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  1. swami

    Fallout 4

    I've been playing the series since Wasteland (the original). Loved all the Fallout games and can't wait for this one to hit!
  2. Just getting back into the game and playing a bit scrubby as I adjust to the map changes and meta but... * Strong in tiers 7-9. * I'll track and take hits as the situation dictates in order to preserve the operational ability of the platoon. * When I do platoon I prefer to use voice comms. * I despise and actively hunt arty whenever possible, sometimes to a fault. * I am calm, cool, and even headed when playing. Can deal with sperg rage as needed. I don't platoon much and am looking for someone I may 'click' with ( no not that kind of clicking).
  3. Just came back and started playing again after a long break. I prob solo pub about 75% of the time total but have yet to platoon since coming back (I did play a few Stronghold battles with SIMP just to say hi after the long break but that was it). I enjoy solo play but generally won't play too many Tier X's when playing solo. Too painful for me.
  4. Back on tanks after 8 months off. Time to shake off the rust.

    1. Deusmortis


      Welcome back. Now run, before you catch cancerbolaids.

    2. Kilpanic


      Welcome back, old man!

  5. Playing my first game in two months today. Was in T6 and CTD near the end of the match. Wasn't able to log back in till battle was over.
  6. I have a 750GB Samsung Evo 840. Picked it up from Newegg for $400.
  7. On a tanking break. Doing BF4 and a little D3.

  8. It's my #1 played tank. Much appreciate.
  9. I think part of the problem here is that a very lengthy and exhaustive process was recently completed to come up with WN8. Now it's finally over but the process is starting up again. That's why there is more resistance to it this time.
  10. OMG 41% the past week. Worst run of teams I've ever seen

  11. Good maps in no particular order: Cliff Ensk Prokhorovka Steppes Lakeville
  12. Epic 8 game losing streak in the Type 61 so far... not stopping till I get a win...

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    2. swami


      Got it! 1 Win 10 Losses. Now I will hate this tank forever.

    3. ViktorKitov
    4. swami


      2W 13L tonight. wow

  13. swami

    Dog thread

    That's the one! He's twelve years old now. The avatar pic is from when he was about seven years old. He's a big, happy 120 lb. giant golden.
  14. swami

    Dog thread

    I currently have three Goldens and had their father before them. I have three acres of back yard fenced in for them and take them to work sometimes. They are awesome dogs in every way except for the shedding. [/url ]
  15. I ground this turd out and it was indeed painful. I used it strictly as a vulture to throw a clip into an enemy when they weren't looking. Everything about this tank is bad with the exception of using the gun within 100M upon enemies who don't see you....and you're forced to sling gold to be successful in this.
  16. I wouldn't say a 780 is bottlenecking a 920 system. Ya know if you have the D0 stepping on the CPU you could jack that up to 4.0 Ghz with a nice cooler. I run a 930 @ 4.0 Ghz. If your CPU is running stock, or close to it, that could certainly be a part of the issue but... Shit WG optimization is shit.
  17. I really love my M46, it's my most played tank. I'd recommend: Commander: BIA, Sixth, Repair Driver: BIA, Off road, Clutch Gunner: BIA, Snap shot, Repair Loader: BIA, Safe stowage, Repair Radio: BIA, Repair, Sit. Aware Since the tank doesn't have a good camo value you can punt on the camo and go with BIA. If this crew was for a Soviet tank then it would be a different story. I'd punt repair on the driver skills cause they are all so useful. You'll still have a pretty good repair time. Drop clutch braking for repair if you want even more. The ones you currently have but
  18. I've gone back to my 'old ways' and it feels so good!

    1. KraftLawrence


      I saw u in pubs twice this week! (or maybe past 2 weeks...but yea!)

    2. swami


      Yeah your platoon smoked my team bad in the one game

  19. I've changed my play style and approach to WoT after nearly three years. Back in the day, fresh out of beta, I was a highly regarded tanker playing for one of the top WoT clans upon release, AOD (insert lel here). It was super serious but we made loads of gold. I had to learn all about the game mechanics by trial and error and was completely self-learned. I was super sharp, focused, and not afraid to fire gold (back when gold cost gold, thanks again AOD!). I then joined SIMP (after AOD imploded). There were perhaps 15 guys in the clan at the time and I was only interested in doing
  20. If we're discussing better scouting... I see Garbad averages 50% more spots per game than Tano. Can't use the gold argument there. I also bought mine back after badding it up in the 13 90 initially. Got up to around 1350 dmg/game with decent scouting and I'm stuck at 50% on the damn thing.
  21. Start with Day-by-Day Armageddon, then Beyond Exile Shattered Hourglass Anyone who enjoys zombie stuff and liked WWZ will probably enjoy this series.
  22. It was an excellent book. If you like the 'journal style' zombie apocalypse stuff then I'd strongly recommend the Day-by-Day Armageddon series. Journal style from a soldiers point of view. http://www.tacticalunderground.us/
  23. I have them printed on the back of my business cards. People who want to buy houses consider internet tank skills a high priority.
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