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  1. If you haven't gotten it yet, bounty equipment is 3,000,000 credits to upgrade to bond equipment
  2. I think 000000000000 is the best representation of mental retardation, as seen by the artists decision to include a children's shape learning tool being used incorrectly. The forceful attempt to insert a square into the circular hole conveys a deep message about the inability to produce circles, such as the letter o.
  3. Not usually a red line wanker but this one was a ton of fun


  4. Just watched Blackadder... Low and behold a wild @Private_Miros appeared in it. Made me chuckle a bit finally knowing what that photo is.

    1. j_galt


      As an aging lover of British comedy all I can say is Blackadder is a real treasure.  All should try it. 

    2. lavawing


      The last season made for some thoughtful entertainment, but on the whole people take it much too seriously. The fact is that the Great War was nowhere as badly run as depicted, but at this point there will be no setting the record straight: it was Butcher Haig, saved from a pygmy with a sharpened mango, who sent our boys to die.

      Now, there were people, like Monash, who might have conceivably done a better job, but Haig was neither a brute nor an imbecile. He was a product of contemporary thinking, neither better nor worse than most of his contemporaries.

      But here I am taking it too seriously.

    3. j_galt


      A tad...

      But altogether valid as criticism  of military pop history.  

      Still, it's supposed to be a comedy. Next someone will complain that Queen Elizabeth was not accurately portrayed in the second season and there is no historical proof that she employed a handmaid with an udder fixation.

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  5. Full sprem in arty just straight up boosts your DPG by a quarter, its a complete joke.

  6. Ah yes, asking cancer to be AIDS /s Stay safe man and don't lick your patients!
  7. Anyone else have a cursed 94% tank?

    Edit: hehe


    1. mistervanni


      did u find more success as a glorified medium with boom alfa or as follow-up assault tank? i found it uncomfortable after the changes :(

    2. Ham_


      You can use your speed to avoid the shitty spam fest heavy tank lines like in Minsk and go down the med routes, no matter where you go you are a peek and boom tank, so just bait teammates, reverse sidescrape or hulldown and start racking up damage. Frontal sidescraping is the quick and easy option against scrubs but good players can hit the pike so be wary.

    3. hazzgar


      For maaaany battles it was my elc even 90 but i tried to 3 mark it on min settings and 16-20fps so yeah. 

  8. Finally got it.. 7k blocked in Mutant, what a fucking vehicle

    Edit: Game straight after got HT15 done in IS-7 with 7k blocked again lmao

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina


      mutant is a underrated premium 

      garbage gun, but the platform is amazing when used right

    2. Unavailebow


      When I drove it, mantlet was full of holes. 

  9. The amount of after battle flack I'm getting for parking on bridges n shit in pursuit of HT12 is making my day

  10. What are the meta HT12 tanks? Thinking about trying OI just because low tier, everything else seems worthless or hp is so high that the damage blocked needed is ridiculous

    1. PityFool



      Fucking easy mode, trust me. I bought one and completed HT12 and HT15 within 10 battles.

  11. Nothing quite like a solid 5 minutes straight of 6 heavies fapping on each other with 50 damage HE shells in tier 10 games

    1. echo9835


      Duel of Fates intensifies.

    2. Private_Miros


      Who carries that much HE in their tank anyway?

  12. My favourite meme has to be that currently we are in the Plague Inc phase where you are getting annoying pop ups every 2 seconds about countries closing their borders
  13. Keep calling it a basic flu, hope you are happy if you end up with any of these complications seen in nCov19 patients; Cytokine Storm Syndrome (most common in 18-25 year olds and main driver of Spanish Flu mortality), Encephalitis and CNS damage. Similar to SARS, nCov19 is capable of attacking the nervous system resulting in involuntary movement of muscles, loss of consciousness and convulsions. CNS damage can often be irreversible. Similarly a sizeable portion of patients who have recovered have moderate to severe damage to lung tissues inducing pain and difficulty breathing, (can be permanent, this is known from our understanding of pneumonia). Most of these can be treated fairly well in modern times, but if there is a healthcare system collapse where people aren't able to receive treatment for something like Cytokine Storm? Good fucking luck
  14. Full APCR Hellcat is the most disgusting tank that I have ever played and I totally regret being cheap in the past


    1. j_galt


      Jackson is remarkably effective.  It can act like a slow hull-down medium when required.  Hellcat is more fun though.

    2. Assassin7


      T25 is okay. It would be a pretty good T7 medium if it had a bit more health tbh.

    3. Diriz0n


      T25/2 has a powerful mix of turret, -GD, APCR pen, mobility, and view range.  It is very under-rated, and I say is a good deal better than Super Hellcat. However it is really outdated in DPM, alpha, AP pen.  For professionals who don't mind equipping the tank powerfully with 45 APCR shells and being constant danger to even tier 9 enemies, with respectable camo at that, right on. But in the hand of normal people, the AP is painfully bad, DPM is bad - so being lazy and sitting back and sniping with the tank is pathetic. 

      I think Krupp and Challenger are better vehicles, given that they do not have to rely on APCR as much. And have substantially more DPM. 


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  15. I'm sitting on a huge gold reserve from two Christmi ago, so I didn't really consider how much 6500 is. Freakin expensive battle pass. I don't think this is a cash grab in a traditional sense, WG are trying to deplete the gold economy because everyone has so damn much from the loot boxes and therefore not buying anything. Same with Black Market, nobody is buying anything because there is so much damn gold already.
  16. There is an upgradable gun rammer locked behind a 6500 gold pay wall lmfao
  17. Don't forget to exercise people, even if facilities are closed, do push ups, epeen ups and pull ups to stay healthy
  18. https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/battle-pass/
  19. With all the discussion on this forum, from people across the world, even in China and Italy this seems appropriate given the rapid escalation in the past 24 hours. Italy in Lockdown NBA Cancelled Juventus Team in Quarantine Rudy Gobert Positive (In the dumbest way possible) Tom Hanks Positive UK Health Minister Positive Iranian Vice President Positive This is affecting several of us already on this forum, through education, work and social life and will rapidly get worse. Stay smart and play the IS-4 when you need a mental break. With the power of bushwankers I wish you all the best of health.
  20. Rudy Gobert just cancelled the NBA with pure Darwinism

  21. There is a huge disparity between my average medium wn8 and heavy/td wn8, is this normal bias or do I need to focus on improving those classes?

    1. Ham_


      Since wn8 is based on average player performance, shouldn't the expected wn8 be accounting for (lack of) consistency in a tank? Obviously consistency can be improved through better over all game play, but a tanks inherent inconsistency is being factored into expected wn8 I think,  but you are right, I feel so used to fast heavies and meds, Hellcats etc that I play like a bot in super heavies and traditional tds. Possibly too used to playing aggro all the time.

    2. Haswell


      @kolni can probably answer this. :doge:

    3. Istanbultaye


      I think it is very natural that a person would be better at one style of tank/playstyle compared to another. Especially if you play those tanks much more than the others.

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  22. How can you have 6k battles ina T67 with full sprem and be this bad?


    1. Haswell


      785 DPG is better than 97% of players? How?

    2. Private_Miros


      People are bad at the game.

      (Also, with the current game duration on EU, I am highly unsure I would manage more as a returning player.)

    3. Tarski


      I can be that bad in almost any tank!

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  23. Update: The immunology department of all places is now compromised lmfao

    1. Ham_


      Italy going full People's Republic

    2. Unavailebow


      @Ham_ I mean they ask People's Republic for help, thats something convincing in our eyes

    3. nabucodonsor


      Yeah unfortunately it's the only thing we can do atm. We have too many cases that keep spreading and now cobi19 is moving from northen italy to southern. Panoia intensifies

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  24. College has positive COVID19 cases and thats a wrap for me. Nice knowing yall be sure to fap to kolnis stats in my coffin.

    Edit: Don't they burn pandemic bodies? Ah fuck how will I fap in a coffin

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    2. echo9835


      @Ham_Ok now I know. If you're going to die I'm ok with that. 

      @Jesse_the_Scout I assume you are referring to the Spanish flu? It infected about a quarter of the world at the time, some 500 million people . 50 million killed is a ballpark number given, but it could be as low as 17 million on as high as 100 million. The context isn't quite the same tho. We don't have WW1 raging across Europe and a Russia in the midst of a civil war. Those two events make a hard count on the death toll difficult to fin because the wars disrupted everything from sanitation to food supplies to the ability to keep track of who died of what. Also we have antibiotics and antiviral medications that the poor bastards in 1918 didn't have. So barring WW3 breaking out and devolving into trench warfare for some reason, we probably can't recreate the Spanish Flu conditions here.

      Also I want in on this tree fort thing. I could bring a big sling shot and water balloons. :D

    3. simba90


      @Diriz0n Yes this bug has a ~3% fatality rate; It also has a ~11 - 12% of requiring ICU care from organ failure etc. If this is allowed to run you will see tens of millions of case. For arguments sake lets assume a low ball figure of 10 million cases if it runs. That gives 1 million cases requiring ICU treatment. I'm going to bet that the US doesn't have anywhere near that number of ICU beds in the country, let alone all the other illness/injury requiring treatment that are happening at the same time. This bug will _very_ quickly overwhelm the health sector of any country if it is allowed to spread unchecked. So saying that this is over-hyped is pretty irresponsible. Both SARS and Ebola are different because with SARS patients got ill very quickly and it didn't spread and Ebola is well, Ebola. Its not that contagious in most cases because sane people stay tf away from patients with symptoms.

    4. Diriz0n



      I do not discredit or argue against your points, they make sense. But where it does not make sense, is the methodology in facing covid-19 should not be a new strategy, but something ongoing. We must all remain diligent, not just for this covid-19, but for all infectious disease. This isn't a new concept, and there will always be a new contagion to discover, or if unfortunate....getting discovered at someones expense. I do not know where people are coming up with the idea where I think this virus is meaningless, and its 3% mortality rate is something to bet on and easily beat. I am just saying, influenza, bronchitis, pneumonia, SARS, korean swine flu....they are all out there - and our bodies/minds shouldn't be triggered for the defense of a singular threat splattered across media.

      I do not know your statistics.  But in Canada for the last 3 quarterly, both influenza A and B cases, have caused hospital visits, and subsequent hospitalization at a rate of 33% of disclosed cases. That is alot of hospitalizations. Granted, it isn't like the one-hundred percent (or at least hoped for)  covid-19 cases, but being more common and widespread more than exceeds the numbers and strain on a health system. 



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