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  1. 3 hours ago, waga100 said:

    the North American world of tanks forum is absolute grim. Which makes sense since its almost all middle aged Americans. 

    My daddy killed 5 Tigers with his Sherman back in them olden days, god damn Commie game

  2. Hey I'm trying to catch back up with map knowledge, would appreciate some pointers on these spots to get me started.

    Paris, sorry for old map graphic but anyway, how do I play these areas early game to get sight lines into heavies, without getting spotted myself? Is there a specific bush/tree for this play?


    Malvinovka: How/when does someone use this area? It feels powerful for clearing out campers but once people make it to the hill it's unsafe, is this best used for early damage then retreating?


    Prok: Priorities when playing in this area, what should I be doing when nothing is happening?


    Ensk: How to correctly play and push this side? I've seen people play along the bushes/ridges but I only know how to play around the buildings.



  3. 5 hours ago, nabucodonsor said:

    Why would you play it though? Even if it is #2 it is still bad when compared to any tier x. 

    I have it and its just a bad obj 140 due to the gun being so unreliable and having way less hp. And while it's fast it isnt a wheelchair.  

    So it's just a tank that fails at being a medium and a scout that fails at scouting

    It doesn't fail at scouting cmon, EBR won't get as much use as a T-100 in powerful passive scouting positions like on Malvinovka, and the advantage that T-100 has over the other lights is being able to get to more aggressive spots, almost like an EBR can.

  4. 7 hours ago, echo9835 said:

    430 was meh. Its got no stock grind, but over all meh. The KV-1 sport is trash. The KV-3 is meh, the KV-4 is bad. The whole K91 line is not really all that good. The SU100M1 is not very good. etc etc. 

    416 is A tier because of the gun. A-44 can be incredibly powerful as it's a remnant of the old 430 II playstyle, A-43 is awesome. It's only the 430 II and K-91 where things go to shit.

  5. KV-3, KV-4, well you don't want to get the IS-4 or ST-II in the first place.

    430 II, but K-91 is also trash so why bother.

    T-43, maybe T-44 are the only remaining mediocre tanks. Rest of the mediums are obviously awesome.

    IS-7, 277 are awesome lines start to finish, maybe the IS if you can't make it work.

    705 kinda sucks compared to the other heavies.

    SU-101 and 263 are good but you need to enjoy the play style of the line.

  6. 30 minutes ago, punishersal said:

    Introduction of Type59 which also is reason why I have one. 

    Once I was in KITTY (if anyone left here remembers that clan) and got chance to take part in one of campaigns. Thus 907th. It was damn fun. I remember trying to poke above those rocks on Mines hill with M26 thinking my mantlet will hold all the shots, but it didn't. Commander did have something to say about that :minidoge:

    I have no idea how pleb like me got chance to play with those people, but I would pay to do that again.

    Then there were weekends when we would play platoon drunk with friend. SU-152 derp yolo. It was back when gold ammo for credit's was just idea.

    Also, original KV-1S 122mm... those who remember...



    Yeah, wasn't Gashtag in KITTY here

  7. 5 hours ago, Rexxie said:

    I miss you all! I remember sitting down loading up WoT on release day, I was just a kid sitting in a loveseat clicking on pixel tanks with an old laptop that's now under my bed. So many years, but my favorite was around the time of the first campaign, 2013.

    a wild sexxie rexxie appeared

  8. 8 hours ago, MagicalFlyingFox said:

    Skorpion G was the first one.

    The biggest joke here is that the Borsig which has a max speed of 35 kmh compared to skorpions 60, can't even bush camp like a skorpion because the accuracy is literally .05 worse and 10% greater aim time, for what, 200 more dpm. That's why I use the 155 on borsig because it's just trash compared to skorp.

  9. 17 minutes ago, ZXrage said:

    The M60 having a poor rating is a bit detrimental to its gameplay as fat Leopard 1, although I guess M48 used to be like this before it got its turret buffed. Looking at the rest of the tanks I'm surprised the Leo 1 is kinda below-average on the list, considering how much its playstyle relies on not getting spotted. I always forget how tall the damn thing is.

    Also the 430U so high above that list :serb: better than the Bat-chat :QBFlip:

    I don't own a M60 but it doesn't strike me as a med that can roll up to completely open bushes and make it work. 430U can though :QBFlip:

  10. 11 minutes ago, Balthazars said:


    You are not wrong, everyone is pointing to the time they were in love, but you can't deny that wot used to be pleasantly simple. No missions, skills, sprem, adequate variety, plain box garage so forth. Not saying I hate missions or the sort but it was much easier to get in to the game then it is now. Just look at the new player retention between then and now.

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