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  1. Thank you all for the welcome. Folterknecht - I will take your advice. In fact I started down the T-62a line last night. It will definitely be hard to slow down on the TD's but what you say makes sense. Thank you. ShftyMagoo - Thank you for the info on the maps. I printed them to share with my son during game play. He is also trying to improve but he was on a crappy computer up until a month ago. I mean really crappy....8 FPS is great kind of crappy. So far he's come up from in the double digits and is now a 388, since I got him a new computer. Hopefully, he'll be in the yello
  2. ...think about it for a moment. Why would he limit himself to old farm equipment? Besides "Depleted Uranium Shell of the Grim Reaper," Thermonuclear device of the Grim Reaper" or "Scythe of the Grim Reaper" would not fit in the allotted space. I have been playing WOT since November 2013 and am in the clan Dad's Hideout (DHO-X). for the first 1500 games, or so, my son and I played for fun. "Ewwwww, I scored two hits and did 250 points of damage before dying," or "Wow, you killed one," was spoken in all seriousness and pride. When I hit Tier 7 some of WOT's "Finest" were kind enough
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