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  1. Calling targets for focus fire is a proven method but whats more simple is just making sure everyone is focusing on the weakest tank available. It is sort of a natural focus fire that occurs. A problem I ran into was I would say "Is7 500hp" but people still shot at another is7. The reason I found was some guys were running the option of tank % and not a HP bar. So we addressed that issue by making sure everyone was viewing the enemy tank the same way. That made a massive improvement!
  2. I completely agree with Masterpupil that the field is more vital than the main city on Ruinberg. A popular strat is to push the 5/6line road that runs on the exterior of the city with a large force of heavies. From both side 1 and side 2. The trick is the Echo line corner of the 5 line road. How important is it to take it first? I find that whoever takes the corner first commands the 5/6 line. Add in a large force on the 9 line and now you completely control the field and can develop a cross fire.
  3. You know...reading threads such as this one, it is easy to forget you are playing a game with friends. In the end friends are truly the only thing you can take away from this game. In three years when we have all migrated away from this game stats will not matter but friends will.
  4. Capping should always be a last resort. Trouble is, WG does very little in the way of informing the player mass that capping does not generate the same XP.
  5. The Tiger II was amazing and yes it has lost its brawling abilities some what, but its got a laser for a gun.
  6. These are two of my favorite tanks! 2 years ago I went for the E100 first then the 50B and I think that is still the best choice even for you. The 50B is a support tank while the E-100 is a front line fighter. Go for the E-100. You will most likely not be able to get the E-100 by the end of the event. The Tigger II grind is a good one as the tank is a solid one. the E-75 is good as well.
  7. 4K TV's will be the hot commodity this Christmas and I think that will kick start the 4K movement. Streaming will be effected big time as 4K takes off. Netflix streams a small quantity of 4K material already.
  8. There are a few games that have been designed in 4K such as Metroid. Others will follow.
  9. So I went out and bought a new Haswell 4.0Ghz and a world of difference. The game with Max settings on 4k was running 30-40 fps but the black screen persisted. I have found that the black screen is a manufacturing flaw from Samsung. Apparently its the monitor not recognizing an active feed and trying to go to sleep. So i returned the monitor and bought the Asus 24" 144Mhz and it is very impressive. Overall I am thinking its best to hold off on 4K since the prices will come down and depending on the game the demands maybe too much even for a powerful rig.
  10. so an hour later and I am not really sold. the game is just not optimized enough as I have issues using the "improved" graphics. Plus the damn monitor is refreshing every 5 minutes or so making the screen go black for 2 seconds. Do not know what that is.
  11. Just wondering how many of you are running tanks in 4k UHD resolution? I came across an open box Samsung UD590 and figured I give it a shot and I am just amazed at what i am seeing so far. Was not sure if I would run into any issues or any of you know of issues but so far its running strong at 60 fps with the DP cable.
  12. I am glad this was brought up because I was wondering the same for a long time. Not to go all geeky on you guys but the game on your screen is based on pixels is it not? So when you are targeting a tank in sniper mode that tank will be made up of more pixels because the tank is filling your screen more. Thus is allows us to target individual components i.e hatches, tracks, ammo racks. When you fire from 3rd person mode that same tank is created with less pixels. How are the hit boxes effected between the two views? I do not believe the aiming circle changes in size but the hit box of the enemy tank should. Yes??? Wait this option is a good thing? I can not stand it and it is still turned off.
  13. Gotta get out of the lights man, lack of map knowledge and not understanding game mechanics such as cammo and detection really makes running a scout pointless. The advise on the KV-1 is a great option. You need to run tanks that are "forgiving" and will allow you to live longer in the battle. The Cromwell is a great tank but if play with a YOLO mentality then you are no better off than where you are with your lights. Speed kills in real life and in WOT. So many players think of call of duty strategies and try to use their speed to get to a choke point. Well guess what, you may get there but now you are so far out in front of your team you have no support and poof your dead. In my humble opinion you need to change the way you are thinking during a battle. Showing up here and asking for help shows you are fully capable of doing this. Think before you move!!!
  14. I am always interested in learning from better players. My issue is constancy first and fore most but the beauty of this program is I am bound to find that this not my only issue. Very interested but will wait my turn.
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