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  1. Sela is now a Feminist Camper for -G-
  2. So I just decide to say fuck arty and all who play them, and have fun with the enemy Gw.P http://wotreplays.com/site/820117#redshire-ham-amx_13_75 After the game the Pz Sfl V says l2p AMX 13 75 and the M5 actually did his job unlike you. I pointed out I am a much better AMX player then him (duh) and he shuts up and says "I AM A BETTER ARTY PLAYER THEN YOU" <3 Gotta love pubbies.
  3. As of today I have had a M40/43 firing at a 13 75 for 4 minutes. lel
  4. Bounced a WT auf Pz IV with the 12.8cm on my AMX 12 t's UFP
  5. Just wondering if anyone noticed how pubbies ignore tier 10 TDs in front of them =0 to kill light tanks? One time I recall was pushing hill in my AMX with 4 tier 10s med/heavys and a WT Auf E-100 emptied two 15cm HEAT into me instead of a Obj. 140 and T110E5 who pushed before me.. Can a Noob Psychologist explains this please?
  6. T57 Line solely because I am grinding it
  7. o7o7o7o7o7 Anyone know a tank that isn't shit like M7 but gud like T-34
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