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  1. Enemy chieftain: dakillzor

    Chieftain on my team:



    1. hazzgar


      Why are u even playing brit tanks?

    2. Ham_


      @hazzgar Only brit tank I have is an Australian premium lmao

  2. Yeah, wasn't Gashtag in KITTY here
  3. a wild sexxie rexxie appeared
  4. Any AMX 50b/120 experts here know how to play it on Erlenberg? My most recent experience, I went bridge but it wasn't contested and I was just useless in between a shit ton of campers on both hills and the red line. I don't what areas in the middle can safely counter hill because this thing is literally permaspotted.

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    2. Ham_


      M4 45 and ARL are pretty awesome with their pay to win guns though... :(

      Out of the whole line 50 100 is the worst currently.

    3. SkittlesOfSteeI


      yeah that tank really aged like milk. Maps are so aids to play with any tank that relies on the element of surprise unless you're bushexual 50%er. Even when maps were becoming corridory you could still shoot the side of things.

    4. Ham_


      It was only ever a team battle tank where burst damage on himmelsdorf is what you played for

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  5. The biggest joke here is that the Borsig which has a max speed of 35 kmh compared to skorpions 60, can't even bush camp like a skorpion because the accuracy is literally .05 worse and 10% greater aim time, for what, 200 more dpm. That's why I use the 155 on borsig because it's just trash compared to skorp.
  6. Skill yesterday: 93.5% chieftain Skill Patch day: 86% F

    1. sohojacques


      That would’ve hurt.

  7. Fatton? It has the better camo for the same VR no
  8. No experience compensation for collector tanks feelsbadman

  9. Who else is going on a massive low tier marking spree

    1. lavawing


      SShPVuj.jpgDoes this count as a yes?

    2. hazzgar


      @lavawing is it gud?

    3. lavawing


      @hazzgar it's min max in Fascist box form.
      excellent with a good crew and if you can stomach the lack of agility

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  10. I don't own a M60 but it doesn't strike me as a med that can roll up to completely open bushes and make it work. 430U can though
  11. 121B is a such a smooth game play experience, I love it. It's not broken but it has everything you would want to chill out in a tank. NATO Laser, best HEAT pen, 420 VR, cloaking device. Fast enough. Armoured enough.


    Edit: Hello there


  12. You are not wrong, everyone is pointing to the time they were in love, but you can't deny that wot used to be pleasantly simple. No missions, skills, sprem, adequate variety, plain box garage so forth. Not saying I hate missions or the sort but it was much easier to get in to the game then it is now. Just look at the new player retention between then and now.
  13. It's more of an indication of play style rather than a stat, but more Bush Camp Rating certainly doesn't hurt lmao
  14. This has to do with spotting points, you can fuck up a bush camp with a point getting exposed when you turn your turret. The 13 90 has a particularly nasty one. You are completely correct though, the 1 to 1 transfer of this metric to the game is very niche, but the ordering is roughly as expected and gives information on where some lesser used tanks fit in like the T-62a which was always known as poorer vs 140, but its surprising how many places it cedes because of that camo loss.
  15. The Bush Wank Rating describes your ability to spot without being spotted, not strictly just how far you can be spot. For instance, EBR is able to take up very aggressive scouting positions due to it's camo to compensate for VR (see iyouxin on malvinovka for instance) which gives it such a high rating. Also applying improved equipment to all the tanks will just scale the rating linearly. This isn't a you vs enemy comparison where you can have added advantages through food and equipment, just the base potential of the tank. To add to original post: The Rating generally holds true for all camo values but there are some discrepancies where tanks have firing/standing values that don't scale the same. I think 430U has better camo than the 140, but has a slightly worse firing camo for instance.
  16. I will never complain about camos, a) I like them b) better than some broke shit instead. Cosmetic rewards/economy worked out so much better for every other game in terms of game health.
  17. This is a simple rating consisting of VR * Moving Camo value for tanks, I did it to get an idea of tier 10 bush wank rankings atm. I specifically used moving camo, because you need to move to double bush. Still camo only works as a passive scouting comparison. The premise is that the greater the Bush Camp Rating, the greater the spot without being spotted ability you have. This is a low level metric that doesn't apply to the game 1 to 1 but gives you an idea of tank performance in this aspect of game play. Most of us know this info from playing but I'm bored af. Tier 10 Medium VR Camo (Moving) Bush Camp Rating K91 410 13.45 5514.5 UDES 390 13.68 5335.2 430U 400 13.05 5220 BC 25t 400 12.65 5060 140 400 12.08 4832 121B 420 11.23 4716.6 30B 410 11.46 4698.6 Progetto 400 11.57 4628 T-62A 400 11.46 4584 121 400 11.29 4516 Leo 410 10.55 4325.5 TVP 410 10.03 4112.3 STB 400 10.26 4104 Cent AX 410 9.01 3694.1 E50M 400 7.41 2964 Patton 420 6.21 2608.2 M60 420 5.19 2179.8 Tier 10 Light Manticore 400 20.52 8208 T-100 390 19.84 7737.6 EBR 350 21.15 7402.5 AMX 390 18.18 7090.2 Flipwagen 420 15.73 6606.6 WZ 400 15.96 6384 Sheridan 420 14.48 6081.6 K91 is super powerful in this regard, as expected. UDES has best in class camo which makes up for worst VR. 430U is fucking broken. M60 and M48 really have trash tier camo and it affects them badly. 121B is best by far for 420 VR memes. Manticore and T-100 place ahead of EBR, but EBR still crushes every other light. Go figure.
  18. 2012-2013 is peak WoT for me

    1. echo9835


      I can finally tell arty how I feel about them. How many chatbans will we see?

  20. Got 121B, feels good to unlock, feels nice to play. Need to get BIA on crew because accuracy feels suspect or maybe my luck. Vents over optics seems like an idea, but want to maximise the vr/camo ratio for the memes because this tank probably has one of the highest in the game. Improved vents is gonna be the way to go for marking I predict.

    1. kolni


      i ran optics on it for the 3mark, didn't have iOptics to mount and didn't want to swap over iVents from another tank, regular optics and optic directive made it stupid strong at vision games

      basically couldn't get outspotted with bushes to use, but you kinda shoehorn yourself into always playing for your optics to make use of them, dont want to have an equip slot taken if it's not useful 

      still, 520VR is a pretty nice fucking meme

  21. Finally fixed my IS-8 stats, started at 1.9k dpg 55% and 350 games, up to 60% purple and 2.1k dpg at 460 games. 2.8k dpg 73% WR for 110 games. Went all out for the WR and really happy with the result.

    1. SchnitzelTruck


      My favorite tier9 by far

    2. ZXrage


      >still calls it IS-8

      what a boomer

  22. Mines and Siegfried line is my longest standing set of disabled maps so far. Found the ones for me I think.

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    2. Ham_


      @sohojacques Oh its Pilsen I confused with Studzianki, I don't mind Studzianki now that I know the angles. Same with Karkov. Pilsen is the one I hate. Mountain Pass I don't mind because it is a classic at the very least.

    3. Assassin7


      Pilsen is my second ban, or was when i had a prem account before i stopped playing enough to buy it. 

      They turned that map into a not great but fairly decent map, into an absolute dumpster fire where the field went from a playable area to completely and utterly dogshit pointless, made the 1 line just... Worse, and added shitty TD camping spots to both sides which made pushing stupidly annoying.


      I also hate the karkov rework. It was playable before and I kinda enjoyed it. Now they just made the entire field a useless killzone, and shortened the town so now nothing in the middle is playable anymore. At least the entire map was pretty playable before, now its just two corridors down the 1 and 0 line.


      Minsk is shit, but i find it playable. I just go push into the dip below the road on the 9 line and play hull down games while hoping arty doesnt dick on me too hard, which it usually does. 

      Studzikani is also shit, but playable as long as you go south into the town and forget the entire other flank exists. I went to that factory once, realised it was an utter waste of time,and never went there again.

    4. MagicalFlyingFox


      Playing on the 9 line in the ASIA server gets you artied to death on Minsk. The best way to is to try to play the 1-2 line push. Fuck Minsk though, i can play it but i refuse to. Shit map, fuck that.


      Pilson I generally play around the mid, then aim to fuck up the things in the factory through the mid or get under the camping TDs. The train tracks is the stupidest bit of map design i have ever seen.

      fucking hell this is so bugged, replying and editing doesnt work sometimes. 

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  23. Tier 8 mm still sucks a massive d

    1. ZXrage


      I still prefer it to tier 10

    2. Ham_


      I played so much tier 9 that everything else feels like garbage now

  24. Maybe if ranked battles was actually skill based not just a shitty grind through 20 games then 45 ranks
  25. totally didn't expect to lose this one


    1. ZXrage


      >2 wheelchairs
      >60TP, VK 72, E4 and jaegeroo means no trading
      >2 arty

      shouldve just laid down your gun and given up

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