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  1. Viral Myocarditis is being observed in patients, leads to impaired hearth function/ possible heart transplant
  2. Changing the name of a virus when it is already known globally, to be apolitical, is on the contrary very political.
  3. Scout and Patrol Duty, am I playing too passively?


    1. Ham_


      The one with the funky snowy mountains and the ebr death pit in the middle

    2. Wanderjar


      mountain pass?

    3. Ham_


      Mannerheim line I think

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  4. They will be treated as new tanks for moe requirements, they aren't going to be that stupid, but anything goes in the WG HQ. I am not referring to the LFP, but the turret ring, which was were you would shoot if a E-100 was hugging you etc and which is now ridiculously thick. The police bar is now 200mm + height advantage and any sort of angle makes it so that tier 8s can go cry in the corner. LFP is also 240mm head on which not "pretty bad", and very few tier 8s have been able to penetrate it historically, some even with gold. Much like tier 6s which can go fuck themselves against a Defender, tier 8s can do it too against an E-100 if the changes go ahead. Fuck me WG if you want to stop sprem against a tank DON'T BUFF THE WEAK SPOTS AS WELL.
  5. Trump was quite clear that his use of "Chinese Virus" was because China is responsible. Whether or not the WHO changed their naming convention, does not alleviate the fact that the international community is not confronting China as they should be. Call it unity in a time of crisis but why on Earth is the modern world defending an authoritarian regime in the 21st century, especially one who's ineptitude has just lead to the loss of millions of jobs globally?
  6. China fucked up and tried to cover this up, and now it blew up in their face. Not calling it Wuhan virus isn't avoiding stigma, it's avoiding accountability for China. Fuck for once Trump is right because there 100% needs to be backlash towards the Chinese government for this mess. How many years of diseases derived from eating fucking PANGOLINS and shit and no action was taken? The dangers of the Chinese wild life trade have been described as a time bomb for years and now that we are going into global recession, world leaders are bending over for China? Call it what it is. Fuck me.
  7. WG have baseline 3 mark values for new tanks
  8. Tanks should have an equal price choice of APCR/HEAT. Get rid of premium APCR because that just invites sprem. HEAT has genuine drawbacks + some pen/velocity nerfs make switching between rounds more important. That's how it should be imo instead of keeping the concept of premium ammo. For instance Chieftain, but 300 pen HEAT not APCR. Already more palatable. Thoughts?

    1. Ham_


      30 euro Battle Pass

    2. echo9835


      The 30 euro battle pass pays for the hot tub and coke, not the moonbase itself.

    3. ZXrage


      I think tier 10 should be the only tier without sprem, you're top dog you do not need to be spamming gold
      But if they do this then they need to bring back weakspots in tanks instead of "lol just flank them"

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  9. E-100 was amazing before sprem happened, when sprem happened the problem was that you could press 2 to make the turret a weak spot. Fine - buff the cheeks- but remove an original weak spot and buff the other weak spot? Like come on WG this is the retardation that made the Type 5. Making it so that lower tiers can go fuck themselves (Defender, Chrysler etc) is what fucked the game in the first place...
  10. I have yet to see an EBR ever forcibly stopped (they even don't stop when you kill them, they suddenly become Elon Musks rocket tests).
  11. @kolni you are fucking treasure for all that Personally, came back to wot recently, played some 140 at some point, 2500 dpg for like 20 games and I went to cry in a corner. Gave up on tier X, went into tier IX, 300 games total, T-10 and 704, 2750 and 2850 respectively w/ marks for T-10 and hopefully 3rd for 704 tomorrow. Not sure if I got better, or I really suck at tier X, will go back to 140 over the week and try get it up over 3k dpg. Gonna report back on what I think changed if things work out. I will be livid if I break 3k dpg in my 704 before any tier 10 lmao, granted I only had an IS-7 until fairly recently.
  12. If the Spanish Flu caused a Cytokine Storm, and youth deaths from Spanish Flu was enormous, is youth mortality very low in COVID-19 cases just because of our ability to better treat the syndrome using drugs etc like what you mentioned? If yes, how readily available are these treatments, and if limited, why isn't there huge numbers of deaths in third world countries? I'm on the Engineering side of biomed so please correct me if I'm spewing retardation.
  13. I consider myself a masochist 


    1. Haswell


      Dis spic able


    2. churchill50


      Yeah, I just did that 3-mark in honor of how much I used to enjoy the tank before the LT rebalance.
      Man was that a painful tank to 3-mark.

      It has nothing going for it anymore. It used to have the quirky autoloader which made it fun. Nowadays it's just an awkward tank with a really derpy gun.

      How the mighty have fallen.

    3. RC_Tank



      should i congratulate you or say i'm sorry

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  14. https://www.thelancet.com/lancet/article/s0140-6736(20)30628-0?utm_campaign=tlcoronavirus20&utm_content=121345058&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&hss_channel=tw-27013292&fbclid=IwAR0_UZH5y6m9cpt0Reej2mwLjX6pIyQ3Gont0wHggW-VKtsu4zLKhBT1o-M
  15. Anyone from math corner, how will 1.9 affect WN8? Will it take time to normalize? What happens to old stats? Is WN8 dead?

    1. Assassin7


      because all the light tanks tiering, balancing, and all that got completely flipped on its head. T6-7-8 lights legacy stats were all leagues above what the typical expected for those tanks would be now, so basically anyone with any number of battles in light tanks pre change created a major innacuracy in WN8. 

      Also I think that was the same patch that 3-5-7 was introduced, so the general HP pool of battles shrunk which would have lowered general expected DPGs across the board.

      and I think there were a few other things around that time that also affected it. 

    2. Ham_


      Not strictly true, the lights I had, LTTB and 13 90, both got moved up a tier, and the DPGs went up too. WN8 is close to the same. Just an example of not benefiting. 

    3. MagicalFlyingFox


      WN8 has somehow become even more pointless than it was before. 


      Changes wont make a difference in tiers 9 and 10 though which are more important IMHO. Even tier 8 wont change much if at all. 

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  16. It's not about how many people are dead, it's about how many can be saved.
  17. Skill4Ltu prefers the T-62a gun for the T-54, he argues the lack of gun handling on the 140 gun, means you rely too much on heavy sprem. Gonna try it when I get the XP later today, bounty rammer should make up some of the difference. I'm hopeful.

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    2. Ham_


      @kolni I have given the other gun a fair try. 3k dpg 5k combined for 8 games. The AP really helped with perma tracking some tanks but I felt the frustration at the times where I could let dpm take over, the extra kick wasn't there which made some games closer than necessary. The gun could trade 2 for 1 with most tanks, how ever you get caught out trying to retreat more frequently which is extra hp loss. Big no no in my eyes. I switched to the dpg gun and with the help of some bond equipment and fem crew, the tank is just so much more of a beast. I would have to add, that food is mandatory. That's probably a no brainer for you but hell someone might just read this. I did agree with you previously, but was determined to make my own conclusions. So here we are.

    3. Ham_


      To add to that, my assisting damage average was 1,981 over that period, skill was hovering around 1000 when marking on RU. If that indicates I'm playing more aggressively, probably, it's in line with the fact I'm getting more benefit from the dpm gun.

    4. echo9835


      @Ham_ Yeah, the DPM gun is better with a full spendy loadout. I used the gun handling gun because I am cheap.

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  18. 4 months to hit 100,000 15 days to hit 200,000, 3? days to hit 300,000 We have gone exponential boys
  19. After 6 years of owning an ISU and now 704... I finally have a BL-10 lmao

    Also 2.7k dpg only gets 2.4k wn8,  that must be the highest expected damage for a tier 9 tech tree tank. Edit: It is the highest tier 9 expected damage, period. AE Phase 1 included.

    1. lavawing


      704 numbers are old because people spammed games in it during 8.5 ish when bushwank was THE way to play. also 286 pen used to be godmode which it isn't now.

      just 2.2k would be pretty good these days

    2. PityFool


      704 is godtier

  20. Looks like the 7/1s gimped cousin and will probably play like it too.
  21. There is also multiple strains of the virus now, some may be more lethal
  22. My team fucking capped in a potential 4k tier 5 game 


  23. Greenland is gone, Madagascar is gone... We're in the end game now
  24. Full sprem chieftain with prem consumables and food 1v9 on Quackybabys channel, comment section is as salty as they come, I recommend popcorn.

    1. Snoregasm2
    2. Ham_
    3. Haswell


      You really want people go give him more views? :doge:

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