the IS-4 or ST-II in the first place. 430 II, but K-91 is also trash so why bother. T-43, maybe T-44 are the only remaining mediocre tanks. Rest of the mediums are obviously awesome. IS-7, 277 are awesome lines start to finish, maybe the IS if you can't make it work. 705 kinda sucks compared to the other heavies. SU-101 and 263 are good but you need to enjoy the play style of the line.
  23. Finally back into all chat rhythm. Destroyed this genius 4/4 shots playing a more uncommon spotting bush.


    1. SchnitzelTruck


      I miss this bullshit so much. I almost want to reinstall for hackusations 

    2. ZXrage


      I'm going to miss all-chat lmbo

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