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  1. Patient thats why you never Plat anymore, you started to stream? Its about time, I played with some of the best guys in WOT over a long period of time, and you are def top 5 I have ever seen. Jacg and Zorastro from Relic were two who could carry as hard as you, but even guys who have higher Wn8 were not as good as you.

    Happy your finally streaming. Plat with me sometime and we can run TVP`s and reck Grilles days.

  2. Have a founder atlas...Anyone wanna trade MWO account?

  3. So how are the new lights? Anyone?

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    2. TouchFluffyTail


      I think the 90mm is a much better gun than the 152mm on the T49, even with the HEAT spam

    3. Terrachova


      It is, but it sucks having to rely on HEAT to have an even decent gun.

      Seriously, HESH as default round on a 90mm... whoever thought that was a good idea should be fired. Out of a cannon. Into the sun.

    4. Crossfader


      chaffe and M41.. new pimp tanks.

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