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  1. I played it a little bit when it came out. I found the controls uncomfortable but useable. I was actually impressed with the gameplay and graphics for a mobile game, but since I really only game on my PC I don't play it anymore.
  2. I just upgraded from a potato that ran the game on minimum at around 20-30 fps to a rig that runs max HD up to 120+ fps. The thing that has changed for me is that I can now play sniper tanks and TDs which I had a lot of trouble with before. It has bumped up my performance a slight bit but it only effects a few shots here and there and doesn't make up for positioning or decision making. I actually dropped a little when I first started because the graphics were overwhelming and distracting, lol.
  3. Apparently "zucchini-sniffing twatcake" is unacceptable on the main forums. Who knew. 

    1. An_Arty_Player_Hits_You


      official wg forums kek


      also b/c of "twat"

    2. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      more like zucchini hider

  4. When I was a kid I was 9 miles away from a shuttle launch at Kennedy and the it was crazy. It felt like thunder was shaking everything around us, even the ground.
  5. Had a game the other day on mines where Jackquerudo saved me from an early death by covering my T34 with his E100. I stayed alive the entire battle as a 1 shot because of it.
  6. Bump for anymore looking for silent toons.
  7. Added everyone in the thread, but can't find you.
  8. Hoping to expand my friends list and have recently discovered that I seem to play much better in a platoon while listening to music rather than chatter. Anyone else find this? Post here or shoot me a PM or friend request in game. I do use TS as well but am hoping to find more people who don't mind playing without comms occasionally.
  9. Hey guys, I'm looking to expand my friends list with people who like running high tier mediums, are agressive, and like to win. I am willing to play with people who want to use comms as well as those who perfer to play silent. Add me in game or post here and I can add you.
  10. I am an avid forum user for many years and there are times when I have no idea where my post belongs on this forum so I understand where new users would be confused.
  11. Bruh...Fuck off...Eat a dick.? There is more intelligence in the OP than in your middle school tough guys rants. You are the problem not him. He needs to be educated, then if he regects it he can piss off. You instead come out and go full asshole on him to try to seem cool. Was close.
  12. Too much of this is tolerated on this forum IMO. If this community really wanted to help players get better they would steer them in the right direction when they start out here. Instead they flame, berate, and make them feel like idiots. Then they continue to whine about clueless pubbies. There is good information here, but most posters don't get their questions answered very well unless it is some purple asking, "Hey guise, how do I get to 8K wn8 plox?" This is just a different kind of cesspool thank GD. I see several clueless tomatoes get their questions answered there, but here, not so much.
  13. The pubbies think I am either Chinese or in a Foxey sister clan.
  14. I second this. I always knew this was an estimate and that I would want to get significantly higher to be safe. Anyone who purposely stopped right when they hit your cutoff would be pretty silly and that would be their fault not yours. I am very glad you did this, and to be honest, you could have been much further off and I still would have thought it was better than having not done it. Cheers!
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