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  1. First off, no. The E-100 is the best sidescraper in the game, the Failowe's turret ring and weak side armor comes nowhere close, rear mounted turret be damned.


    The Failowe has a better turret, sure, but the E-100 turret can "proof" itself against <300 pen guns. This makes it much better at bullying t8 and 9s. Even 10s that don't have gold loaded have no real chance of penning an angled E-100's turret. The Failowe simply cant do this - the cheeks can be penned by any 230+ pen gun and angling just makes it worse. Not only that, but if you aren't looking exactly where the shot is coming from, even 200 pen guns will go through it.


    The Failowe peekabooms terribly. Rear mounted tanks are absolute trash at it. You can peek out in reverse, but have fun letting light tanks go right through you.


    The Failowe might be a bit of fun to drive and the armor layout is decent against the many opponents who've yet to encounter it, but its nothing close to the E-100. The Failowe has shit DPM, worse gun depression, lower HP, terrible gun handling, 20mm weaker sides, 70mm weaker UFP (any T10 can pen the Failowe's front plate with HEAT), less "proof" turret, a highly visible and very thin turret ring if you're angled at all, a weaker lower plate, and worse arty resistance. Its only perks are the mantlet, sometimes its better at sidescrape, its a bit faster, and it doesnt burn as easy.

    The amazing part about the rear mounted sidescrape is the sight picture is tiny for the enemy, and yes while you "Can" hit the small strip its not likely to at all.


    We did test`s with some guys from G and now Badgr guys and they all thought they could easily pen it from a sidescrape and they couldnt at all. At best it was 1/4 shots penned. And I would take any armor there was that allowed for 1-4.


    Rear turret peek a boom can be great as you side you back up to expose and rocket back in. There are give and takes for Rear turret but the Fail IMO pulls it off very well.

    Also itas ability to GTFO is much much better than the E100`s and while most Pubs dont see them often they dont know where to shoot really and when nervous and just shooting it bounces most stuff.

  2. Yeah, Honestly I just cant think of many situations where the I`d rather be in the E100. Except maybe a T92 splashes me.


    The Extra 2 sec reload is really nothing in a peekaboom brawl. And the Speed of Fail means Im a E5 in flexibility, I can turn to side and depress to -8vs -6 of the E100.

  3. I love these reviews but IMO opinion the E100 has been nerfed ito its major Niche ion CW.


    Its armor is soooooo weak its rediculous and antyhing from 280+Heat can murder that massive turret.


    With a truly "Good" laid out armor scheme, things either have to be straight and made to be angkled manually [which is best for OP players] or optomised with a Pike or slope and made great assuing the enemy comes at you head on.


    Problem with E100 is its massive lower is enough to cripple you and or make you worry, now thinking about penning Turret as well is to much.


    THis is where the Failowe beats it in Everyway to me.


    When ever I see a E100 now, I know if its not in Seriously great hands, and I have anything with s 300+ Pen he is dead. I will pick him apart.


    He simply cannot worry about angling his gun 2 ways. one of us will say screw it and rush in, but even more I`ll sit until he shoots some one else shoot his turret and close for the circle kill.


    Sry this is from my Phone. Anyways except for CW where is plays a role, of grouping and overwhelming target with sheer HP while popping Waffles or Meds in 3 shots. So it is a Niche in CW and a good one But for Pubs the Fail is the champion, and since that may not help some it would mean to me just leave the S Heavies alone until they get much needed fix


    Point is, since HEAT is still ridiculous high Raw Pen and its major downfall is Slope, and since 90% of tanks use HEAT as gold round, the E100 gets shafted. It also got power creedp`d by super accuracy, the Hundo is semi worth;ess as Armored.


    IS& is the opposite and uses angles and IMO is a "True Super Heavy" it can replace the E100 as I bet the E100 doesnt take actually as much DMG....Ill use the Garbad hardness other ratings and look.


    But I would take 2k HP with IS7 Armor anyday over 1k more HP but bi



    Edit: I was wrong. Looking back pubs not knowing my weak spots doesn't make it better. That is all.

  4. I agree.  Certain tanks just need to spam gold full time.  This is one.  So is the IS-7.  So is the T69.  Don't be poor.



    Except I often like a AP Shot when its end game and I dont wanna miss a crucial arty kill etc.

  5. I loved it. I never thought about drawing out a game to make better decisions than the pubbies. Lol it seems so simple and in practice I do it everyday its why we don`t Yolo out when the game gets stale for a few minutes and why Reds do. But put in those terms it just makes so much sense to me personally because its what us instructors taught in in JFK Center [special Forces School].


    We always were taught to prolong engagements that we couldn`t end with near 100% confidence with swift action. So basically if we could not end a mission with complete success in one movement or one swift series we were to prolong it and make enemy kill themselves, because we had superior training and gear and brains. Also if you look at it like a hand of blackjack where you already have a 75% advantage, rather than betting big and risking 25% it would be smarter just to drain the other player the way the house does with a slight odds favor.


    Anyways very cool the way you worded this for some reason it designated in me. I loved how it came down to Win or Loss, Epic battles didnt matter....At high level anything this is true. You either did what you wanted, or you didnt.


    Also every good article from RBS I find myself agreeing with me doing 1 "Greeny" you guys mention and its helped a lot to get rid of them. My 60 day still sucks but my games since i have quit CW and just played is nearing 2600 Wn8 and is much cleaner....Im still to aggressive by far but at some point I dont wanna be a 4k Wn8 Unicum who gets thrashed when Wn9 comes out and I never spot or never to assit DMG etc.


    My biggest thin is realizing while DMG is king I still want to be ready for next WNx and if its ONLY Dmg and not wins or spots etc my scores will come crashing down. Anyways thanks a lot. What a great place this is compared to WOT forums.

  6. I peek on the west hill, aka spot marked 1 in the review

    If you want a replay of how I do it, here's one


    For the north spawn, I try my luck on either hill depending on the setup

    Lots of heavies and I go east, lots of mediums and I go west

    Ty for replay.


    Good game. You got lucky your buddies went other side or they would have soaked up way to much DMG :)

  7. This is word-by-word how Erlenberg always goes for me

    Luckily I get the south spawn more often than not so I win most of my games, and half of my amazing games in the E 50/E 50 M are on that map

    Where exactly do u go in E50? Not by that east hill as depression isnt enough. Do you go right or left of church? I understand lke a 140 or other strong turret tank doing amazing but E50 seems like  using elevated hills would still leave turret massively exposed to HEAT


    I would think E50 would be bad since it doesnt have STB Leo depression or Hard turret.


    Also, One thing I wanted to add is field on south spawn is actually a viable spot in some cases. Things like FCM like it because you can keep range and the uneven ground makes it semi hull down.


    When the enemy rushes the church and is worried about spot 1 and spot 2 I sit back in field and shoot there sides. Also you can shoot all the way through to the back hill.


    This is where I could see the usefulness of the E50`s laser.

  8. Tiger was a scary ass tank. But its numbers, reliability and overall maintenence made it not a very good overall choice. Panzer 4`s on the other hand and Stug`s were mass murderes :)


    I love the new Tiger and finally think its inline and even semi OP for T7. If they just bring in line & meds I think T7 will be the most fun.


    Its rare to have a T7 that can mix it up with Limited 8`s but the Tiger can.

  9. Spoilers: Severogorsk will have a grand total of 5 marks on the minimap

    Thye changes havent helped it much IMO. But then again I havent had enough time to check it out.


    How abou hidden village. I hate it because its one giant Arty alley way with a town thats impossible to do well in. If they just built a hill dividing hidden village the entire length it would make tanks have to commit to town to get sideshots.


    I seriously think for the most part I could make better maps.


    I really am looking forward to new Komarin

  10. 99% of the time for me its all west as well. I often lose lately as I solopub and that map is so dmaned large if im in anything besides a T54 etc I cant flex back. But 9/10 when I lose its because a solid platoon beats my tomatoes west or because our team goes mainly east and is butchered. Either way it seems to be similiar to lakeville, 1 side wins the map most times and for most players east seems useless.


    These two happend to be maps I know semi well but Im dying for more of these guides, esp on maps like Svergorsk where I just do not know where to go.


    Please keep these rolling in. Man I love all things RBS and can`t imagine not having it now.

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