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  1. Have you deleted the xvm font? You seem to only be using the two basic fonts (FieldFont and Arial).

    Remove the old version and stick with the embedded one. I looked at your XVM config and cried a little... that folder structure :QQ:


    I'd also update Spotter's Direction box mod and I'd probably update the damage panel too whilst you're at it

    Everything Matra said is correct.

    Please go download Webiums modpack, it will help so much and in a few clicks you can get your exact pack with updated mods. Spoter is a great coder but his mods have had 2-3 updates since 9.10 came out.

    As a general rule, unless you are a solid modder, dont download mods you dont need till you know they are vetted. Its why guys like Roughneck and Soulza are the best, they test mods for two weeks so there packs work so well the day of the patch.

    Modding is hard to explain over typing because our definitions oif things like "I reinstalled XVM 3 times" is very different. Most people that dont know the file structure think deleting resmods fixes issues, but that really isnt the case often time. So using a modpack like webiums where you select exactly what mods you want and they all have been tested with eachother takes away the guess work.

    Once more go here now and do this, in 10 minutes you`ll have a much better, more customized modpack with no problems.


    Or use Roughnecks here.

    Webiums gives you more options and shows you what the mods look like but Roughs is very solid and offers XVM config switcher which will let you use Seafalcons XVM with other mods etc.

    Point is just do it, we have spent so much time on this and you would already be happy and have played for 1.5 days now :)

  2. I don't have those paths... im so confused here. I have res_mods/9.10/Scripts/Client. but not res_mods/9.10/configs. its res_mods/configs.

    Sry mixxed up paths.

    resmods\9.x\Scripts\client\mods I need to see. As well as Resmods\configs.

    I need to know what direction mod you have. TBH you should do what I said and DL webiums modpack and simply start fresh


  3. what part of the resmods? theres quite a fair number of areas in them. 


    havent had the change to check anything else yet. been out all day and the second I get the chance to actually use the PC NOOOOO MUM SAYS MY BROTHER GETS TO GO ON BECAUSE FUCKING REASONS

    Ok Wot\resmods\9.10\client\scripts

    Now if there is a ZJ its Zorro`s mod. If in Resmods\9.10\configs and there is PF or spotter it is that author. Ill go look at your python log from other mod. But a print out would be nice. TBH If I were you I would erase resmods and cache, then download websoniums and it has like 150+mods and all tested to work and its so easy to do it al, it runs cache cleaner itself.


    Here just look at this.http://worldof-tanks.com/0-8-9-ct-webiums-modpack/

    It will literally take you 5 mins to select what you want from scratch and Gfx card issue and this will resolve it. It has all famous mods available.

  4. Matra is correct looks like. Ill go look at config more, but the Direction box and reload mods are probably the same. And as for the reason they are intermittent, sometimes the font might be based off of things like if enemies on platoon or if enemies have been spotted yet etc.

    You need to go and replace these files. But for me to tell you what you need, can you please show me screenie of your resmods once more. I need to see if your using ZJ direction or another one to refer you to correct new file. I`ll look at XVM to make sure but it looks like font in the script for reload/direction is outdated.


    Here is example of XVM pointing to a font. Since we know your minimap was effected we can look at what font should be there.

     "lostEnemyEnabled": true,
       "offset": {
        "deadally": {
         "y": -11,
         "x": -5

    "css": {
        "deadally": ".mm_da{font-family:$FieldFont; font-size:8px; color:#6E8C5B;} .mm_dot{font-family:Arial; font-size:17px; color:#004D00;}",
        "oneself": ".mm_o{font-family:$FieldFont; font-size:8px; color:#FFFFFF;}"

    Ok sorry to do this but since it is also having problem with Minimap. Go to your XVM log and it will tell us what font is missing.

    Also did you look for a fonts section and install the fonts? XVM comes with XVM fonts and is needed most times.

    We can figure it out a few ways. But we know its your OTM reload and direction box reload. So I bet its an obscure font that you need installed. Or easier still is replacing mods with updated ones.

  5. It could also be XVM getting confused. All fonts are now embedded in XVM so if you installed any prior you could do with deleting them. Look in your fonts folder for any xvm related fonts and delete them (anything with XVM in the name). It wouldn't be the first time that XVM got confused by local resources over-riding internal/online resources

    C:\Windows\Fonts on Windows 7

    Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Fonts (on Windows 10) Not sure about Win8 as I've never used it :P

    Yes this is why  wanted to see his version. SWF files often have missing fonts embedded as you say. Also this could be an older LC_Messages folder.

    Problem is with people who dont know much about modding is they know enough to break client without enough to fix it.

    In all honesty gaming companies care less about cheats and more about people complaining about broken games, its why they dont allow them. I actually applaud WG for going against the system.

  6. yes. reinstalled XVM twice

    I mean use a diff config? Also did you clear cache? :)

    Any major changes needs clearing.

    But I need to know whos config it is. If its old it will point to old font location. This is example

    This is wot\resmods\configs\xvm@xvm

    // Version of the config. Do not remove or change it unnecessarily.
      // Версия конфига. Не удаляйте и не изменяйте её без необходимости.
      "configVersion": "5.0.0",

      // Version of the editor.
      // Версия редактора.
      "editorVersion": "0.64",


    It tells us how old by version number. I cant help you unless I can see that

  7. Your missing a font package. You need to go into whatever modpack it is and look for Fonts folder. Then rightclick a mid and press install font

    Easy as hell. Mine is F:\wot\resmods

    Now plat with me.

  8. Unfortunately OP often turns a blind eye to much more tangible deviations from historical accuracy like accuracy and penetration that often are stacked against RU guns, not to mention that core mechanic of the game, the "reverse" normalisation influences users of heavy armor sloping the most (read: ru tanks are fucked up in the core mechanics of penetration). OP track record about USA vs RU is "impressive".


    Also this is wrong. Accuracy and Pen stacked against RU guns? Like 264 Pen with laser accuracy? How about 268`s insane HEAT round forever or the T54`s T9 330mm HEAT that also is laserlike?

    And in RL the game would play a lot diff from historical accuracy. How would a M48 fight 62`s? It would have been M60a1`s vs 62`s at worst. Devs have picked a tank that is inferior  in many cases like the 1948 M48 vs 1960`s and 70`s tanks so of course RL would have been skewed. Most US tanks at T10 were from 1954 or less. Most T10 meds from others are 1960+


    Also your Norm argument is funny. Norm was nerfed heavily from 8 and 10 degrees to 3 and 5 now which helps who the most? Oh yeah the IS7 and 62 and other extremely sloped RU tanks. Lol

    I wasnt even arguing for wanting an OP tank. Just one thats competitive. But saying there isnt a Ru superiority issue in a game where  60% of there clients are Rus is insane. 

    However they are doing better I must say. I think its because other games like AW are coming with a vengeance.


    @Magenta Also why do you give a shit, most good camo positions have a perfect amount of camo no matter the base, and the m48 has insane VR.


    This is terrible argument also. I dont care that much, as much as I was shocked the camo rating was so low since HD rework. M48`s VR is crap without its camo as anytime you move its like being in a IS7.


    62a and 140 spot M48 with its huge VR at 365 meters while M48 spots them at 390. 140 can be moving and spots M48 still at same range.  So the "It has great VR" is bad. Infact it has lowest camo to vr. It has 50% of the camo as 140 and for what a 20m base advantage? Not worth it.

    As I said it was just suprising to me how bad its camo really was. Since tank inspector camo system was down it went from around 12% camo to 8% in rework.

  9. @Paar. the M48 was balanced perfectly in the opening patch it was created in. It literally was neck and neck with the 62a. But they overnerfed it for BS reasons. Im fine with the M48 not being the best tank in class however the 8% camo is ridiculous from a meds perspective. Yes it is not justified from a tank that was supposed to have a massive viewrange and somewhat control vision for a tank to have such poor camo.  The devs said long ago the 62 was gonna be brawler the BC was scout, the 50m was sniper and the Patton was high DMG vision/hill fighter. Since it was nerfed both in reload and in gun handling [heavily] and since tanks like the STB and amx30 came out its lost its Dmg ability and its -9 that was unique is also gone. It simply is outclassed by power creep. And I dont expect every US tank to be OP, but  I do expect one of the best all round tanks of all time to be represented as at least in par with the others. 14-/62`s just dominate the med game and have forever. Also the Patton has almost no armor at all vs 250+ pen guns, where as the meds like E50m have 50% of there surface immune to it, and the 140`s turret minus a tiny overpenned roof is also immune and the 62a, well its a beast.

    Please explain how the M48  makes up for the lack of Camo. Its almost last place in all things DPM+Speed+Accuracy etc. Its only solid thing is gun handling and upto 8.9 when it was balanced it was the best at gun handling, And that made it balanced not OP. So making camo improvements to this already meh tank wouldnt make it OP at all.


    I dont want all tanks in the US line to be OP, I just want them to be competetive compared to RUS tanks. E5 for instance is great, and I cant complain that IS7 got huge armor increase and not E5 anymore. They surprised me and made it fair. But IDK if you realize but since US tanks come out they almost always get nerfed over and over. E4 was great and got nerfed into the ground I mean come onit lost 2 seconds of reload got its armor nerfed and gun bloom as well as accuracy and speed. The E4 is not even close to the tank it was released at. M48 was same [at one point M48 was a great cw tank that was completely replaced by 62a] . M103 got its armor whacked. T57 got nerfed, E3 nerfed now with HD armor . So really what does the US have thats amazing anymore? Im not saying its all trash but the "Comfortable all round US" is not the same as it was at all. T69 got smashed and used to be very competitive on T8 games.

    So where are these great comfort tanks? E5 is the only one now that is tied with best in class. T57 was amazing and used heavily in CW and now is outclassed by 50b, anything superheavy is E100, and E3 is not as good as it was. M48 is meh and never used.

    Then look at RU. 140 and 62 are amazing. Is7 is very strong heavy and was the choice for heavy armored brawlers that could keep speed with faster tanks. So out of H,M,LT,TD they control or are tied with 2 [since TD`s are meh now they could be tied with 3] out of 4 categories, while the US just this patch might be tied with 1. Hell even the T8 prems are much better.

    I admit the US was great in its day, but is far from what it was now. Even so I just want the M48 to be competitive and 8% vs 17% or 15% from other nato tanks isnt. Also saying the camo rating is worse than a 70 ton IS7 is insane IS7 was extremely tall and had a huge 20mm aa gun on top at chest height. Not to mention its massive. A 68 ton tank vs a 48 ton tank is huge and you cant tell me it should have better camo.  In RL M48 optics and vision was so much better than the t54 it was crazy, so if you want to go by RL and not game balance give it 40% more viewrange and way more speed and acceleration.

    @ SR It wont let me quote. But Ru may not be as powerful as T9 T54 and OP Is7 days when 704 was only useful TD but it still dominates mediums and has an amazing heavy and when TD`s were great had the best allround TD as well with massive camo DPM and pen. And its prems are solid as well.

    While there is a buff/nerf cycle SR, the RU meds have always been on top since day 1, as well as the IS7 being agreat heavy or the best heavy depending on meta. It had OP things that were insane as well like T9 IS4 or OG IS3. How about T54? Ru is much less effected as other nations and is a steady 1st place.


    @ Paar Original E5 wasnt OP it was just a perfect mix of med and heavy at a time where US tanks were meh at best. IS7 was still always amazing mix of armor and speed. Also T10 meds were not as big as they are now. heavies were huge in that meta.


    Sorry for bloody eyes in advance. This not being able to quote or edit properly is tough.

  10. Yeah deleting resmods isnt enough. You need to clean all your cache files and make sure every folder that is modded is erased.

    I thought about the problem and its possible WG made a new script hook in actionscript that windows 10 doesnt like. This is unlikely since as I said we would be hearing about huge wn10 problems. Anyways pls go read my instructions on cleaning your install. If this doesnt do it there is one more trick we have. A repair install that forces client to DL certain new files.

    Also what graphics settings do you have on? What anti aliasing?

    Lastly once you have clean install, please post python log when the error occurs again. We need to see the error message without mods if we want to fix it.

  11. what do you want on my directory? im currently running some tests on integrated graphics without the GPU to see what happens

    I need to see if your client is clean. So you need to make sure any XVM items are gone. Its easy for me just to just look. So screenies would be nice. Or just tell me how you went from modpack to "Vanilla"

    Also if Intgraphics works it still might not be GPU I hate to tell you. Basically think of some of these mods as rerouting standard client to use a hybrid Improved graphics and standard graphics. It can force comp to use diff pyc files that conflict.


  12. read the bit below storm. its not mods. 

    Read my edit it is mods. I promise. Its lingering effects. If this was win10 there would be massive amounts of threads about it. You arent running some exotic setup. Win10+Geforce card also if it was something else your python would have said nothing or had some exotic error I havent seen. Instead this error family I see every patch day almost.

    But assuming you do everything I said and get rid of cache and clean client properly [Which most no one does anymore] We still have a range of issues like Sea vs NA errors etc. O really wouldnt jump to hardware or win10 yet.


  13. Storm, Assuming its mods (I've just gone vanilla to see if it is) would you be able to explain why I did not have this issue until Windows 10 came out? because if it is mods, why did I not have it with Windows 7. because Win 10 came out halfway through 9.9, which meant I was using the exact same modpack, wouldn't it have been caused while I was on Win 7 as well?

    played one game with a vanilla client:


    Hidden Content

    its not mods.


    The problem has nothing to do with windows. Its all about 9.9 to 9.10. Both your XVM and your sights scripts are bad. There are multiple problems. When ever you see an error throwing back anything with Player avatar ot means a camera issue. So freezing, or crashing after certain flash swf is opened etc. Your problem is 100% mods im sure of it.

    Now you might not of noticed as many errors in 9.9 or the errors might not have kicked this big of a problem. But so far our of 80 mods that were made for 9.10 18 were totally broken and 24 more threw errors back. XVM itself didnt work well for 9.9 and had huge FPS loss.

    WOT will try and ignore things like simple flash issues, but when scripts that are vital to the game are not loaded or conflict the game will crash or cause these type issues.

    Save yourself headache and time load this every patch day. Soulzas modpack is my favorite by far, but os very colorful. Roughs is more bread and butter and looks just loke your old setup



    How exactly did you run "Vanilla" WIT? I can see your "Vanilla" is still tainted. Remember its not like the olden days were XVM was all in 9.xx folders. Now it has resources and packages in the actual wot folder. This means to get vanilla you have to remove cache and swf`s as well.

    Can you please screenshot your WOT directory. Often times when we use mods it will save hidden preferences in cache files and even after thinking its clean it isnt. I need to see it. So screenie of main WOT\ then resmods also you need to clean cache. Search for preferences.xml it should be in assasainsloginame\appdata\roaming\wargaming.net\worldoftanks then erase it all. But before you do more python logs frpm your "Vanilla" as well as screenies.

  14. WARNING: [WARNING] (scripts/client/AvatarInputHandler/AimingSystems/ArcadeAimingSystem.py, 188): Invalid arg for acos: -1.000000; distanceFromFocus: 37.000000, dir: (0.911835, -0.538025, -0.421936)
    WARNING: [WARNING] (scripts/client/AvatarInputHandler/AimingSystems/ArcadeAimingSystem.py, 188): Invalid arg for acos: -1.000000; distanceFromFocus: 47.000000, dir: (0.892166, -0.520523, -0.421524)
    WARNING: [WARNING] (scripts/client/AvatarInputHandler/AimingSystems/ArcadeAimingSystem.py, 188): Invalid arg for acos: -1.000000; distanceFromFocus: 52.000000, dir: (0.875351, -0.511347, -0.421204)


    Based off these many times over its your Zoom mods mixed with avatarinput folder mixxed with aims.pyc as well as what ever hook is in cameranode. I seriously doubt its your Vram as this would happen to many other games.

    You need to go get a brand new DL pack. Based off what I see I would chose roughnecks. Search roughnecks xvm and get his. What happend is someone moxxed and matched PYC files. Looks like you are using direction box from ZJ as well as whatever sights and aims.pyc and its reacting with battlecontroller.

    You need to go get a pack liek I said thats tested. And roughs has all these features and more and they test the shit out of there mods. But if you are absolutely set on using yours. DL Roughs 9.10 and use your config for XVM this way you know the packs scripts work and get your OTM look etc.


    Just read more this s definately a bad controller file that was not upgraded to 9.10 you need 6.14 XVM and brand new Jimbos and Direction box mods. 9.10 broke tons of scripts. As a rule WG messes with everything once a patch now. Gone are the days of going 3 patches with just XVM updated.

    SFC Do you know what causes these errors?


    ERROR: [ERROR] (scripts/client/gui/server_events/EventsCache.py, 656): Trying to get quests data from not account player (7, PlayerAvatar at 0x35F55FA8)

    ERROR: [ERROR] (scripts/client/gui/Scaleform/framework/entities/BaseDAAPIModule.py, 60): Error during <gui.Scaleform.framework.managers.TutorialManager.TutorialManager object at 0x48BC9790> flash disposing




    ERROR: [EXCEPTION] (scripts/common/Event.py, 34):
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "scripts/common/Event.py", line 32, in __call__
      File "scripts/client/gui/Scaleform/daapi/view/battle/damage_panel.py", line 246, in __onVehicleStateUpdated
      File "scripts/client/gui/Scaleform/daapi/view/battle/damage_panel.py", line 193, in _switching
      File "scripts/client/gui/Scaleform/daapi/view/battle/meta/DamagePanelMeta.py", line 62, in as_resetS
    AttributeError: 'ScaleformBW::PyGFxDisplayObject' object has no attribute 'as_reset'


    100% sure these are outdated scripts in both XVM and his sights mod. This is why I like PMOD nowdays as it bypasses the Avatarinputhandler folder and doesnt rely on it for sight upgrades.

    If anyone else has errors in logs I can help out.

  15. That is completely missing the point. That's like saying a Range Rover is a bad vehicle because it can't be used in F1 races. no one in their right mind is saying that the Pattons are better tanks for any specific situation that any of the other mediums. They are good for random pub matches because they are suitable to most any situation.

    RU meds are not specialists, they are just great at everything.

    Point is the M48 is lacking any huge strength. Its gun handling is not better than RU meds and guys keep saying its gun handling makes the tank. E5 is another "Jack of all trades" that is great because it has no huge weaknesses.

    In a game where T10 meds act as spotters all the time, 8% Camo is a huge blow. For it having low in class DPM, a massive frame and bad armor and a low top speed thus makes it struggle vs the other well rounded meds. As far as vision goes almost all T10`s can spot a m48 30m before it can spot them and RU meds can be moving and still spot a still m48 at around the same range. This is devastating for any game mode outside Pubs where you can rely on a solid vision guy. All enemies have to do is keep you lit from 385 meters away while you can only see at 330-350 and then they nuke you with arty.

    So my comparing is to other tanks, not only in its class but also in its roll. Literally the only thing the m48 has over a 140 is 70 alpha and depression which I  give yous is big, but in game devs make the maps perfect for -6 tanks.

    140 has better speed by15%, better gunhandling and accuracy by a good margin. Much higher DPM. Much better armor layout. And x2 the camo. So you can often escape without being seen or playing scout at mid-endgame.

  16. I doubt it. I could try uninstalling mods and see what happens though. hmm

    It sounds like mods. Please go get me your python log and I`ll tell you exactly whats wrong.

    IMO it sounds like you have an old aims.pyc or Init.Pyc or Cameranode.pyc in resmods\9.10\scripts\client\mods folder.

    Also I had similiar issues when using skins for SD tanks that were converted to HD. For me it was Tigers, as soon as they were spotted ,bam DC`d

    So if you have dead white tanks or tracks ir hitskins you need to remove them for test. Thise are in resmods\9.10\vehicles

    These are probably the anwser but I need python log to confirm

  17. So I`m chasing 3rd mark in E5 and when looking at Vbaddict it says 3900 avg to get it. But when looking at this number there are only 30 guys on the server with this. So how much of this will need to be assisted DMG? Does assisted DMG count at a 1:1 ratio? Or is there a hard value of needed asst dmg and regular dmg?

    T59 needs 2700 DMG and that is also ungodly high. As a med does it need more or less asst dmg? Also how does spotting factor in if at all? Do we know how WG decides how much DMG is needed. I have been gone 6 months and just wondering if much has changed.

  18. If you can play west from 8 pm pst on just add me on buddy list. If you only play East thats ok as well. I have never lost so much in my life. IDK if its just a slump, but my teams have been folding so fast I literally can`t stay alive long enough to matter.

    West really is terribly balanced. Its either super reds who are 20k battles and 600 Wn8 or its Purp platoons. Almost none of the battles are close.

  19. Little update so far, since I've been using the serverside crosshair for ~100 games now. I know it's not much, but I dunno how long it'll take me to play another 100.

    Results so far are a little iffy. I don't really notice any difference (at least not yet). The serverside and client crosshairs are much better synced than they used to be in previous versions, I have never noticed a situation in which they desynced more than you'd expect. It may just be because I've playing a lot of japanese heavies and they move/turn too slow for this kind of problem to happen. Because the crosshairs are mostly in sync there hasn't been a situation where having the serverside has improved my aim by virtue of being serverside, although I am waiting a tad longer to shoot because I want to wait for the delayed server reticule to close, "just in case."

    I'm not going to change anything just yet, but what this is telling me is that the serverside crosshair is doing extremely little... except for forcing me to aim a second longer, which may be very helpful. I think it's probably best to not use serverside, but keep in mind that you do need to wait that extra moment.

    Steady and fast upload speed as I said will make you not need it as much. But just having the Serverside there as you said might act as a constant reminder to pause and make sure they are closed. Also, I would wait a bit till I played meds or lights to see if server side really is syncd. Meds have double the turret speed. Have you played the 54 lt anymore?

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