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  1. This is why the Zhao and almost all Jp cruisers are king to me. Even though being a newb on paper it has lowest DPM, middling range etc It has 10 km torps, amazing camo and I have now noticed Japanese having much better bow armor than they appear to have at a glance. IDK if its hitbox`s or what but they take very little dmg head on. But show there sides and its good night nurse. Being new I thought US DD`s looked totally useless because they didnt have Ninja 20km torps but the more I play the more I realize after 10km its hard to predict enemies anyways, and guns on dessy`s are much bette
  2. I did the same. Its Arc and ability to shoot while running at huge ranges is massive. Also its huge rof vs dd`s is huge. The other better version of the Cleveland IMO is the Bud`s. It has same amazing guns except with laser accuracy and the extra 2km you really need to kite. So with its lasers i kill DD and long range I can plant fires on BB`s and cit cruisers. Along the same lines Warspite is by far the best T6 BB as it Overmatchs bow armor on US BB`s and can pen them from the front. It also has lasers and a big range of 17ish km. And it almost never misses. Basically all these
  3. Patient thats why you never Plat anymore, you started to stream? Its about time, I played with some of the best guys in WOT over a long period of time, and you are def top 5 I have ever seen. Jacg and Zorastro from Relic were two who could carry as hard as you, but even guys who have higher Wn8 were not as good as you.

    Happy your finally streaming. Plat with me sometime and we can run TVP`s and reck Grilles days.

  4. This is why I dont play my 140 anymore. It takes way less skill than other tanks to win in. It simply performs best or 2nd best in every scenario, and that means you dont have to plan to play for your tanks niche. As long as you dont yolo to hard you can fight other tanks at there own game and stay competitive. This is also the reason a ton of the best players love them is they can beat anyone on any map with them if they play right. When I played it I wasnt great. I was 20% worse than now I feel. And my stats in it are as good as anything else almost. It simply is way to good at almost
  5. So WOWS is so much harder to carry than WOT. For instance in WOT I can hull down and kill 3 newbs on the regular. Or I can bait shots then circle guys and face hug etc. In SHips I feel like I have to give up HP in almost all positions when outnumbered. It is def more team dependent. Don`t get me wrong my first 50 games I was a shitter trying to get used to T3-4 and 5 ships. It was a bad time as all I saw was Molotovs and higher tiers. Now that im to a good ship, I am doing solid DMG and kills when I am able to support a team that doesnt melt. Most games in my Kuma I
  6. Awesome thx. I love how WOWS Prems arent shit. But they still are made so guys can kill newbs in them. WOT could learn something from it. Not issuing shit like T34`s and other garbage.
  7. I finally got the hang of the game. I was shit...Now I have been doing 55k DMG + 3 kills i nt5 vs t7`s for tons of games and still losing. FUrry Taco sucks
  8. Its not really to improve really. Im super competitive with myself and it bugs me that this tank seems to be one I really have no idea how well im doing in. I never just use Wn8, ever. But I do use Wn8 as one part of my overall self ranking W/R is obviously king, but since its a uber soft T6 and with the sheer amounts of T8 prems tend to be fighting higher tiers more often than other tanks. So a win is cool, but I also like to have a rough DMG number in mind so I can pace myself. Otherwise I yolo to often and end up losing more, esp on West. Because on west you need to stay alive til
  9. Is there a review if the ice tanks yet? Im just excited I get to get the Merc tanks I missed.
  10. Thanks for update. Shit, I was hoping the -5 was gonna blow the doors off of the medium line. Its funny looking back it had a DPM buff, a bloom buff and now a depression buff and guys are still saying its just falling in line Cuni how the hell did you like it so much before then? Also, Tajj what is your favorite Cred grinder?
  11. Please do. Give me a mini review. From what I have seen you are one of if not the most exp proponents of the 34-3. ALso I am looking for a generalized balance of AP-Gold. Maybe a 75-25 split as I will always pay a 1/4th of my credits/Time to play at a higher level and get the win. I guess im looking for a fun tank with max creditability. My Jt88 is great for creds but to boring for me. I was hoping the IS3a would be a perfect mix but im just not sure yet as it really isnt a is3 but a true heavy. T59 is amazing tank but its DPM is also low, however its alpha as I said lacks. So where
  12. As soon as I saw the buff I wanted to ask you being the 34-3 Jedi, If you thought credits wise it would be a good purchase. I have a 59, but TBH it isnt the credit maker of some tanks because its alpha is lower and being a chinese tank it derps. My thinking is the T34-3 esp on city maps will now be superior in many ways because its peekaboom credit power. Is my thinking off? I mean dont get me wrong the 59 is my all round favorite but lately I am just trying to grind creds and this means using guns with Hi pen for range like FCM [Not CDC as it just gets rolled vs anything h
  13. I bet looking at hitbox location would tell us. So what tank lights up a ton? I seem to remember the STA lighting for me oftenm but im not sure anyways I can confirm with module skins if you guys list the top 5 tanks
  14. It matters to me because I wouldlike to see where im at with the tank DMG.Kills wise. TBH I have no idea how much DMG would be expected. So im not sure how well im playing. I feel like im shit who cant carry anything in this, so I just wanted to confirm so I will improve.
  15. Is there a trick to getting a general Idea about WN8`s exp DMG for a new tank like the skoda? Obviously I dont expect accuracy but is there a general way to look at vbaddict etc to see what I should go for? Feels like most games 1100-1300 is very solid at this tier esp since it gets many kills. But Im just asking in general. If there isnt does it update at v24 or do they just add it in table as soon as they can?
  16. I was called a US FANBOI a few weeks back for saying it needed a solid buff back to the Pre-7.5 days. This is basically what happend. Feels so good to be vindicated for the last 3 years. Because this means without a doubt that the Fatton was sucking badly. They dont like to "ReBuff" tanks that were OP and nerfed. They only do it if its really bad at its intended role and TBH it didnt have a solid role anyways. It was a generalist and by being so is in the toughest group in WOT with the 140/62s/50m and even the STB/Actionx Basically there wasnt a role that the STB couldnt do awell in but t
  17. Kraken do you play on West at all? I need to plat with you and we can see if the super OP charts reflects.
  18. Thanks to both you and nixon . Im telling you this system will have legs.
  19. This would also depend on the tank I think. So a hard IS7 you can assume that bounced stuff is less DMG low tier guns. But vs a STB1 or Leo bounced will almost always mean poorly aimed shots as a T8 med will pen as easily as a Jagzilla. Isnt there a number of avg DMG blocked? They have been tracking that since making tanked armor get XP right? Either way STagnate has a good solution because with these it will always be safe to be on the lower side vs overestimating a vehicles Eff HP Better safe than sorry I think simply take the AVG alpha from forinstance T7 Lights, T8
  20. I wrote a very long thing but it got erased. I asked if you could fill in each graph for the top 25ish%. Graph1:From AMX30b point to Vk2801 and all tanks above towards Vulcan Cannon Graph2:From Conway down to Maus and everything above that. Graph3: From Oho to ISU152 and all the tanks above Graph4: Draw a line from Maus to Su152 and please label dots as those tanks. I gave you lots of props and said this could catch on blah blah blah I totally could see this on Vbaddict etc. I know its a bit of work but you already have graphs. I would have to chart it all a
  21. I would argue in endgame where your matched vs odd things like ISU`s or IS3`s ir other hard hitting heavy`s that Optics would push the Spershing into a safe buffer zone. Esp using its depression mixed with that. Was this during one of those heavy events where the huge DMG sponges where the on track tank? You know like the great KV5 harvest? I was seeing soooo many padable games when 5 guys on each team were in those heavies either for Maus or during KV5 sale/mission, it was insane. Like 3 players on team had 5k+ DMG Sry Dont know why it didnt merge post.
  22. Bro sometimes it rolls this way. The worst runs I have in this game [Like right now] are not bad because the losses. They are bad because the completely lopsided matches where your team folds so fast you literally are swarmed by 5+ tanks in first major contact and end up with 100% DMG being traded shot for shot as you die. Or the ones where you do 90% of the breakthrough and sell your HP at the cost of there team losing, but then have all the newbs you saved pass you up and cap. I feel your pain. I have had the worst luck ever with the CDC. I had 4 amazing games in a row then bam 2
  23. Yeah there is definitely a diff in how you have to play Solo vs Plat. Hell I have to play different on West server vs East. The talent level is so low on West and the players are so bad they can blow a 8-4 lead you hand them. So it means you have to survive at all costs, even if it seems like your not helping the team as much.
  24. Still thats pretty easy tooning with Purples and getting 80% wins. Also if he wants 4k recent all he has to do is load up his T62a and E50 and play 2k battles. Thats what most the guys do. Platoon to hurry and pad wins and 62 and E50 it to bring up huge amount of Wn8. If he is a legit solo player that has done well in non padded tanks Im sure most teams would want him. If not hes not far away. Shit the last I remembered you were blue at 2kish Wn8. Then I take a 5 month break and comeback and pow 2700 wn8 and 8% winrate increase. And I bet you did that before the full 5 months.
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