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  1. E4 has 375 pen APCR. It is the best known hard counter to the E-100, because it can actually pen it reliably even while angled. 

    Ok, I agree with this. So what did I say that you disagreed with?


    I agree E4 can counter a E100, but after it fires the E100 is covered with huge thick armor including vs Arty, and while it can withstand the huge reload the E4 which is just as slow backing up cannot. 1 T10 arty shot and thats the ballgame.

    E100 leverages its HP`s by a huge amount, so its HP point vs point is massively more and its 700HP advantage is night and day. Now if this was offset by camo then it would be one thing....it isnt.


    Also isnt a Waffle with a 128mm better hard counter or how about a E3?


    In a vacuum I agree E4 does great vs E4 but to do so its almost always super vulnerable when playing a good enemy.


    Once more im not arguing it has its merits, but I do think it needs a clearer role than "Doing well vs a E100"


    Also even angled isnt the 268 plenty of a match for E100`s turret? I know I would rather be in a E3 vs one.


    I mean if you are having to shoot a E100 head on with a E4 you are in a world of hurt, because he can shoot you and because if you ware within 350 you are spotted and his 2700 HP and similar DPM and the fact arty hitting both you wont hurt him as much is a bad place to be. And if you aren`t and are shooting head on and using the turret then it seems to me I rather be in anything else using my turret, he can`t angle from all sides.


    Glass cannons are ok when they will beat everything they square off against or when they are hidden, but the E4 doesnt do either. IMO it is a opportunist that goes around pubs wrecking unsuspecting enemies who are either engaged else where or arleady hurt, but the problem is meds are really better at this, that or a T57 or 50b, basically they can fire in 4-6 secs what the E4 spits out and have 2 more shells and not to much longer reload, on top of there much better speed.


    E4 is built for support but is not as good as the other support tanks IMO, I just wish they would make it one or the other. Camo or Support or a heavy.

  2. I am starting to think you have no idea what you are talking about...

    What specifically did I say was so off? 


    I really do think playing different opponents creates different tactics dont you? The tourney already weeds out clans that are "For Fun" but playing a team like my clan vs G is vastly different and would take vastly different strategy IMO. Or Bulba or Otter or any of the top 5.


    Anyways Max do you think the E4 is viable vs a top tier clan?


    I think knowing who your enemy will be, what map it will be on and having it be such a big deal you can have your 15 top guys ready and able to play in that for certain is drastically different from your avg night of defending a landing, and guys rushing home from work to to play or plan out a strat.


    I dont think this idea is way off, but please tell me why you thinkit is.


    Max have you played much CW? [Not being a smartass at all, your just on paper a rockstar and I dont remember your name from there which is weird to me]

  3. Guys how does the reloading "Intuition" actually work .I have read wiki but want an exanple as thats how I learn.


    So the way I understand it is if you are loading lets say APCR in E4 and are at 10 secs left and I wanna switch to AP it has x chance of using that time I had already banked up to swap?


    So if I had 18 sec reload those 10 secs would stay with me but the round would swap to AP?


    Sry its confusing and even though I have played since CB i never needed it. But it seems to me if it has say 20% chance of insta swapping a thing like 261 would need it.

  4. What meta is there between the two? One is 14 vs. 14, and the other is 15 vs. 15. Please tell me how the absence of ONE tank on either side changes the "meta". 

    I think the biggest change is knowing who you will face and where in advance.


    I do think it closely resembles CW if the top clans in game decided to say F it and throw away the NAP and if they had no jobs or familys and decided to fight eachother, but in reality this doesnt happen.


    CW is nightly and therefore much different than an event in which you can throw your best players at. It also lets you micro tweak what tools to use based on opponent strength in which you know beforehand and it allows you to train with those same guys [which is massively important] for there specific roles.


    So like I said I would love to hear why the E4 is a legit CW tank, but I think most people if they are honest would not waste a E4 vs a G team or a Bulba team and instead would use different pieces as its easy to counter. Beating 2nd tier teams is another thing. Hell the 183 was a legit CW piece vs bad teams in CW and we used them often so was the Waffle, the baddies would throw themselves on them and not pick them apart as they should.


    I just don`t see a E4 being played in the finals, and if so IMO there are always better options out there. Really Dia what doesthe E4 present you that other tanks can`t do better? IMO Cw is about being great at your role andd being ok at many roles while technically a role is not the best used.


    Im curious as how the E4 coulkd be applied vs very good players?


    As a whole though there are tanks better vs newbs or teams you know you can beat, and taking these tanks is a risk but if you rely enough on your skill and players that risk pays off. This doesnt make it a "CW Viable" tank IMO. When we say its CW worthy im talking about if someone had a range of no locked tanks, and they didnt know who they were playing till an hour before and who was going to be there or not. Some players are great in some tanks and others dont have exp in them. IMO the E4 is exactly like this, maybe Kraft knows hs so well he can pull it off but as a whole there are much better options.


    If you need heavy bruisers use E100`s and they have same almost DPM 700 HP more and Armor that is insane. If you want a TD use a E3 and if a E3 is to slow use almost any other that will out DPM the E4 while hidden. E4 camo is terribad and in CW having bad camo+horrible backup speed+poor armor [esp vs all gold] = Death esp when considering it is huge for arty and so easy to pen. If you want a generalist then use meds. I understand it is a niche with 750 alpha a good solid round with pen in a heavyish package but it doesnt have camo, nor heavys HP.



    Anyways very diff imo not because teamsize but because you will always have 90% of your Ateam meaning same guys, you know the map and can practice the hell out of it with the same guys and you know your opponent most times and dont have to create a strat for both great teams or poor teams. So in the end its the circumstances that the tourney is a onetime thing that guys can clear time for and where its absolutely important to practice in advance etc. But CW is reactionary as a whole.


    Waffle is great in CW vs newb teams and is utterly unreliable vs good teams as it will be spotted and murdered and the enemy will not throw themselves on it to die. The 183 is the same. 


    Overall the tourney is about who has the best team where is CW is about who has the better clan. 14 guys for a huge prize is much diff than having to defend 3 times at once vs multiple skill levels. And IMO if you play a E4 vs a G team they will simply either rush your reload or better yet light you since you have no camo and let there expert Cancer players/Exxo murder you. E4 is a very easy target to counter as it has so many weakness`s and these can be made up for in a platoon or with a team but in a fight where allk 14 have to be pulling all there weight and no tank can fall behind IMO e4 is poor choice.


    But lets say a team like Bulba vs TRN, yiou guys probably had the skill to burn a little in the reward of using the huge blap/gun of the E4. So Risk Reward is much diff in Cw than Tourney.


    Its like saying fog of war on or off doesnt matter, and its the same game.


    I really do want to hear Kraft`s opinion though. I want to get better in the way I apply the tank.

  5. Si its confirmed that T57 will get huge bloom hit and 25% worse OTM accuracy. The OTM will basically make vert stab now a wash but adding more nerfage means its gonna be hurting IMO. Also I dont think they will stop there, since that isnt the issue with most Newbs and the 57 anyways. I think newbs hate it because it can roll out 1600 DMG before they reload.


    I really do think a 3 round mag would make most pubbies hush but to good players wouldnt change much and infact keeping same DPM might be better a 17 sec reload etc with 1200 DMG :)


  6. What do you want a tank to have? Seriously though, the E4 is literally an E5 with a 155mm gun. They both have the same hatch weakness, the turret cheeks are ~240mm effective (so anything that can pen them will pen your hull anyways) and have similar mobility. If you made the E4 a heavy, it would need to lose the 155mm gun entirely. 


    Also, the T57 doesn't need that type of nerf. It might unload a clip a bit too fast, but losing a shell wouldn't really change much unless they crippled the DPM. The T57 is already nearly a single or two shot gun anyways.


    Long story short, you are barking up the wrong tree. E4 is fine, T57 is (mostly) fine, and none of the changes you suggested would help with game balance. I can't even believe you want yet another autoloader TD in the game.

    The E4 and E5 are vastly different. True the Turret Hatch is both weak but the Turret on the E5 is nigh and day better.


    I dont want yet another autloader TD I want the T57 not to be nerfed into oblivion which its gonna be, so if they just made it a TD according to the E4 style it would lose 2-300 hp and be fine the way it is. My point is that some guys are getting hung up on the names but in reality th E4 is a soft low Hp hvy and the 50b and 57 are more like td`s.


    But to say the E5 and E4 are the same with a diff gun is wrong. E5`s turret is much much harder, E5 has -8 which is massive, it also has amazing handling and is much faster.

    If it was so similir they would offer 155mm over 120mm option...Then it would be one of most OP tanks in game.


    I want E4 to get some HP, that is fair for the rest of its deficits.

    I was actually initially typing about the merits of the E4 and its unique utility in CW, but then I realized...

    If you're going to argue that the Invitational is so different from CW, then there's really no point discussing this any further.

    Please go on. I think the Meta is Diff between those but tell me why the E4 is viable I really want to know. I have been wrong beofre.

  7. Damnit, the first tier 10 im closest to is the E4 and all you people discrediting it makes me not want to grind out the T30 for it anymore. QQ

    Esp since T57 and E5 are both useful, I`d go them way before. Now that I have E4 I like it just because its fun to use 750 alpha, but in reality its gimped on its own and is either very boring and bad or very fun but games are so fast as your rolling the other team.


    Seriously with tanks like the 140 and 62a that are just sooo complete and literally lack nothing I would never waste my first t10 on e4. Get tanks that you can use in CW and then get others.


    140= best in game IMO all round and they are meat of 75% of CW teams.

    T57= except its gonna be useless IMO soon as WG will overnerf, so E100 for hravy.

    E100 =heavy king so if your clan has himmels etc you will use it.

    Bat= fun and always useful but only if your a great scout.

    62a is just beneath 62a as it has less depression IMO.

    Im seeing more STB`s in CW on fishermen bay and other hill maps



    But basically if you arent a arty specialist like most clans use then I only made 90% of strats around 5ish tanks.


    3 T57`s [these might go to 50b`s] 2 Arty. 5 140`s 1 Bat and a heavy group of E100`s or IS7`s. Basically the Meds went to med spot and heavies were supported by T57`s that finished targets.


    I dont see this much changing. SOmetimes you want other meds sprinkled in like for a certain bush a Leo or a hill = STB but as a whole 140 was main. Also we used 50b`s to ram on maps to take fishbowls sometimes. Worked well.

    We were very good at the top of our game. And most other clans I know of used similar tactics, so if you want to chose then look at this.


    Also, here is a list of what not to get at all, these will never be played other than fun or lack of numbers.


    All UK


    E4 [sorry but its true most time, nothing a heavy cant do better.

    Maus [maybe to block a bridge]

    JPZE100 almost never



    These are the very situational ones or the ones used by newb clans or good small clans with no guys.

    All T10 meds become ok but remember Pattons-fv4202-50m are all useless at better levels.

    E5 isnt great but it still can work to fight meds and does everything well,just not great. So unlike T57 who has 1 job but murders that job the E5 does many and can do ok most times.

    E5 will be with these clans as hybrid meds, basically tanks who can change roles and rreact.

    E5 might replace IS7 as a fast HVY, or replace  a Medium with a tank tha can take more abuse


    Td`s become ok where as they arent used in CW as much anymore

    268is meh and they might use it. 6/10 now

    Foch is very very niche, they might need you to hide somewheree and 3x155m  sends a message and can still finish targets/

    750 dmg on wounded med is its job. Foch kills targets. Better for him to have 1 kill than 750 DMG. Alsways kill the weaskwones.

    Jag is dead.

    263 is useful sometimes in a alley way where its 2 man enters 1 man leave as it has good Armor and great DPM.


    113 can fill a cheap IS7 role but TBH IS7 is way better at the brawler armor sponge role and is off the charts in hardness.

    121 can be used sometimes in cities or bumpy areas.


    Use this mixxed up list to pick your first. E45 was my 9th choice and I was right to wait

  8. Bump....OMG its bad lately on west.


    Im looking at 55% tops. I played 15 games with 7 in my T57. I Avg`d 4400 DMG and 3.3 kills and lost 5 out of 7. Literally only 1 I farmed and maybe could have pushed harder, the others were simply 35% win chance and or Bulba plats etc on the otherside.


    I rarely see any of the guys here who are Purples solo.


    If you are Blue or Purple Recent and wanna run prem 8`s and 10`s...PLEASE send me invite/convo to wake me up

  9. T110E4 is fine. You perceive it as weak because we come out of a period where most tier X TDs were overpowered as shit.


    You have strong alpha, excellent AP pen, a ridiculous APCR round, a turret and some armour. Any additional buffs and the tank would turn from balanced to op again.

    I dont think its weak, I think its out of place and shares the bad qualities of both TD`s and Heavies and not many good ones out side of Pen+Alpha. Its gun handling is atrocious and you cant even add a Vert Stab to it.

    It has 300 to 700 less HP than a 70 ton heavy, much less DPM than a TD and butter armor.


    Is it workable? Yes absolutely. Is it where it should be? Absolutely not. 254mm mantlet, 230mm-270mm cheeks, 180-215mm hatch thats 2 ft tall and the toughest part of armor is the E5`s hull which is its weakest? Come on.


    AQll it is, is a massive gun with rus med depression and shit handling. That is ok in Pubs many times because they are shit. But vs anyone skilled in amost any tank it can be suppressed or picked apart with ease.

    I play the E3, E4 and E5.  Those are my tier 10s. 

    The E4 is the tank I am most comfortable with even if it is a heavy-TD hybrid that kind of fails at both.  

    Its not really the armor that makes it fail as a heavy, it the hit points.  I think 2350 is a great idea.  

    TDs get a camo bonus, but having no base camo makes it rather pointless...and the gun will troll the crap out of you at range anyways.  If not a 350 hit point increase, I'd rather see a accuracy increase.

    But...clearly this is a rather noobish opinion, I am quite new to tier X and frankly not that good at it.  :smug: 


    I agree HP is the real issue. And mostly its from Arty IMO. Since the E3 forces players to use its frontal armor because gun it means getting caught in open much less sideways.


    2350 HP IMO would make it kinda like a Tort where its armor is meh, but it has some meat on its bones to take a few hits. 2k is just not enough, it is like 1 solid arty hit+ 3 med shots or 6 med hits. And sinceits forced to brawl it needs this, also since its backup speed is horrible and it doesnt have 4 shots to keep enemies heads down it also is bad.


    So make it have 15 kmh backup speed and that alone would help peek a boom.

    Thanks for all your input both for and against guys.

  10. If you have to use gold, it means its pen is shit. Balancing tank around gold round is stupid. Using your logic E4 has 375 pen vs E100 334, so it is much better. E4 may need a slight buff, but not in the armor department imo.

    All the E4 has is a gun, and a shit handling one at that. So when the E100 starts sprouting230mm turret cheeks or a 254mm mantlet then we can review its Pen, Oh yeah it needs to be 1 shottable by arty, have 700 hp less...Thats right one entire 18 sec reload less of Health.

    not viable in CW? I was just playing it in the invitational tournament against vilin last saturday.

    Tourney isnt CW number one. And number 2 you use the E4 in CW? Im sorry but most clans IMO would view that as not optimal to say the least. But im sure your very good and that means breaking all kinds of rules.

  11. I don't know why others do it, but I'm bored and need incentives to keep playing this game. Watching my overall creep up a point or two each night is a strangely satisfying rabbit to chase that keeps me logging in. 

    I have to agree.


    After 4 years and lots of CB that burnt me out...I need some incentive and since Garbad and his ilk wont recruit me....


    Seriously its funny but G wont touch you if your not purple, If you went and had 70% w/r but 1800 Wn8 you really think G would take you? I doubt it, they dont like Green/teal.


    Its easy for these super Purps to say Wn8 doesnt matter but if we made them Green I bet it would creep up on import.

  12. I'm a computer noob and have no clue as to how to find the Python log LOL

    Are you a newb at reading :) Lol seriously look what I wrote so I can help you.


    Go to your WOT directory C:\games\WOT\python open the python log inany text editor. Copy paste what is there. Bottom of the file is the latest time the game ran.

  13. BRR automatically opens the results after battles (in effect) so you don't need to.  If you don't run it, you need to open the battles to have the same effect.


    HOWEVER, my understanding is that if you are not running BRR you must be running ADU so it can grab the battle result.  If you use the BRR mod I think will save the results and they can be later uploaded if you run ADU.


    Another note, ADU should not be causing lag; it's a pretty minimal program.  IF it is a problem you can run it but just don't go online, that way it will capture all the results and can upload them later.

    Ok good call. Yeah im 100% sure it causes massive ping, maybe lag was wrong word. Ping goes from 25 to 125


    I run ATS and BRR and I open all my details tabs after the battles. But since BRR is a pyc and doesnt need ADU to be activated it should save the files it needs?


    So are you saying to keep ADU on all the time in offline mode or that it doesnt matter if I run BRR+ATS?

  14. what about a guide "how to NOT penetrate the E5"? ;)

    Lol, seriously.


    If they are this bad they cant shoot a lower or a huge bulbous tumor....


    How about you keep doing guides on overmatching or cool penning areas not many people know.

  15. You said you had 2-skill crews...


    I went into tier 10 with 2.6 skill crew and I thought they worked out okay (okay so my T57 did get a pretty bad streak for the first few matches hence 40% in 10 games with that, also didn't bring any HEAT in pubs which was a mistake)... BIA, 6th+snapshot+smooth ride+safe stowage and then about 60% repairs? Those four guys are in my T34 which I occasionally actually play...


    As long as you have BIA + Vents, 6th sense, snap shot, smooth ride and safe stowage, any tier 10 can be made to work, of course more perks is better (and it wouldn't pull 66% win rate most likely) but it should still be perfectly workable.


    Alternative is to buy it, wait until M56 Scorpion comes out, put a 100% crew in the E4, then slowly grind up their crew skills with the Scorpion until you feel it useable.


    If you think M48 will one day be buffed to shine again... well then TBH I'm not sure what I can say to you since you are, to paraphrase the new T110 thread from the official forums:

    Source: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/279681-springtime-for-t110-and-usa/


    The sad thing is that they're so scared of American tanks outperforming Russian tanks that they can't use the M60 as tier 10, being more contemporary to the T-62... Admittedly the E-50 project of mid-late 40s vintage might have been competitive depending on conditions to the early 60s tanks, but still... some matchups are just stupid. At least use the M48A3 without the tumour if the armour's going to suck anyhow...


    There is only one chance of an M48 proxy buff that will make it useful again: camo factor is dependent on number of spot-check points visible. This would make the M$8 again able to scout by peeking over a hill with its cupola.

    Yeah so what they really need to do is make our T10 the 60a1 as it still would be Pre-Leo1 and STB and AMX-30 but not have a M48 from 1953 fighting tanks from the mid 60`s.


    Look at how massively diff the 60a1 is and its all in the place that needs it most without making it to op, the turret. T10 US tank should be the king of hulldown as all other 10`s can have huge camo. The T10 Us needs 420 viewrange but keep its camo so it would active scout....Anyways look at this thing.




    Look at that turret. Nothing else would need to change and while it still had tumor its a bit smaller and more angled but look at the cheeks....Oh wait there arent any :)


    This was 330ish vs AP but unlike RU meds is not in any way from the side safe at all, from the side its a huge soft target. So its balanced, and godmode when facing enemies unless they want to aim and hit tumor but no more HEAT 100% through cheeks.


    The fact WG makes t62a vs M48 is rediculous. Also the 60a1 had 110mm@65 degrees meaning 140 slope with 10mm more armor but and had 350 lbs of TQ more at operating ranges meaning it was much faster and would have run circles around the Ru tanks. All this is still blanced because little to no camo for med= arty food. You can never stay stil las you are 1 shotted.


    For a patch, yes. I remember in CW how E4 replaced just about everything until it got the nerf bat. 

    OMG E4 was Da Bess.


    It was so fun for 6 weeks.


    Literally the gun handling of the current E5 with a 15mm and a 15.5 sec reload. Also its hatch and turret was similar to the E3`s. Also its speed was better as well.


    problem is WG always overnerfs US tanks....RIP t57, you guys will see they wont make it the "Close Range" version of the 50b, it will become inferior in almost everyday, its how they roll.

  16. For a patch, yes. I remember in CW how E4 replaced just about everything until it got the nerf bat. 

    OMG E4 was Da Bess.


    It was so fun for 6 weeks.


    Literally the gun handling of the current E5 with a 15mm and a 15.5 sec reload. Also its hatch and turret was similar to the E3`s. Also its speed was better as well.


    problem is WG always overnerfs US tanks....RIP t57, you guys will see they wont make it the "Close Range" version of the 50b, it will become inferior in almost everyday, its how they roll.

  17. Hello


    Next 15 days T28proto, T30 and E4 will be on discount, i alrdy have an T30, and i sure as hell dont want a Proto, but im not so sure about E4....


    The way i see it, E4 is just an inferior E100, so not really worth it, but is this true?


    Pros E4 (over E100):

    - superior penetration, 295 AP =/> 340 HEAT let alone 375 APCR

    - (way) better shell speed

    - better accuracy

    - equal aim time / bloom? (or bloom worse?)



    - slighly worse turret front armor

    - worse hull front armor

    - way, way worse side armor

    - just as slow

    - terrible turret weakspot

    - 700 hp less


    So you trade tons of armor and stopping power for a clearly better gun, which is also cheaper to use, but you do trade a lot of armor and hps...


    So Is it worth buying E4 if you have an E100?


    ps: credits are no problem (at all) but crew is, so thats why i am not sure if i should buy E4...


    edit: I have read btw the ranking: http://rocketbrainsurgeon.com/best-tier-10-tanks/ but that doesnt answer my question if E4 is worth it :P (i guess E100 is better, but is it so much better that playing E4 is pointless?)

    A few things. Turret on E100 is massively more protected as when its angled there is no real weakspot and it can reamian in open. E4 is soft as hell.


    Imagine a E5`s hull being the strongest point of the armor and the turret being very very easy to pick apart. Also the gun handling on the E4 is very very bad.


    If you play the E4 like a E100 its not even close to its level. E4 is a opportunistic tank that is basically all built around a gun. I like it but it is not a highly competitive tank, it can`t carry because reload is so long.


    I hope they balance it like I asked in my thread...make it a Hvy and harden the Turret Cheeks+Hatch and add 350 HP to it.

  18. E4 has turret. Another turreted TD is WT, which has crappy armor. I agree that turret is not everything. Foch is garbage from sides and has notable weakspots from the front (while E4 is better). JGPE is better armored, but that is the only thing it has. E3 is better in terms of armor and dpm, but still without turret and much slower.


    If you compare DPM then the Foch is worse. If we talk about potential burst damage then Foch is better, yes. Either accept that DPM is better for E4 or don't use it.

    E4 has better depression, aim time, overall armor, premium round, DPM

    Foch has better speed, camo and clip


    Not sure about bloom and such.


    E4 has armor instead of camouflage and can work around hills better.


    As for your poll.

    Q1 - 3 of 4 support your suggestions, 1 not with explanation

    Q2 - 2 in favor of your arguments, 1 against, 1 is touching my precious T57 (you don't touch my T57 :P )

    Q3 - ok


    Ok 1st question is a bit biased, others are fine.

    Lol so T57 is balanced but E4 isnt? :)


    Also Im not saying add Camo levels of a ROmba, im saying give it same or similar levels as a 268 or a Foch.


    268 gets massively better Gun Accuracy and Pen and DPM for its lack of turret, it also has solid armor. E4 for how slow and how much non-camo it has DOES NOT HAVE GOOD ARMOR.


    It is rolling around with camo of a heavy and much softer turret than a E5, also has much less DPM than E5 much less HP and speed. Sorry but you can`t have it both ways, its either a Heavy or a TD. If its a Armored TD then things like Jag and E3 make it look soft as butter, and if its a Heavy it needs more HP.

    E4 is fine as is.  If it had the armor of a Heavy it would be OP as hell and the only other Heavy that can hit as hard as the E4 is the E100, and it has the shit pen to go with it.  I will however be fine with an armor buff if the E4 loses some pen along the way :)

    E100`s Pen isnt shit, everyone who knows how to play it uses its gold.


    When I say Armor of a Heavy I mean it needs to be inline with a E5, right now its turret is butter and needs 20-30mm more on cheeks as well as hatch redo.


    Why should the E4 lose Pen? It has low DPM, bad armor and horrible gun handling. Also its not fast at all, its just not super slow.


    Bringing the E4 inline with a E5`s turret still forces you to hide your entire lower plate and your tumor while 50% stronger would still be a weakspot.

    I think it is a bit of an awkward tank and I have my own doubts but there are just as many good players claiming it's a very capable tank as there are those who says it's meaningless. I do feel it could use a small buff but then again m48 patton buffs pls.

    It is capable in pubs, but then so is the T30, T34 Jagpz100 and other middling tanks, so is the M48.


    E4 needs to have its role clearly defined, the reason it wasnt in beginning was so it could be balanced. They nerfed it hard but never gave it a "Role" other than opportunist TD, in which it needs x2 camo as what it has...My god it has camo of a huge heavy, WTF does it not then get HP of a heavy? And turret upgrade?


    These changes I propose wouldnt make it OP, they would bring it inline so that the E4 could take 1 more shot from a 62a....While that seems small, what it really means is arty survival. And its camo means sitting still on a ridge it no longer is spotted at 400m as something drives by.


    It literally has ONLY ITS TURRET to make it stand out and guess what? If it was a heavy that would be no big deal.

    LOL t57 is no TD but T58  with 155mm autoloaders gun would be good !






    Also E4 need a little buff or turret armor to be fully competitive

    T57 was made as a concept after the T58 and both were TD`s in our definition. Where as the US Army`s M103 was the true heavy.

    If you want a T57-like TD then T58 is just fine. Put the autoloader to 3 rounds like the Foch instead of historical 6 and it won't be as game-ruining as the Waffle. Give it a long-ish inter-clip (3.5 seconds) and 3 second aim time. Buff the Foch 155 sides by 4mm to compensate (admit it, current Foch is pretty bad due to overmatch mechanics) and give it better inter-clip (4 seconds, the awful gun handling makes sense since it's a casemate and can't be stabilized as much as a turret). Also remove the rangefinder wings weakspots and make them only optics that get damaged.


    Then the choice there would be a turret versus effective frontal armour and mobility.


    E4 on the other hand could sure use more camo and slightly sturdier (20-25mm more) cheeks/hatch... other than that it doesn't need THAT much...

    They are gonna ruin our T57 anyways guys, why not make it actually useful. 3 round`s @ 1200 DMG would make whinersstop crying but still make it OP for us good players.


    E4 is fine in pubs but when facing anyone as good as me there is no way I can beat a E100 say. I need more HP more cheek armor and better hatch. Not to make it OP but to make it 65% bounce proof vs T10 meds.


    Tanks should need to hit my lower, or 1/3 on my hatch [and trade dmg doing it] or flank me. they shouldnt be able to pick apart my tumor over and over or my cheeks over and over.


    My argument is not that the E4 is massively UP but that it has no clear role...Is it a TD? Then give it more TD bonuses as it already pays in 350 HP and super bad gunhandling for this so it deserves Camo at least while sitting still. Is it a heavy? If so it needs HP as it already has softest armor in class..Hell the E4 has T9 heavy style armor, yes it has some tough spots but as a whole has tons of fluff and is basically autopoenned with heat from the front of turret or lower plate and hatch is OMG easy.


    Pubstar tanks should not be how the E4 is judged alone. It needs to be at least viable in CW or theoretically so, and in reality it isnt, not enough camo to stay hidden at all, and not nearly hard enough to fight E100`s or T57`s and live or even live long.


    BTW, the T58 had 5 rounds in it and the 57 had 6. Alo WG always said no T58 as the current T57 is looked at as to OP imagine the T58

  19. Nope.  So in a replay file, in the plain text portion of it at least, whether you are platooned or not is not written to the replay file until the battle is complete.  Certainly the fact that you are platooned or solo exists in the encoded game data based upon your team, but it isn't in an easily discernible area of the replay file and would require decoding the replay file in order to evaluate.  Therefore the best method for determining solo vs platooned is through battle results.  However, the same issue plagues battle results in that if you do not view the end of battle screen (aka you rage quit a game and don't go back to see how you did) OR you aren't running the BRR mod that's part of ADU then the .dat file containing this information is not generated.  So no, it definitely needs more than ANY amount of replay file.


    Phalynx may be planning stuff like solo vs platooned wn8 and also per-tank values for solo vs platooned.  I think he's also planning to allow you to view it by date range as well.  He's very open to good suggestions on how to make the data he collects more usable and really does a great job with his site.


    I'm not sure if server group can be broken out easily or not.  You could post a suggestion on the vbaddict project tracker.  I could care less as real men play east coast.

    TY for explanation.


    Can you tell me what the BRR mod does to get the results that are incomplete? I only run my ADU after 10ish battles when I have a minute otherwise I lag hard. Does it have to be running all the time for good results?

  20. I feel uncomfortable with nerfing T57 hps and clip and making it TD. It nicely evolves from its line of clip tanks. And there are enough tier X TDs with clip. I don't think E4 is weak at all and nerfing it was necessary. Armor is still very good - best armored Tier X TD. Hardening it would make it another VK 45.02B, which is wrong. I agree that E4 fits a bit more in role of a heavy than TD, but change is not needed imo. Btw you can't compare DPM vs 3 clip magazine. Foch has another issues and clip is one of its few strong points. E4 has better DPM than Foch in the end. 2310 (without rammer) vs 2250. And you poll is biased to support your arguments.

    T57 with 3 rounds wouldnt be a huge nerf but more of a shift in how it works. # rounds but same DPM would just be a different style. Also hell its gonna get nerf batted hard. I rather it handle the way it does and have 3 rounds than get aimtime+huge dispersion nerf and keep 4. Making it a TD would basiclaly just mean it lost HP wehich would be OK IMO. Problem with 57 is it is to survivable for what it can do, its def would be alot more balanced with 1900 HP.


    Also E4 nerf was needed im not saying it is, im saying it lost its very strong heavy characteristics. Lost OP DPM and lost tons of armor and this changed what the tank was, it went from OP Heavy to a soft fat low HP heavy that is basically all gun, that is ok but it needs to get a HP buff now, esp since it was made when there was only a few TD options.  Think how much more OP the E3 is than the E4, no one would really question the E3 is much more of a farce to be reckoned with.


    If it lacks Camo why it a td? It certainly doesnt have E3 or T95 or Jpze100 armor. And it certainly has the lowest DPM of all TD`s that dont have clips. Your biased by trying to compare the Foch which fires 3 155mm shells in 15 secs before the E4 can even reload 1 time. The Foch has massive Camo, speed, 3x the alpha and yet has 100 DPM less? Lol is the turret really worth no Camo, light armor, shit gun handling, meh accuracy and meh speed? Nope. Its worth about half that.


    How are my questions Biased? The first no is a joke and 2nd and 3rd I tell you to explain if you disagree.


    "Armor is still very good - best armored Tier X TD"


    Here your trolling right? Or your smoking crack.

    E3 has massively better Armor isnt even comparable TBH

    Foch still has better Armor from the front and both are trash from the sides to who cares.

    268 TBH has 40% of its front that basically autobounce. And once more better camo=better defense.

    Jpze100 once more is night and day better.


    Infact it has 2nd in class worse armor. Waffle doesnt count and 183 might be worse.


    Also what do you mean another 4502? It wouldnt even be lcose...

  21. Thanks everyone for participating. Remember I dont think the E4 is ultra weak, just that it needs a true home in what it is and needs some buffs to bring it to that point, these wouldnt change it much from a enemy tanks perspective but from a drivers that extra 350 HP would be huge, no more losing 50% of health from 1 arty splash etc. Survivability on a soft tank with no camo means HP...


    So IMO the E4 is a tank that was nerfed into the ground as was the M48. Seems like when US tanks are blatantly OP they get dealt with harshly as Im sure the T57 will be.


    IMO it also needs to be revisited badly as this tank doesnt know what it is and suffers from its "Class" but gains nothing from it.


    When it came out it was an absolute terror and really there was little reason not to use it.


    It has 850 Alpha back when only 1 Heavy had near that and only a few TD`s did. No 183 or jpz. It also had a turret that was much harder than now with a Reload closer to 15 secs when all said and done.

    It was OP as hell, more DPM than any heavy with almost 2x alpha+Pen of a TD and turret, and armor. But after nerf it was ruined and power creeped even more.


    Because its a "Td" it gets 300-400 less HP than if it was a heavy, it gets much softer armor and just as bad gun handling.


    It would compete with IS4+Is7 on light end and E100 on heavier end, all with DPM more in the same area with all 3 better armor. E100 has same alpha but better DPM nght and day armor and 650 more HP.

    IS7 has much better speed and armor and vs arty or flanking meds is night and day better. And all for a whopping 100 DPM.


    Then vs TD`s its massively UP in DPM with 2250ish vs similiar with a 3 clip magazine of a Foch. yes it has a turret but its soft as hell and has no Camo...Or 3.5% while moving which is LOL.


    Look at 268 which is now med of the road. 268 is faster has double the camo and more while firing, it has 400ish DPM more with 4.5 sec reload diff, more Pen much better accuracy and really its armor is as good easily.


    So, IM othe main reason it was ok was the Meta of the game favoring Camping etc where it was much worse than a E3 or 268 or Foch. Now Meta is becoming Brawl and its second rate with this to a solid Heavy or even a med.


    They need to either make it a TD and give it same Camo as a 268 [they are same size INRL well E4 was E5 inspired so yeah] and then it still has shitty armor, gun handling and DPM fo its turret, or it needs its HP and Armor buffed, id say 2350 HP with Turret cheeks from 250 to 270 vs AP and 50/50 vs heat`s 330mm at wekspot. Also tumor goes to just below a E3.


    Ether way is balanced IMO. Even with OP turret part, it still would have a E5`s Upper/lower. So for a super heavy it would be Meh Armor and Meh HP for a big gun that pens well. And for a TD it would have bad DPM, ad gun stats and either way its bad track resist hurts it.



    What do you guys think? E4 is such a fun concept and its ok in Pubs but only because 750 alpha is easy to use/abuse. But in reality how much better than a T30 is it?


    IMO my ultimate would be making E4 a true heavy and T57 a TD. I think T57 could play better and be more balanced as a 1900 HP tank and gets slowed turret traverse and loss of a shell for some other things.


    So the other route would be making the E4 like the old T30 where it was soft as hell but had great gun handling etc...So maybe 2250 HP 2.5 Sec Aim+ .35 accuracy and increase depression to -8.



    E4 needs to be updated and in my perfect world it goes....


    T57 moves to 2nd unarmored TD, and goes to 1900 HP making it perfectly balanced if it loses 1 shell but retains DPM. It fits much better anyways.


    E4 moves to 2nd heavy and either becomes true super heavy with 2400ish HP and Turret reinforcement including cheeks and hatch or

    E4 becomes old T30 style with shit in class Armor but 2.5 Aimtime .35 accuracy and-8 [+2 depression buff] Also a bit of dispersion etc.


    This gives guys a choice and moves tanks to where they should be. if 57/58 was made it would not have been Hvy but a TD.


    My recommendations are as follows (Even though I'm a bad; also keep in mind I have not played all of these tanks, but I have fought against/alongside nearly all of them. All parameters will ignore equipment/consumables.):



    I dont wanna down vote but there is some things here that I couldnt disagree with more. Like woah.


    Mods recommendation is cool I dont like one shot modules going off as well, but im not sure how to balance that.


    Vk+M60 are not premiums, they are not bought. All they do is train crews, but they dont make more creds and at T10 "Premium concept doesnt work as there is no limited MM. Look at T34 or Lowe and they are only tiny bit less useful than most T8`s and its only because they get massive credit advantages, where as IS6 or others are severely limited by there Pen. Basically Prems are limited in Penetration but using gold dominate but cannot dominate at T10 because they have no gold shell to use.

    So making M60 nd VK less than only works if you wanna make there MM lighter in which thats stupid and might as well make them 9`s. Sorry but IMo this is really a stupid idea. And IMO it should be somewhat opposite, the gift tanks should be OP in there area and the only thing they should not be OP in is CW`s so that battles that really truly matter are not mastered by older clans who are already better in skill as well. Meaning if G had M60`s and M60`s were the best meds period, G would run them and rape newer clans. Since M60 is size ofa house and not really treated as a med this isnt a issue.


    Next if the T57 reloas in same time as the 50b and the 50b now has aimtime buff and is more accurate and only has a small advanatge in intra round time how will the 50b not be the choice everytime?

    Instead of changing this like everything else they do and nerfing it into nothing by cuttin aim and reload, they should think outside the box and remove a shell and make it like a big Chi-Ri with a 3 round blapper vs a 4 round sniper. Make them very diff. Not the same tank with one more accurate and one not, the 50b would have a APCR round+Way more speed+Way more Accuracy and now better aimtime and the same reload...Who would use a 57 ? Maybe hill fighters?


    E4 and E5 im totally on board hatches should be in between E3 and what they are now and or only 2 shot hitbox not a repeat hitter. They already have 750 alpha. Also both need massive camo buffs while not firing. E4 literally has no advantage of being a "Td" and would get 250-400 more HP as a heavy and probably a better turret, but since its a "TD" and Pwned with a 15 sec reload 850 alpha and better gun handling when it came out as well as much better armor they nerfed it into the ground with nothing given back. E4 needs to either become heavy and get its 300 HP or get its camo the 268 or some other big TD, have you seen real 268`s they are huge.

    E4 now has...

    2300 DPM vs 2600 and up. It has Horrible 8% and 3% camo vs 17% and 11% of 268 and a teribad 1.95% firing which is half of others. It has worse power to weight 13kmh less speed, 50% less backup speed once spotted to roll back, and even though 268 seems like worse armor its not as 40% of it is not pennable already.


    I understand E4 needs to pay for its turret but it literally pays way way to much, just make it a heavy. If they had to revisit it, they would have to make its armor better and its already in DPM line with E100 which has 5x better armor and same Alpha. Or make it have TD camo.


    M48 as well I agree with making view range even more as it will never snipe because it has no camo. View range but no camo= active spotter. But it needs to be 60a1 with its much better turret...48`s turret is a joke.


    Next your HESH idea is game breakingly bad IMO. Imagine how frustrating losing a driver is then losing a loader in one battle...Now imagine everytime you face a 4202 who happens to have a better position on you he has a 1/5 chance to kill a crew member. Where normally you might eat 3 shots but have arty kill him or td`s etc as hes lit, now you get a killed loader use med kit and lose another loader and then all game your basically racked. Or how many times does a scout get good positon and you get hit from a invisimed?

    I`ll tell you what would happen, all W/R padders would get 3 man plats and all use 4202`s and would get on all sides of a check point using Hesh. They would fire 10+ rounds at all tanks there and then come in and mop up everyone who is limping around, Fire Ext would be trashed as crews would be much more likely to die. It would make game uber frustrating. Not to mention a 183 hitting you right off for 3 crew dead etc. Gold Medkits would be min req. I like the idea also but in reality...nope. I liek that your trying to make it diff but making it 750 alpha isnt helping either.


    Removing Autoloader IMO is a must with Waffle. That or making it have 3 rounds+armor, nothing massive but armor. Also 2 sec in between shots is insane and the real reason its bad.


    JPZE100 is already faster than a E3, I think people dont get how nimble for its size it is. As I said many times make its firing Arc huge like a Tort so it can angle its superstructure...I never want to make Armor or anything reward someone for being bad...And making it godmode from the front encourages some tard to sit in forest while I have to rush him and he fires 170mm shells at me...Sorry HEAT is the reason why newbs die in JP100`s as they should, but a pro would be able to angle like a e100 with a very narrow window but when right or only facing 1 player it would bounce.


    Bat changes I like.


    IS7 is great. Norm reduction has made this power creep not really happen, it used to face -8 and -10 norm and now sees 5 and 3 degrees meaning its slope is 2x as effective. So even with more accurate fire its Armor is best in class and possibly best in game. Esp side Armor, the tank is just hard all the way around except the very tip of the lower plate.


    113 needs massive buff to lower plate and thats it IMO. That and 490 alpha sound good.


    I think STB needs aimtime buff as well. I also want turret to be made hard as hell. Its really very weak and it overmatched easily.


    IDK why guys downvoted except some suggestions were way off. Still I wouldnt . But with all the real German names etc maybe they think your a crazed "RL TONKS DID..."

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