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  1. Bah, I only use a new commander with this ship for a challenge. Then I delete the commander after the game. Skill points OP.
  2. This was exactly my thought. Some points have merit others do not. I find that these kinds of posts are often one sided on issues. But a fair summary of what one should expect to see in the main forums... at least US/EU. I don't frequent the other forums too often.
  3. My wireless adapter dies right as the season starts. :/ I plan to go with Nagato (same reasons as MntRunner outlined) as my BB of choice. CA will be Atlanta, Fiji and maybe Myoko. DD... who knows. I like the Blys but Lenin just feels better to me. But I like them all so tough choice. I usually give up between 12-10. Just loose patience. As for counting in it works if you match ships. But no guarantee you'll be on the same team. MntRunner and I did sync in a few times in past seasons... it was glorious.
  4. Since we don't have team battles, we in RUST try to sync-in to the same random game. Most of the time we are on opposite teams (I kept track for 3 weeks and seems to be around 92% of the time) even when we tried to mix and match ship classes. This is probably a good thing since when it does work this happens. Fun, but OP. What has your experience with sync-in been like in WoWS? Does WG actively look to split divisions that are from the same clan/fiends list? Wouldn't blame them if they did for randoms. Just curious. THS
  5. There are a few that do stream. Check out Flamuu, Notser and iChase on Twitch. And as Mnt said: you are welcome to join us in a division. Wait... we were thinking "submarines"?
  6. Etool, I feel ya. The "Sea of Red" is why I prefer to platoon as much as possible. While it is fun to be the only non-red and farm tons of damage and kills, it is frustrating when the lemmings cost the match. Last night I had two matches where our E100 (two in one game) decided to stay back and guard the arty. Saddest part: one of the maps there was NO ARTY. Idiots. Lost both. If you are looking for platoons, send me a PM in game. There are plenty of former RXR players at UF. Still remember the old days in Africa. C.
  7. Great... you all got me curious and I followed the Jsnazz Trail, too. I initially thought he had some developmental disability, but now I would diagnose him with GD (grandiose delusions syndrome) as he is likely bi-polar. That would explain a lot of his behavior on the forums, his unwillingness to play beyond the low tiers (since that does not reinforce his beliefs), his constant re-posting of a few screenshots and uncanny "ability" to ignore criticism (denial). The other option is a Freudian interpretation, but its hard to tell from the stuff I've found... and I am not sure I want to dig
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