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  1. RNGesus give me the strength to make it through this challenge relatively sane

  2. Probably on tilt. Grinding for this mission didnt help. I was trying tens but now I'm using my type59/62. So much more fun, though I have had a hell of a time with rng tonight at one point. I'm starting to get the hang of stuff again!
  3. I know that sometimes teams are uncarryable, and sometimes you can play so well that you can actually carry. I have recently come back, and I'm honestly just playing4fun. I usually happen to do pretty okay considering the rust, but these last two days have been absolutely terrible for me with teams.. and while I may not be able to carry most of them, I know I can play better on a loss. I often find myself too far forward, and eventually I will die, but not before doing as much or more damage than my own HP. Recognizing this though, I try to fall back and support the flank from afar, but then e
  4. Dabba

    USS Texas

    I actually thought the ship would be $30 alone, so when I saw the fully loaded bundle I snatched it right up. I loved my new york and I absolutely love this thing. It is a complete monster in the right hands. I'm tempted to spec it for AA as I have my main line us BBs, but the AA is good for its tier I might spec into something else.
  5. -30 bucks -No gimmicky playstyle -Good all around -Highly Mobile -Good gun that suits mobility -Camo -View range -Makes credits So it doesnt have the hp or armor (lol) of a t9 med, seems minor compared to its strengths
  6. Hey budday. Thanks for the backup. Hows tank life going? Smoke tells me CW is dead, as are a lot of the old clans This is a first time for me. Weird that its the night after I started playing again and not during my addiction. To be safe Im going to keep all metal plates and rivets locked away. Off topic but whats this patron thing?
  7. Sorry, the last time I posted here there wasn't any status update board to my knowledge. My honest mistake, I've been away for months. I thought the General any topic board named shenanigans was appropriate. Thanks for the negs though, guess its not as funny as I thought. Delete or move it please.
  8. Edit. Can a mod move this? Didnt know there was a less serious board for this. So, I had this dream last night that I was playing a match on South Coast in my T54 (Which I sold long, long ago). I was pushing the East side of the map hard with the majority of my team and racking up major damage. After the push was done I had something insane like 6k damage with full HP. In the end, it comes down to me vs some new czech tank that looks like the T24/25, and hes running up and down the coastline in the west. I start chasing him back and forth and on the straightaways he slowly gets aw
  9. I didn't say anything about battlefield, I said battlefront. And I never said all FPS are shallow, just battlefront. Look at shooters like squad (Which is on my list of things to try btw, looks amazing) Oh yeah, I took out my t7 car a lot. Even the newbies kill me
  10. As I said, it's a simple game. There is something to be said about turning your brain off and just playing twitch games after playing tanks or something like starcraft 2 for a while.
  11. So I got sick of WG seemingly increased nickle and diming tendencies and left. Ships was too grindy and I was feeling it in tanks along with RNG rage. I was mainly busy with real life for a few months and was mainly derping around in battlefront because my girl got it for me. Its a super simple game, even as far as FPS go and its pretty much " run run run jetpack run run shoot guy shoot guy shoot guy shoot guy deaded spawn repeat. It favors very fast gameplay. So after seeing a 9.14 video on facebook with the sounds and movements and physics of the tanks (I left before
  12. I just play normally, and when the clickening happens I go play another game.
  13. Hmm. I dunno. I get overmatched roof shots in my T34 more than the KT, but who knows.
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