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  1. What is this game

    Seriously, I have no words. Feel free to voice your bafflement below.

    A side note: playing this match has made me realize how unreliable the AP rounds on the T110E4 are. From now on, I will shoot pure APCR.

    I to find the E4 AP rounds completely random in terms of bouncing etc. Some games I will have 9/9 and others 3/12. It is a mix of its huge bloom and bad accuracy and servers lag. It feels like it gets penalized more than most tanks for not being completely zoomed in. And it feels like that even more since its 17 sec reload. If I were you I would load AP as my first shot because its often vs faster tanks which are thinner. Then if your brawling use APCR but if your sniping AP. TBH the E4 is so inaccurate I feel like its Sniping is all RNG dependent.

    E4 just seems to bounce off every angle, flat out miss targets and more. Im so in love with my E5 it makes E4 look like a baddie. Hopefully the E4 will get a buff when HD armor comes out. Hopefully it will be enough to justify its derpiness.

  2. Has anyone reviewed the new AW premiums? I was in Hawaii and missed the founderspack and now need to get one of these 3. Also how much gold on avg is a Premium? How much is a MBT70 or other badass prem? Im just trying to see how much I will need to invest to get a preoper game playing exp. I think I want a LT and MBT at least.

    Also guys what roles do the AFV`s have? They seem like they would be doomed as I hear from you missiles are meh...What else can they bring to the table?


    ANd what is diff in the skill that boosts reload by 10% or the full auto that increase ROF by 10%...Im confused, they seem to be the same thing.

  3. They say M103 will be a tier 2 MBT in the next dealer, so maybe we will see an IS-3 then also.

    M103 will be a MBT? Well I guess it has no "Heavy" class so...

    I am really sad that this game didnt give the M60 the love it deserved. A1 and up was the best all round Nato tank for a long time. Since most games I play think the M1a1 is the end all be all, it seems like they nerf the M60 so the lines arent to powerful. It sucks.


    Guys is the new Ruski tank in this game? The super advanced one?

    I wish they had the T95 med and started from there in the game. It was the first MBT afterall IMO. Heavy gun on small chassis, supersloped armor and P/W ratio that was amazing. Also, very first use of laminate armor.

    I hope the AMX30 is also better than in WOT. 30 was almost as good as the 60a1 and became better later on. It was much better than the Leo as later ones had some armor.



  4. The King is still by far the 62a from what I see. For Purple numbers there is a huge 400-500 DMG diff between 140 and 62s. I mean shit, the tanks are neck and neck in utility so the huge DMG gap is easily manipulated. My favorite thing to do was see these blues who played like 7-900 games in them and then watch as they convinced themselves it was all about the love of the tank. These were also the same guys explaining how weak they found the 140 and how much worse its turret was and that was the reason they never played it.

    It is obvious that its this way because 62a is the oldest T10 med that usually was the very first T10 med unlocked by your avg Rus baddy. I bet if we took US numbers the M48 would be similar. look how glaringly bad it is though.


    Lol 140 at 4800 vs 430 at 4700 makes total sense IMO as the 140 is better by a fair amount. Then the 4400 of the 62a which is also much better than 430. 4400 in fact is one of lowest numbers on entire T10 med list and 62a is by far one of the best.

    Also the 4500 of the M48 is pretty low as well.

    But the RU server keeps the T54 and IS8 well under there true potential. Look at T9 430`s 300 DMG diff vs the T54`s. So age+Popularity play a huge role. Hell the M46 as well is pretty good. Lowish DMG vs amazing soft stats.

    FV4202 stands out as the opposite. 4950 DMG here and by far one of the worst.

    Of course this is abuse of the metric, and really defeats the genius of Wn8 as a whole. One day the 62a abusers will be punished somehow.


  5. So guys how does the missiles balance? Isnt it like arty in WOT? I mean it seems like it would be so hard to balance. How can you describe them to a player like me. My client just wont co-operate. Im gonna buy Lord of War  ithink but im re-downloading tonight. I just am having a hard time visualizing a balanced ATM system. How does it work? How much pen? How much DMG in proportion to tanks? Do they track to well or not well? Also do they hit parts of tanks with little armor like RL? How do you counter them?

  6. No way to get Object 155 now. Still great deals though with the Founder's Packs.


    Tier 9's and 10's have yet to be released, although if you were lucky you may have spotted Jinxx71 playing a few of them that weren't completely finished (i.e. stats just copy/pasted from the 8's as placeholders).

    As far as penetrating top tier tanks frontally, all of them can be readily penetrated through their frontal armor with same tier tanks. The T-90 for example has a weak lower front plate, a drivers hatch, and a few tiny spots on the turret roof where it can be penetrated for full damage. Not all of them can be penetrated via the lower front plate all of the time though.  The Ariete was near impossible to penetrate via its LFP, the Abrams was impossible to penetrate via the LFP when it received the DU/TUSK upgrades, etc.  The Leo 2A5 can be penetrated along an extremely tiny strip on its upper front plate (possibly a bug) along with some of its optical devices on the turret (quite trollish, Leo2A5 has the best top tier armor profile at the moment).  The Abrams was bugged so that shooting some of the hatches on the top of the tank dealt not just full damage, but boosted damage (due to be fixed soon).  All around, the Abrams outperformed every other tier 8 MBT...although the T-90 was extremely close. Ariete was awful and buggy as can be and the Leo2A5 had an extremely mediocre gun, only two retrofit slots, inferior mobility compared to Abrams, low HP, and quite a few other flaws which negated its armor advantage.  The turret ring was one weak spot all of the tanks had in common along with the obvious sides + rear.

    From your great analysis it sounds like a very cool game. Am I right in thinking from what you said that modding tanks is way more in depth than wot? In WOT putting a rammer optics and vert stab doesnt really change a tanks role in combat. Sounds like i nAW just seeing another Abrams doesnt mean you can size him up and his strengths and weakness`s as easy. Is that true? If so it sounds much better.

    The more customization a game allows, it usually rewards higher skill and raises the skill ceiling. Its why I love Eve and the way they balance it. Seeing a certain ship doesnt mean it is a one trick pony at all. HAC`s can be close range armor hacs or long range snipers and so it made a few ships able to turn into thousands of variants etc. And it made smart groups able to come up with super unique ideas.

    So even just changing a tanks HP by 10-15% is a huge deal. WOT only changed a few things like ROF and other hard stats, but was never able to add armor, or change a tanks depression etc. This made it almost always the correct choice to make the tank one way. There was almost never a tank that was equal in 2 variants. One was almost always superior to the other.

  7. Cunni is there a way to still get the tank? Im so sad but my connection ruined me. It kept cutting out and took me 30 hours+ to finally get it DL`d. Help meh :)


    What is the top tier tanks that would be the same as T10`s in CW? And what is there Frontal armor like? My concern is with no lower plates on advanced tanks or LFP being like 400mm+ isnt it a steel wall up front? So if lets say Wots general tank is 300mm UFP and 230 LFP what is AW`s? And are you able to pen them frontally with top tier guns etc?

  8. ehhhh....a few super unicums from wot I played with say they only feel like blue players in AW...even tho our wr is like 90% while playing....it's a lot harder to carry I think because it's not a 1v1 or a 1v2 in a fight its a lot more team based...*as in if you get spotted you could have 5-10 people able to shot at you kinda thing on a lot of maps so no super unicums on AW only good-great players with teamwork :)

    How is that different? I get spotted on many maps on WOT and its 5 guys shooting me.

    Also if it is harder, which I dont think it would be, then it will be equally as hard for all players and the stats will adjust. Point is its similar enough from the video`s I watched to have tons of skills translate over.

  9. Been playing this all day + with garbad and friends all the time and it's a blast within 5hours I got my first t5 :D....people say the grind is hard but if you know what you are doing* AKA you don't yolo Sui* you will be fine. Though ts with friends are always preferred as you will win more but even if you lose but you do well, you still make a lot in pvp only thing winning does is give you some extra stuff*as in if you did ok you can make 200k crtz on a lost :awyeah:. and PVE is where its at boys may not make same amount of crtz *as in pvp* but 5 man platoons ftw.

    long story short its very nice and fun and I'm addicted to it, hopefully I get to keep playing with them all as its a blast and it's always fun to play with friends and sit back and relax.*whilst you blow things up*

    And its pretty :kwim:

    One great thing for players like me is AW will be like a reroll to low Unicum/High Great player in a new game. If I would have cared more in WOTs start I would have had much better exp overall. It looks similiar enough to do very well in the start.

  10. I'm playing it on very high settings at 60 FPS on a four year old i5, but I do have a GTX 770.  I like the physics.  I like that tanks take a while to get to speed and don't stop on a dime.  

    So far, it's a blast.  

    Wot was literally made like a browser game. Everything is flash based [GUI wise] and this is because it was made for single core machines with 512 mb ram.

    You literally couldnt make a game worse for the avg - cheap gaming rig now days. Basically anything less than a I7 4 ghz with a SSD runs sub optimally.

    So games like Crysis that were made with AMD/Multicore`s and rely on the Ram-Vram and Multicores is basically not used at all. The cheapest way to make things faster is to ude multicores and load things in buffer memory and WOT is the worst. Im so excited to use my AMD-8 Core with a 6850 GPU and still get 60 FPS on med settings.

    I finally got WOT to 60 FPS writing my own Engine.xml that preloads all my sounds and most my skins as well. But this is on shitty-ish settings.


    So can anyone tell me if i`m still eligible for Obj 155? Or did I miss the boat?


  11. Here's what I understand:

    - Object 155 (T-55 prototype) - tester reward tank, will never be sold.  must play today to get it, or its gone forever.  Its free.

    - Preorder tanks -- some are regular tanks and will be sold at any time (zhalo, MBT70).  Others can ONLY be gotten by the lord of war pack ($70, will be sold until open beta, ETA Oct 17th).  This is the Expeditionary Light Tank and the Terminator AFV.  I think the contract specifically says they will not be sold/given out again for at least 1 year.


    Lord of war is a good buy if you want to invest some money, but if not the best tank of the bunch is the mbt 70 and you can buy it anytime.

    Thanks a lot for your time. How is 155? Is it a good cred grinder?

    Really fast, if WOT is...

    US= comfort+gunhandling



    What is the AW race balance like? What is the best t10 equiv? Like if 140 is best overall med and E100 best overall super heavy what is SW equiv? Will there be similar CW in AW?


    Also since it seems like AW rewards more skilled players and allows more carry what would unicum W/R be? if its 60% in WOT whats it in AW?

  12. The big strike against AW I have is that it doesn't feel that different.

    At least WT Tanks is completely unlike WoT in how it plays. AW, on the other hand, is very similar to WoT.

    With that said, I'll probably play AW anyway :-)

    I just like these kind of games. I even play a lot of WT tanks :-)

    I lov3e the feel of WOT, so if it is WOT, but better and Murican to boot, Im game. Sorry but I think the whole "For Ruskis by Ruskis" is wearing thin.


    Garbad, what tank do we get that has a limited time to get it? I see people talking about a wedge but thats  it. What do I have to do too get this tank and how long do I have?


    Also dont you find it hilarious though that the game SS is pushing for and become partners with is also the game you have merged to :)

  13. You will miss even more because the mod only helps you hit targets that are not changing their current vector. This mod does not help you it makes you rely on it too much and actually causes more tunnel vision. Against players using this I am at a distinct advantage because I don't just stay on one course for very long when cruising and in active combat I always change vector

     This mod makes shitters even shittier.

    No this mod has amazing lead ability. It uses forcaster, so it predicts movement better than most.

    Remember : there is a delay between the shot and the actual hit. No matter if you shoot at the exact point this thing tells you to, if the target change course or speed, you will miss.

    Basically, it won't help against players that already are good and know how to minimize exposure.

    This takes that into account. It uses advanced vector controls just like new aimbot for tanks. But this is easier because game is slower.

  14. I do fairly well in my fcm (2k avg), but it has nowhere near laser accuracy nor does it out potential the is6 imo. The is6 also cant flee as well as it, but it doesnt flee very well and the is-6 is much more likely to never need to flee in the first place. What the fcm offers over the is6 is a higher paced tank experience. It has more excitement to it than the is-6. I cant say much about the 112, but im guessing its just a worse is6 with its even worse gun handling and terrible lower plate.

    IDK how you dont think it can escape? Unless you are playing in the wrong place in the front lines. Its speed is amazing and similar to a med.

    IS6 is a great tank until you pay anyone who is a great player, then it turns from amazing armor to "Oh shit no matter what I my turret is soft." Dont get me wrong it is very strong in pubs, but thats only because morons dont know where to shoot. Your armor melts vs other tanks with good drivers.

    112 is a better tank for a purple than the IS6 IMO because its turret is a beast even vs T9`s. So where as the IS6 no matter what is showing weakspots to either 122mm guns for overmatch or vs 200+ Pen guns, the 112 once hull down is a nightmare to fight. But if you dont cover lower its doomed so newbs are bad at it. But with -6 and its turret so forward it can hide almost anywhere. Also its UFP is simply amazing. Its basically a 113`s armor at T8. Its 245 all the way around front and with angling is a cool 270ish with sides autobounce.

    112`s biggest drawback is 250 HEAT round, but even that works in its favor sometimes vs Box tanks. E75  shrugs off 217 APCR. 250 HEAT hits Ferdi`s, other box`s and esp T54`s who are 50/50 with apcr but 100% with 250 HEAT.

    Just like tanks like the 50b or T57 are balanced in a noobs hands but OP in a Purples hands so is the FCM and 112. They both have very high potential and very unforgiving abilities to noobs.

    Also for a heavy or premium in general the gun I would say is laser like. Sure its not a T9/10 med. But in its class name another gun thats much better.

    FCM gun is 200 DPM more than avg t8 med. It has more pen by a good number with its 212 vs 180-200. Its accuracy is respectable at .34 and its bloom while using turret is amazing. I`d say its pretty laser like for a T8 prem. Anthing better and you get to see 10`s. Also its so damned nimble it actually can peek a boom quite well when on corners with other heavies.

    Yeah, the FCM is leagues worse than the IS-6, even for a purple player. The FCM's speed only goes so far.

    Why do you think this rexxie? I mean obviously FCM needs heavier guys to support, but all in all its a great tank. I mean taking an Is6 on Prok is just as bad as FCM is on some city maps. And in a T9 battle I rather have FCM. Although IS6 is amazing in T8 battles. Do you mean its much better in sheer carry ability? Because when I mix all of the stuff including credit earning for a great player on both I`d say they are much more even in a 50-50 city/Field mix.

    If you just support heavy push the tank is brilliant. And with its large DPM [on class] and huge pen it can take on enemies from range and it makes cred printing a dream.

  15. I like the FCM the best all the way around. Aside from my 59 that is. But right now the FCM at 1700 DMG a game makes 50k+ and this isnt all that hard.

    It cannot carry T8 games like the IS6 or 112, but in skilled hands can actually very effectively kill those carrying tanks as its pen is amazing. Also its -8 and laser like gun are great, and its speed means its much more fun as you can relocate etc.

    Just like all heavy heavies the IS6 and 112 are more team dependant in the way that if your flank falls you cannot escape. The FCM however cannot hold a flank on its own, but support 2 true heavies can murder entire flanks.

    Is6 has lower potential IMO but is much easier for the avg Green player. FCM is bad for the AVG player but in a Blue or Purples hands is amazing. Ans since 212 Pen is good enough 90% of the time it prints creds.

    But sheer cred potential IMO is T34 all the way. Not only does it hit super hard but it hits T10`s hard and it boosts credits by a lot. But its not very fun.

    Im so glad I have my 59, it really is perfect mix.

  16. okay, so I actually watched the video. and I do have to say, im not sure why he installed the Motherboard into the case before installing the CPU+cooler+RAM. that didn't make sense to me. 


    also, I think that Cooler is fucking huge and ugly and I honestly wouldn't buy one. he said his old rig had an H100i. personally I would go for that instead..

    For most applications, esp in cool environments a typical air cooler is even ok. Obviously more is needed for serious OC setups, but the vast majority if locations that are in the 60 degree or less zone, these ridic coolers are so over kill. Its mostly about Nerd Epeen. So is all this other over the top stuff like Raid 0...Problem is, it was Epeen worthy 5 years ago :)

  17. You really need to be better in order to see high population clans you can join. I know we have about 40+ on at 10 pacific frequently, but would not expect that out of most clans.

    Yeah, you are doing better for sure with Wn8, but you need to get to 55% wins before a solid clan will give yo ua shot. Use this time to solo and spam invites to Blue/Purps and you might get lucky and have some platoon with you. Then just cover them and be a great support player and guys will remember you were in it for the team and the win and come back to play with you.

    Once you get out of 55% realm the world of WOT will open up to you. Until then I suggest going on East as it is much easier to win solo because West is pure reds with Purp plats, meaning if you get on other end you will lose everytime.

  18. @Assassin7 he mentioned that he's been building PC's for several years, I think this is what he did for $ before getting popular enough at WOT

    If thats true, he is not very good.

    Seriously how do guys like him even make a living off Youtube or streaming? I see guys saying he has plenty of money to build a great computer, but do they actually make real $? Or is it more like he can live in his moms basement rent free and afford a computer now and then?

    That cooler is monstrous and i ended up trading it away for a smaller/lighter one. If you have PC at place that can be moved by kids or bumped by wife vacuuming i would not recomend it even in that spacious case. 

    Other than that .. if comp works and runs everything at desired performance and you dont mind the money spent then you can be a happy customer.

    Lol, doubt he has wife or kids to worry about.

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