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  1. This would be a feature of the ADU, it will grab results after each battle is played.



    After talking with Xen I wrote a program that combs replay files and calculates your solo and platooned winrates. I realized rather quickly that as soon as you exit a battle, WoT stops writing to that replay file. That means if you leave before the battle is over, the file will not contain the information regarding which team won. We devised an alternative solution: Use the temporary dat files created after each battle to track the stats we need. Since WoT deletes these dat files when closed, the program will be unable to retroactively calculate the winrates. I will write an extension to the current program, it will launch WoT and then monitor the battle results folder for the dat files. Phalanx wrote a utility for converting these dat files into usable JSON that I have incorporated.


    If anyone is interested in the current version that works off of the replays, I'll make it available.

    Couldnt you have your program save those temp files as we play? Like save them before WOT closes.


    Also I want this program pls.

  2. I officially started mine. I did 100 games for my 140 completely solo.


    2640 DMG 56.5% W/R


    I`m gonna save some creds and grab a 62a and then actually im gonna test the 430 the same way. Garbad these solo challenges are tiring but also very fun as you are competing vs yourself and when you win or lose its mainly all on you.


    I have been hyper focused on DMG and Wn8 and lost 2% more than I should and another 1% was from bad mods DC`s and in 5 games literally had 0 dmg which hurt me badly.

  3. Its about an average tank.  I rated it here:


    IP - 5 - Excellent DPM, depression, penetration on a hull with decent protection and mobility.  Its aim time is awful, but this tank is better than its reputation suggests.


    The problem with the tank is its horrific aim time...but with the right setup and an advanced crew, you can work with that.  Its got pretty decent strengths, its just that big flaw hurts it quite a lot.  If its aim time were 2.0 it would be better than the pershing imo.  Its view range also sucks.

    So the aimtime buff wasnt enough? I didnt think it was, I thought 2.9 to 2.5 was fair instead of 2.7.


    Garbad does it ever feel like some tanks are less accurate when not fully zoomed? IDK if its just me but my T59 seems to land tons and tons of shots not fully bloomed where as a Ipanzer that is supposed to be much more accurate will be 90% zoomed in and miss tons.


    Also 50-120 felt that way, very accurate while zoomed but ANYTHING less and dropped much more than say a IS6 or T59. I feel like Rus guns have another hidden stat and get less penalized while firing non zoomed shots...Am I crazy?

  4. No, win rate padders were openly mocked long before efficiency.  Remember jsnazz?  Remember the kv5 challenge?


    Besides, picking out TC/baby clubbers is trivial.  The problem is comparing a dude with 50% platoon rate to a dude who platoons 75% of the time.  But even with that caveat, its still no less reliable than wn8.

    Jsnazz was mocked because he used to say that if he had or did X Y Z like you did he would be better.


    He used to say it was FPS, or that it was because you made more gold etc.


    But I agree with Deus, guys asking Pureples how to get better was answered 90% of the time with "DONT SOLO, dont even play unless you have friends on with equal or better skill" and it was so bad you still will see players who havent played for 1 year come into a pub and yell "Platoon Padder cant even win on your own".


    Next players would say, "DONT PLAY X TANK, as its horrible and no matter how good you are, you wont get to Purple levels with it"


    IMO these were the most common Newb to Purple questions and the entire reason guys like you got famous Garbad.


    Players would watch you and see if they could play that tank at 75% of what you do. If they could they would buy it. So when they saw you do badly they wouldn`t buy it as they knew if you struggled they couldnt pull it off. Where as now even bad tanks can have a Purplestat of there own other than W/R and it promotes more Pubbie for you to harvest for your Winrate god :)


    But tank selection and platoons were MANDATORY to be purple in W/R alone or Effec or Wn7. hell look at these guys who get 80% wins and most are IS6 with 3 man plats.

  5. Crab had a true statement.


    As much as Wn8 might hurt in some ways it also regulates these players who at all costs want to do well and would play nothing but Hellcats+KV1s etc.


    I had issues with my account and so to get it back on track bought a HEllcat and 500 battles later felt good about myself, but in reality it didnt make me any better. Wn7 was worse than Wn8 by far simply because the 62a/E50 was literally occuring in 2 tanks per tier and made others useless.


    Also strict W/R is the same thing since WG isnt on the ball and doing rebalances often [Loo kat 183 it tok how long to balance?] W/R alone causes a player to only use tanks like T54. Esp since 140+62a the 2 best meds in CW are from the best 9 in the game, there is no reason to play any other 9 if going off pure W/R.


    What Wn8 did was tell people it was ok to use a ARL44 or T150 and still have the ability to be great since it was no longer about being better than a Hellcat or KV1s but being better than the other player.


    Wn8 made it about head to head competition and not just what tanks are OP as hell.


    Before with either W/R or Wn7 it was....Purple was basically even more about tank choice by far IMO



    T54/E75 alone with maybe a sprinkle of M103

    T8 was most balanced but still was 50-100, T69

    T29 alone owned 7.

    Hellcat KV1s or go home

    M4 Derp


    Now you have a huge variety of ways to get to 2500 Wn8 and while there is a "Cap" on T10 TD`s of say 3k Wn8 for most people this isnt a bad thing and all they have to do is bring down the values a tad, or move Meds to be inline with them. But look at the viable choices now to get Purple.



    All meds can do it fairly easy for a purple.




    All heavies


    So where as you had maybe 5 to chose from assuring you Purple now you have tanks that assure you 3k wn8+ but no where near what it was. I mean players who are Green at T10 were getting 1800 wn7 in Hellcats no problem.



    Wn8 brings more to the table by far than it hurts. It also is night and day better than cap farmers and Eff and Hellcats+OP tank in tier for both straight W/R and Wn7.


    Where as before you chose 1 of the 4 top tanks in tier and padded the hell out of W/R and Wn7 now at least a player can play his FCM getting only 1700 DMG a game vs his IS6 getting 2500 DMG a game and be the same score.


    IS6 was the only T8 prem to use as it was auto Purp, now you can do that in many and the IS6 is much harder....I think thats a win and promotes more diversity and makes up for WG leaving tanks like the KV1s ingame so long.



    I mean the 120 armor on the 430 means that given that level of incompetence the 430 is gonna pen 1 more shot before exploding every few games. The actual numerical difference is only 1730 to 1677...53 dmg, or one more penning shot every 6 games. Its more a function of the armor than it is of the performance ceiling. Plus the 62A has been in the database longer and so its affected by history (smaller HP pools prior to MM changes for example?)


    SO IMO the main reason the 62a had lowish numbers is its the oldest and came out when half the Purples now were either newbs or before they rerolled.


    Basically the 62a is what people learned on and its why the T54 is also low compared to its OPness, even when you dont take all the reds+yellows who own them.


    Look at most Purples who have been ingame when Europe existed and there 62 will blow compared to there 140`s. Players were encouraged to get the 62 as it owned CW forever... Also, this is why the M48 is off IMO. The M48 wasnt needed for CW and therefore Purples or goodies could get it at there own rate and this means no CW games affectn it either.


    IMO it ends up with a truly whacked out number where the 62a is below the M48 [lol] and the E50 has a similiar botched mess.


    E50 was meh tank and then, huge!!! buffs. This made it have the edge and now compete with the T54 but retain its fanbase of Wereaboos. 


    I agree with Garbad the numbers need overhauls. And TBH I think it needs to be server dependent in some ways. But I look at things like the


    Also 430 seems to me Camo is more important than its Armor, 430`s Armor is not angled well since its so short but its camo is far better than the 62a and might affect DMG output in 6 games.

  7. I got the gist of it, but the gist was "I have some guesses and they are not aligned with the math of the metric, just my gut feeling".


    WN8 isn't something where Praetor or myself sat down and said "we think kills should be worth this much!". That was how Efficiency was created, and we hopefully all know by now how nonsense that was.  


    There probably is a metric for dmg/kill. Its listed on VBaddict under that name, and you can look at it by at least tank level. I don't know if it is informative or not. I can tell you under the assumptions of WN8, we have both damage and kills in the metric, but kills exist only in interaction - which is what I think you're trying to get at. rDAMAGEc*rFRAGc means damage and frags (as measured by ratio to the expected values) are in there, linked together. Frags also appear in these two terms - rFRAGc*rSPOTc and rDEFc*rFRAGc.


    What this means mathwise is...your frags are worth more when your damage, spots and defense are also high. It also means your damage is worth more when your frags are up, although damage has its own standalone term. 


    So the intuition you had, that frags with damage lead to wins, is correct. I doubt you recall, but WN7 was very frag dependent, and in fact the frags were more important than the damage. This is because we had not yet worked out how to normalize damage between tanks (only tiers) and so frags were more predictive. But now that the damage has been normalized to some degree across tanks (or at least pegged to an empirically determined expected value) frags continue to be important, showing up in 3 different scenarios - all of which are also derived from the data.

    Crab im not good at math. So when I look at my brokend down Wn8 why then is 60-65% always DMG dependent if you say Frags mean more?


    Here is my solo 140 stats. I did 2 hundred completely solo battles and now am platooning to see a difference. This was Garbad inspired. Also it is west coast and IMO harder to carry alone.


    Damage Dealt 1,545.44 59.0% Frags 472.29 18.0% Spotted 229.32 8.8% Defence 152.87 5.8% Winrate 218.41 8.3 % Sum


    Damage Dealt 1,771.67 2,569.00 Frags 0.98 1.35 Spotted 1.76 1.80 Defence 0.81 1.12 Winrate 49.88% 57.20% WN8 1565

    I also had 5 DC`s from bad mods etc. [Man this really hurt my Wn8 and DMG]


    Anyways, Crab I really am a retard at math, so can you tell me why when I go down to say 50% wins It only counts for 8%?


    I mean I understand DMG is much harder to pad than Wins. But  would think that capping wins to a point then making them count for 20% would be more accurate.


    How about you saying kills counted for more? Can you explain a bit pls?


    I see yo uwent to G...G is the retirement home for OG unicums, Jacg and wazoo wil lend up there next :)

  8. More like ~60% or lower solo, ~70% in platoons.  Look at this thread alone -- even with platoons more of the 4k recent are lucky to break 75%.  Really only kewei has successfully farmed damage while being good at winning games.


    And in a broader level, literally everyone overestimates their solopub win rate -- especially those who never try.  There are at least ~50 people with a recent 4k wn8.  There are like 10 people on the server who could sustain 65%+ win rates.  Everyone has a good night and that's the only thing they remember; the truth is a lot more bleak for us all.  (Including me, btw.  Even with my ~4k games at 70% I don't claim to be a 70% solopubber.  I think I can manage 65%, but 70% is reserved for ideal tanks/crews/gold spam.  Standard play is lower).

    Zakalakadas may not be the highest winner, but he is the highest Wn8 and always solo`s and he is 64% over 25k games.....IMO he is perfect model of what a amazing player should get. Now I still bet he could improve or fail + or -2%, but as a rule I think your right that guys like you are 65%ers solo. Thats why When I hit 60% solo im content, as I know I can`t carry the best but 60% means I am better than or more effective than most 3 man green platoons.

  9. Literally everyone claims that, and in actually its like 50/50.  If you want to prove it, do so.  Show us a challenge in a virgin tank, 100+ games.  But you won't, you just want to say what you think you can do and keep farming.



    Even unica have off nights.  You may not have understood his plan, he may have played badly.  One game means little to nothing.


    I agree one game means little. But I did understand his plan and it wasnt an off night.


    He simply decided to use us all as meatshields and was hoping to carry at the end...Problem was he had players with him much better than are overalls were, and instead of being there at the critical moment and finishing 2-3 guys who were 1 shotable he was out of draw.


    Garbad I have only ever seen you with G guys, do you ever platoon with others? [Other than 99.9%ers]


    Maybe you could prove your point about being so dominate with a "Carry SFC Challenge" :)

  10. Basically, camo net is worthless.  There are a very, very small group of tanks where it might have value, but even then it tends to come up short.


    Doesnt th Waffle benefit enough from it?


    I mean on a tank where it has 0 camo, to increase it 15 times while it is still is insane. It goes from MAUS to Chaffee while still. Seems to me this would be great for those long reloads in forest.

  11. Poltto is off, camo net mechanics were changed a while ago. Nowadays it has a lot more to do with class, and it's more additive than multiplicative.


    Lights and Meds get a flat +10% camo bonus, Heavies and SPGs get +5%, and TDs get +15%. For example, a Waffentraiger only has 0.5% camo. With a camo net, it suddenly has 15.5%. Camo net gives no fucks about your base camo.


    Camo after firing is a little shady to me, I'm not sure how it calculates that. It seems to be per tank and/or gun, but for the most part the bonus is between 150% and 200% of the base value (so 3 -> 6%)

    This what I thought. I though CamoNet was outside of base rating.


    Thats why CamoNet on Waffle is massive IMO. It goes from a Moving Maus to a Moving Chaffee when activated.


    I thought TD`s had Bonus to where Camonet remained when shooting while others the shooting acted like movement.

  12. Why is it that every thread that Garbad argues in turns into a ****storm?


    I think that the belief that people care about WN8 so much that they are willing to throw the game for it is exaggerated. If you look at a broader scale, you can see that most people who play at 4k WN8 have ~70% WR soloing. As Poltto had said, more damage directly correlates to more winning(This doesn't mean that you should be farming damage off of tier 8s as a tier 10).


    IDK man I have seen players lately who I thought were amazing or I had heard were great throw games away.


    There is a famous Unicum from a top 3 clan who posts often about W/R being the most important, he plays low tiers and often is picked on because of it.


    Anyways, it was Westfield we spawned south I was in Type61 and he was in Panther, and while I didnt expect him to carry I expected him to support me carrying.


    I went to hill and spotted and started to use -10 and right off he went south to other valley where he can`t help or can`t even see the majority of the battle, his platoonmates followed and so did 4 other pubbies who saw this purple pack go. Normally its smarter to not go to a flank thats weaker but once you give up hill un opposed your dead, you can`t hide on other valley and once your lit your dead.


    So I held off there heavies coming north and bought as much time as I could until, I was caught on backside of hill between city and path.


    I had 7 spots, 2300 spotting DMG with 4800 DMG and 5 kills. He literally camped a corner until I died and there was 7 enemies left.


    He put himself in a horrible spot and our team started telling him so...He responded "Ok Greens, talk to me when you get Purple". In the end he did 3k DMG which is tons in a Panther and probably felt good about his Wn8?


    It was easily winnable if he had stayed in the fight and maybe he would have gotten only 1800 DMG but we would have won for sure.


    Point is this is a guy who talks about W/R tons and the Wn8 bug is the only thing I can think of that would have made him do that. Im just not sure what else was going on, I thought he was AFK but he wasnt, he was typing.


    It was seriously shocking to me and ever since then I pay attention more to what purples are doing and lately players with lower battles than say 10k and are Purple do it 7/10 times. IDK if they are all rerolls or we are just now in an age where WOTLABS is so engrained in the players who want to get good they study up now, where as when I started we didnt even have a Wnx system, and WOTFORUMS was it.


    These clans who are newer and based of "Pubstars" seem to be the worst, where as groups like Relic, PBKAC and other older clans who dont have "Chips" on there shoulders seem to be the best with it....Almost as if G has started a craze of making Epeens feel small and these new high level clans feel like they have tons to prove and since you can`t start a war with them they will win with Wn8 and show the older battle hardened guys who is boss.


    I have seen it more and more. And TBH I have wrecked soooo many Purple platoons lately who do stupid things and camp areas and even while being annihilated wont send 1 guy to spot I know it must be this.


    In the past 3 Purples scared me, but now when I see them I know if I rush to a better viewing spot right away and they run ANY risk of being hit to get to a better spot, I know I have won, where as before when I saw 3 Purples I was screwed most times.

  13. I meant it like Deus already said. I see this a lot with platoons from BULBA, BULLS and some other (by my standards) second tier clans. If the match is going badly, they will pull back and start farming damage. If it is a 3v3 with 5 minutes left, they will retreat to cap and play for the draw - they will never take a risk to win, even when it is obvious that the other team is also camping. They will be in a 4502B, staying behind an IS-8. It is depressingly common, and is a tactic which I try my best to eliminate from my play and that of my platoonmates. You need to think as part of a team - "how can I help my team here" or "how can I deny the enemy team positioning/damage/kills," not simply "how do I get the most damage without being shot back." Sometimes you have to be shot, and a win will result. 


    When I see someone with 0.4 armor effectiveness in an E-50, I know they are damage farming, then getting wrecked from all sides. Someone with 0.6 is bouncing shots that may have penetrated a teammate, and therefore contributing even beyond spots, damage and kills.


    I agree this is a cancer on the server now. Its really bad....To the point where when I see such platoons I dont get happy like I used to with Purples, infact if they are from a certain group I feel they will use us all as meat shields and I know I will always have to spot and make sure they are safe to help me. They end up being the full health 140`s that wont round a corner vs a E100 when I am at 500 HP.


    The problem though is W/R if assigned say a 50% Wn8 value would be way way to easy to then turn into W/R platoons and make Soloing impossible.


    Until we can use API or some other replay type thing that says Platoon win= 25% of Wn8 score and solo win= 55% this wont be fixed IMO.


    I think if we went like W/R alone meant something it might even be worse as Platoons of Purples would simply capfast a ton of times. I mean think about how easy it would be to cap on west server at night with 3 guys if you cared nothing for DMG....I could win 65% of games CAPPING ALONE and killing the one good enemy player. And this wouldn`t be fair.


    So like most things its in the middle IMO between Garbad and DMG camp. If Garbad did a 1k game solo run and maintained his 70% W/R it would go far with shutting down all of us who think 64%ish is about the top W/R a player can get while truly soloing in multiple tanks.

  14. What they say:

    Consistency, skill, etc.


    What they do:

    Play the T-62A and focus on dealing damage, not winning.


    There is a reason why a casual glance down the recent wn8 list shows t62a farmers.  There is a reason why nipp dropped from 5.5k to 3.5k once he stopped farming the e50 (did you suddenly get WAY less consistent and skilled, nipp?).  There is a reason why there are no players playing TDs who have 4k.  Its tank selection, nothing more.  But don't take my word for it, look for yourself.  Even those poasting otherwise can easily be seen to be hypocrites.



    Jojack, wn8 shot up playing t10 meds, shot back down playing anything else


    TL;DR - 4k wn8 = high dmg in a low expected value tank (E50/T62A).  Nothing more, nothing less.


    But if this is right then the guys who pad really really hard will get crushed when Wn9 or some other system comes out and the 62 and E50 is adjusted right? I mean remember how many "Purple" M4 Derp/Hellcat/KV1s Queens who were only mildly high for there tanks got slapped down?


    I remember seeing tons of them quit/take "Extended breaks". I would see these guys on West night after night doing 1k battles in there FOTM tank and roll out there 1700 Wn7 to be devastated as Wn8 came out and suddenly there medicore 10`s/9`s ruined all there 3k games of padding, and like me they went from 500 Hellcat games@ 1900 Wn7 to High Green 1900 Wn8 numbers...Lol


    If these guys really are only padding they will get hurt badly. I still think Wn8 at the 2800ish numbers is accurate. Now that I play well, I can constantly affect my T10 battles with 57%ish wins [and probably 59-60% without any DMG cares] and my 2600 DMG a game earns me those wins in my 140. Im only rated at basically the same in Wn8 points at 2550, but I spot tons, track tons of enemies, eat turret shots all day long and generally lead my pubs to victory. And I really do think my 2550 is represented well with no fluff and if anything underrated a tiny bit.


    In reality I think guys like you true Purps are one step higher and should be nearer to 3k Wn8 and the gods of the server who are supercomputers with flesh should be 4k..NO HIGHER. If guys like Camador [who almost everyone agrees is great in both Garbad`s "Winning" and "Wn8/DMG/Kewei" and older "Forge/G CW die hards" all agree he is one of the best all the way around] are runing 4k max then that should be the ceiling our rating should shoot for.

    Im no math guy but couldnt we cap DMG or make it matter less past X number ?


    Wn8 is broken past a certain point, but it did its job for the 95% of the game IMO. When I see a 1700 I know I can really on him to do some things and others , not so much. But W/R is everybit as broken. Even Garbad adkmitted him and Yama grouped up to pad W/R and when you get Garbad+Yama+Nopants....Really who has a chance?


    So, IMO 4k Wn8 is as useless a stat as W/R past 70% is. Both can be obtained, but no through normal means where we can accurately compare until full API system comes out.


    But to Garbad dont you feel good that "If" these guys are hollow DMG padders they will get pwned when they adjust numbers? I was gonna play 62 and e50 to pad a bit but Im scared it will get hit hard.

  15. I'd say no, your base camo drops a lot though so camo net doesn't help much.


    Let's say your tank has 20% base camo when stationary. Camo net works this way: 20 x 1.25 = 25% camo with camo net.

    When you shoot your base camo drops to 4% so it's only 5% with camo net (4 x 1.25 = 5%).


    Camo net doesn't help you if your base camo is low and in every tank base camo drops close to like 1-5% when firing. I could be wrong but this is the info I have lived with.

    Oh, I thought Camo Net went away when firing and only TD`s retained the 25%. Wow this is much clearer.

  16. Ok so I just started to use 2 x Rep kits and a med kit in my 140 and while my stats are good at 2550 Wn8 and 57% solo W/R out of 100 games I have had 4 burn to deaths. All seem to have been JPZ`100`s, which makes sense as it has huge module DMG.


    I have a 3 skill crew with 75% 3rd skill. I have Camo+Snapshot/Prevent/Safestowage and 3rd is BIA 1/2 and Rep 1/2.


    Question is do you think Firefighting skill would be worth it? I have literally burned 500-750 HP where a Fire Ext would have stopped it and some of my best games including 1 today with 8k DMG 6 kills and a Ace tanker are done with 500 HP left meaning those games could turn from 1k DMG disappointments to possibly my avg 2500 DMG game.


    So guys what would you do?

  17. As a sniper, its all about firing lanes + whatever hard or soft cover you need.  As a brawler, its all about being cancer resistant.  Both need to be in a place with lots of activity, ideally where you can fall back or flex as needed.

    So you have said you are very good at not getting clicked.


    In my meds like my T59 and 140 I have to go in the open many times as you know the Rus meds need to turn sideways to hull down and roll up and down. So how do you not get clicked?


    Obviously you keep moving, but when I get that perfect spot in a hulldown dual where all I do is roll back and fourth to expose only my turret more or less the arty will have a line on me right?


    Do you have rules about where you`ll go? Do you have any replays that stick out I can watch that would show me your Rus med play on the newer maps? I really wanna see how an aggressive player gets 3k Wn8 and carry 70% consistently. Im getting 2550 DMG and 2550 Wn8 and hard pressed to get more. I am either rolling teams because I get into a great spot and pelt them while spotting or I get a great spot and arty seems to have a hard on and gets me to 500 HP and then rest of game im cautious.


    Any recent [preferably 9.2 even] in your Rus meds and some in STB would be great thanks.

  18. Its a display bug.  But still, many of those players will have a higher wn8.  I am living proof that wn8 doesn't mean shit at the high end.  I'm in the process of a public solopub challenge against a dude with 6k wn8 and am easily winning.

    I think 2500-3500 Wn8 it means a lot less and 4k-5500 is pure padding. But from 1700 to 2500 or 1100 to 1700 its a HUGE! diff.


    Tokhami guy has crazy high Wn8, his recent is amazing.


    I know you say to play for wins and worry about that only but for guys like me who need to repair our accounts its difficult. I couldnt get into a SIMP/HAVOK/G unless I increased overall by 400ish points and I have to DMG farm for that.


    I really do think If I just played for wins and worried about spotting and making my team kill the enemies I would have a 3-5% higher W/R and maybe even more. My 65% W/R`s can come when I play lights like 13-90`s.

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