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  1. Im perfectly in position to afirm this since I left game right at sigma change and just came back. I can tell you its super noticeable.

    So what I do now is hold another .2 secs after I think I should fire unless target will be out of sight. Doing this increased my accuracy over 100 games in 4 diff tanks by 10%. I have always used serverside crosshair but now I only rely on it.

    There is a mod that forces your turret in game to align with server side, and this really helps. Its only bad if you have lagspikes happen often because then turret is always jumping. But I rather know exactly what im shooting at. Also, I take way less snapshots in tanks that are not lasers, but not Chinese either. Things like 2.5 sec aim with decent bloom I simlpy wont snap any more because they seem to be the worst hit. Chinese guns are already so bad snap shotting cant get much worse, and lasers have a good chance at hitting. But things like FCM, Leo PTA etc feel much worse than before.

    So long reloads= No snapshot

    Meh gun handling= No snapshots

    Lasers= snapshots

    Brawlers whos aimtime are 1/2 the reload time= snapshot


    Edit: Also some of these guys have the theiry of server side a bit confused. Low ping is good, but serverside really saves you when YOUR upload is slower. This is where clients spoke and guys shoot late. So with the new serverside mods they dont just lead based of pong like original meltys did, They force a separate draw from server that looks at upload and DL speed. This s night and day more useful than the older mods. Upload causes more lagspikes and shitty aim than DL or "ping" as people think of it.

  2. This. I have both M48 and E-50M and while switching between them in garage I see the height difference - M48 is a bit higher.

    Maybe my fps and ping are too terrible to play snap shot tanks but why everybody believes that a huge paper platform with 0,36 accuracy gun and nice bloom values is a suitable combination for snap shots? For me soviet MBT are way better for this.

    BTW garage you cannot tell true height, the camera heavily skews it. Also E50m was much taller than the Panther that was already almost 10 ft tall or 3+ meters. The M48`s  tumor is 3 meters and with the more advanced m60 turret was shorter.

    So the m60`s 6% camo is a disgrace. And the M48 being slightly taller than a Panther [but only with cupola which is easy to hide vs entire turret being that tall like 50m] having 8% camo is ruining it. Meds rely on camo completely and especially soft tanks.

    The M48 suffers soft armor, bad top end speed, .36 accuracy and for its great gun handling. That is already balanced. Making its camo worst in class by double vs Rus meds is ridiculous. I mean seriously tank camo back before thermal was more about shape of tank and the ability to hull down.

    Both realistically and game wise IMO the M48/60 are getting screwed in this department. And the E5 OMG... Same camo as the T57? Which is like 1m taller, or a tank thats 20 tons heavier?

    And looking more and more the AMX30 is only a few inches higher than 140 would have been in RL and its 4% difference? Which is huge. Im starting to think Ru tanks in general are simply just over camo`d as a whole.

    Obj 263 @ 14% vs E4`s 9 is another massive difference from a tank that would have been much smaller, T110 frame was simply a T95`s with modifications. So a glorified medium chassis vs one of the biggest beasts [IS7] there was. 263 has 250mm of armor and weighed 62 tons without a roof or turret. It means it would have been much heavier with it. Or 268`s 16.5% vs 9%. Hell the 268 moving is as camo`d as the E4 standing still. And before you say balance because it has a turret, think about the huge DPM loss, the huge accuracy and derpiness of the E4 as well. 450 DPM higher with 2x the camo.

    Better yet the E3`s camo is 2x worse than the 268`s and they are both very similar in size and DPM. US tanks are getting shafted.


  3. World of Tanks camo calculations are directly linked to the height of the tank, measured at it's highest point. Thus the higher the tank the worse the camo. That's why M48 ranks so bad, and why after they had measured it more accurately for the HD module, it rated even worse.


    If I can get it to post, here is an example picture with the dot ontop of the commanders cupola (yes I know it's an IS, but that was the only example I could find with the WOT dots on);


    This isnt true. The E50m was higher. Also the IS7 was very very much taller than the E5 and it has 30+ % more camo.  Those are not the vehicles camo, those are the view points to activate checks for the spotting system. In otherwards the computer updates LOS calculations and if those are in line with other viewpoints the computer does Camo+View calcs. Ot has nothing to do with camo values.


    Also M103 was not way taller than the T30. The T29/30 were huge.

    once more there is no way a 70 ton tank that is ultra tall like the IS7 should have 30% more camo than a 50 ton tank like the E5 thats basically a med.Looking more into this the T37 has terrible camo compared  to the T64 which is taller.

    Spotting system and camo are not linked.

  4. Honestly I find that the snapshot ability of the tier 10 Pattons completely makes up for it. They don't have bad DPM, or pen, and the on the move handling makes them beast when coupled with the gun depression. I personally think they are perfectly balanced, and any buff would make them blatantly OP. No they do not mesh well with a play tyke intended for RU meds, but that does NOT make them bad...at all.

    If they were that good they would be used in CW or tournies.

    The M48 already suffers from huge weakspots and almost no armor, its also large, and while it "Bad" dpm, they certainly don`t have great DPM. So really all you have is a semi slow, soft target that has good gun handllng. For depression and hulldown almost any Nato tank can be better in pubs. STB is way better at city fighting because its faster and has huge DPM.

    I really dont think making the M48 camo value at least closer to a Leo`d would make it super OP. Maybe it would be a top contender, but def not OP. I mean vs a AMX30 the AMX spots you 50 meters closer.  So it negates the viewrange everyone talks about.

    For defense meds either need to be Super fast or have amazing camo, or have at least one amazing part of armor like the 62a and 140, or have scary DPM to truly melt things. M48 doesnt really have any of those.

    For pubs anything with -9 and gun handling is great, but im talking about anything further than that. Its just ridiculous to me the M48 has half the camo of the others. I could see -20% but seriously 8 vs 16+ ?


    More than me thinking M48 needs a buff I think the camo system is just screwed, and needs to be redone.



  5. So as most know when the HD tanks are being re-worked they also look like Camo ratings are changing. I cant believe it, the M48 is literally half the camo values as other. True its large for a Med but not nearly as large as the 50m which has a 1.5% more base camo. The M60 is 6.27.

    Anyways the 30b, STB and Leo 1 were all based on the M60 which is the same size [more or less]. While the Pattons are a bit taller, they are not as exaggerated as 50% less camo.

    30b= 15.5%/11 base camo/moving

    Leo= 14%/11

    STB= 13.5%/10

    M48=  8.27/6.21

    Seriously, this isnt even the 17.5/13 Rus meds. I don`t understand this at all.

    The M48`s 7 ton difference was only in the hulls thickness. In most cases it was 110mm vs 50-80mm which is a huge difference but the profile and heat dissipation was the same.

    I knew the camo would be worse, but this is pitiful. For this low of camo it should get some great attribute, but it doesnt. It still is middling at best in most things. Its viewrange isnt worth this crap camp at all.


    BTW these values are much worse than the older values. It was around 11.5%/9% before. The M46 which is just as big is 10.46/7.82 and they are near identical minus a tumor.

    Just to make it clear the IS4 has the same camo as the M60...lol

    And the E5 that is much smaller than the IS7 and IS4 is...30% less camo`d. Wow. These Rus devs are crazy. IDK what I expect from you guys on this, but im seriously stunned at how out of whack the camo is in this game.

  6. I really doubt FCM's pref will ever be removed.

    Pref MM helps considerably at both credit and winrate farming, making the FCM superior in both categories.

    No, it does not. FCM's pref MM, HP, and armor outweigh the CDC's gun and speed. The FCM's armor was even just buffed, making it fairly resilient against T6 and T7 tanks. It's also an acceptably good sidescraper against T8 tanks.

    Sounds like badwiki. There's no reason that I know of that the CDC would see T10 matches less often than other T8s.

    So is it worth it if I need a French med trainer? I understand FCM is better, but IMO FCM is a great tank. How would you rate the CDC on its own? It seems to me the more funnels and less hills and open maps the more both FCM and CDC will be hurt.  What caught my eye was its -10 depression. mix that with accurate gun and great speed to roll up hill and it seems sweet on any map with bushes and open spots.

  7. Shit, most my noob games were in my E5. My Stats are gonna cry. 400+Games if Meh. Alot of those were when TD`s simply ripped apart any armor that wasnt IS7`s or better, so a lot of 0 or 1 shot games where I got insta fried.

    E5 might be the perfect tank for this new funnel madness. It still can out maneuver most heavies and relocate pretty fast. It has amazing comfort and gun handling and its armor always was pretty solid. Now its just uniform and more reliable. And since arty is its worst enemy the meta actually helps it. The tank also can use the few hillish maps very well.

    Also, now the tumor has bounce spots on the sides rather than the weakspot being divided into top and bottom. This makes it way easier to cover it while wiggling turret. I cant wait to play a lot in it. So far I use it as a credit grinder and it does pretty well like 10k a match net but I dont have to not have fun and grind.


    @jorey lets go on west in E5`s tonight.


    @Crab, how does Wn8 take to catch up to a tanks changes?

  8. Ots a great tank when you know how to play it, Its gun s actually great. Its sheer Dmg capability means getting to the sides or rears of even high tiers wrecks there day. When you face T6`s, its simple slaughter.


    Also its pen is good IMO for what it is. 90mm can hurt anything at T7 and can hurt from the side most anytanks. Also it has pretty large DMG potential in a burst. 12 shells @ 30 DMG can seriously murder other scouts if they just get hit a tiny bit. Also it causes a lot of fires I notice, almost 3x as many as my other scouts because sheer number of rng rolls.


    Its not as OP as it once was, and it suffers from the ELC domination and other stard like the Dhaffee, but on its own it is a very solid low tier scout IMO.

    It  may be fun, but it isn't good. It's a relic of like 30+ patches ago, and they forgot to actually balance it while nerfing 105mm HEAT from the M4/PZ4. It really needed that extra 50 pen to be good. As it is, the tank is just okay. Completely outclassed by T37/Type 64/almost every other t6 light tank in the game. 

    Yeah besides ramming and occasional bullying of other scouts the Vk is a has been. 100mm pen is just not enough for a tank that relies on the alpha. With the Leo`s auto its assumed some wont pen, but when your reload is super slow you need to be sure you pen. Also T37 just eats it alive as Pompous said.


    Also lights used to not be camo rated by size but arbitrary numbers. After HD reworks they reset camo values on size and thats a no go. Hell M48 got like a 35% camo nerf. And the Vk is bigger than some meds.

  9. Storm takes Province away from the low tiers and is all "hahaha, clubbers can't do shit now, the seals are safe!"

    As he drinks himself away to a job well done of removing content from the game, he forgets that he released this 2k DPM, 75 alpha monster in tier 2 at the same time whose greatest drawback was its terrible shell speed, a drawback that can be almost entirely ignored in a map pool that forces every engagement to happen at <200 meters.


    I don't even have to really try to do well in this.  This thing slings so much damage everywhere, goddamn everything gets rekt.

    Shittentard worst map ever?  No, it's like a complete opposite world now.  Tier 2s always being on top and this having 320m view range means it gets to prey on every moron that sticks to the hillside and chug around the map scoring easy damage and kills on everyone else dumb enough to poke around a corner.  There's no time left for mourning Province, Mittengard is the new easymodo clubber map.

    Storm hasn't dealt a death blow to clubbers with this patch.  He has, in fact, given us an extraordinary gift.  Where previously the map pool was mixed with open, campy, vision control play maps and tight, brawl-style maps and tanks had to be chosen that could do reasonably well in both cases, tanks now need only be chosen for the brawl-style of play.  Any aspects of a tank that would previously have been killer drawbacks on any open map can be ignored, and tanks can be chosen that are specifically good for their ability to brawl.  Instead of a tank that's good at vision control and good at brawling, we can just play tanks that are great at brawling, which means that seals have even more to be worried about when facing a clubber than ever before.

    It won't take long for clubbers to wise up and start spending some quality time with this tank.  The new tier 2 meta will be defined by this tank.  It's going to be this, the high armor French tanks, maybe the M2s, and maybe even some of the better autocannon tanks.  Same game, different clubs.

    So in its prime what is better clubber this or T18? How about Cruiser?

  10. All this map needed was a bit of arty cover in the slugfest trench area. The rest was amazing.


    Shit I didnt do any LT missions yet...Is there any other great maps for lt15 still? God, im gonna have to yolo campinovka and hope I make it?


    Wg, is terribly obvious about there meta changes pushing agendas. When TD`s were OP they didnt do shot for what? 1.5 years? They defended them and said they were balanced till one day. Bam, TD viewrange, DMG nerfs and then ontop of that bushes and making funnels. I didnt care I hated TD`s. But then meds were the only class flexible enough to work the non funneled parts if maps and stay ahead of arty. Then Med pen nerf talks, and now making maps with 1 area for meds are to overpowered. So they are killing meds one patch at a time until its like Beta again where Heavies are 90% of WOT.

    I do hate it when they change maps I like (and have figured out pretty well).  I only recently started working the 1 line meta on the previous version of the Redshire map, as the camping camo sniping from the middle was getting tedious.  Never played the 9 line much and never enjoyed it when I did, although the North spotting bush was useful for missions but not much else.

    Having only played the south spawn twice and not explored the 9 line, my initial observations is the changes are the 1 line provide safer and more firing lanes to/from the middle hill creating crossfire opportunities (both ways) and it does away with that LONG trench/corridor.  Most of the open dead ground is gone and additional flanking opportunities exist along the 1 line instead of the limited face to face brawl.   Instead of 3 corridors we get the 1 line and middle hills merged into a wider play area similar to the Karilia west area, providing opportunity for more east/west play vice standard north/south corridor or camping the end of the line.

    My first impression is positive.

    But in Redshire it wasnt all camping middle, there were always ways for a proactive med to spot and get his team to rape the middle. It was perfect checs and balances IMO.


    Not really, the 30B hasn't got even near the gun handling of the M48, and I've tried almost every T10 med in the game (not the 430 or 121 but irrelevant here)

    The gun handling of the M48 is the second best in the game after the FV215b

    I know Rus meds are better. And On paper the 30 has better stats with turret movement while 48 has better hull movement.  50m has much better hull movement than 48 but less turret. So 48 isnt clearly better than either except a .1 sec advantage.

    48 has huge advantage on Leo when moving hull but Leo has it for turret. So if "Bloom" is hull movement 50m seems to be better on paper. But yeah 140 is better period at all things gun handling except depression and 62a is tied with m48 in hull movement but better in all others.

    But I can see more looking here why you love it. To me its camo and lack of solid armor is a deal breaker. Also its meh DPM for T10 meds. It needs some love IMO.

  12. The tier 9's DPM is much better than the PTA's. I get 8.35 second reload on the the 30, and 8 flat with food added. That pales in comparison to the 10+ second realoads you'll get on the PTA with various setups. The other major thing is the comfort; it has good depression, good elevation, good dispersion, and the ability to snapshot fairly well. Its also worth noting my mantlet has bounced quite a few low tier guns.


    The PTA isn't necessarily a scavenger. Because it's so awful in duels and the reload is so long, you need to start doing damage with it as soon as possible, and make sure the damage is worth something. Early choices and positioning in the PTA are so important, because if you mess up the game can be lost before you've even had the opportunity to do your own HP in damage. If you make that mistake, you're left scavenging. The AMX isn't so punishing because it gives you more opportunities with better depression and reload.

    Sounds like what the PTA wants to be. If it had -9 I would love it. Or -6 and laser like handling. Im not doing bad in it, but I cannot carry a bad team at all.

  13. Why would you consider buying an Autistic Type (that sees 10s) when you already own a 59. 

    Was thinking crew training, but I have my M60. More I see this more im not sure I`d like it. 173 pen is sad. Also is gold shell the 250mm HEAT? If so its worse than I thought.

  14. Oh boy you picked like the only med I would rather be in than an FV in almost every situation

    Gun control, speed, turret armour (yes it's MUCH better, FV gets penned through gun mantlet and everywhere else too) and view range makes for probably the most dangerous med out there once you get not a corridor map. The M48 snapshots better than the RU meds do

    the m(4)8 is a truly dangerous tank, I'd say that the FV is better than the 121, Leo 1 (rip meta), Obj 430 and AMX 30B but it's far from the best in tier, however I do think it's the best tank4tier in the entire line. 

    M48 isnt bad for most pubs IMO. But going up against any solid player in almost any other T10 med its meh.

    Yes it can snapshot, but I hear the 30b is much better at that. Also its not stealthy, so its VR while cool still isnt as good ratio wise as the Rus meds or STB. I just think the M48 struggles to be the best in any role. Its soft and while it does have some armor on turret it still is not reliable at all. So for hill fighting STB is IMO by far better.


    But I guess we have to define what situation. In pubs any T10 med can dominate. I just think its "All Round" role makes it useless compared to other meds. M60 is what the M48 should be. M48 either needs to be 2nd in DPM or it needs its old pre-nerf OTM gun accuracy. Back then it really could hang with 62`s. It was always soft but its firecontrol was amazing.

    A all around tank should be 2nd in most categories to make it great.

    Camo= Not even close to 2nd. Accuracy= Not even close. Gun handling= 4th. Depression it is tied for 2nd. Armor= 3rd as 62a has turret and 50m has hull. Speed= 4th Viewrange=1st DPM= almost last.

    Out off all those stats, it is pretty bad.

    I do love my M60, and if its camo was fixed, it would be great. But its literally half as camo`d as other meds


  15. Haven't watched the replay but... in a tier 8, against tiers 5 to 8... 16 hit, 8 penetrations... I don't like to see that.

    Totally not even thinking of buying it before I see a complete review.

    Yeah i`ll let the others test it with there money


    Sorry, thought posts would merge

  16. I see tons of people say how good the 30 is. What makes it so good compared to the leo pta? I hate the PTA myself, IMO its a scavenger that cant hold its own vs anything. It is so team dependant its crazy. At least with the Leo1 it has DPM to scare away T8`s that have more DPM than the PTA. PTA just has nothing its great at except padsniping. So when I hear guys rave about the T9 amx I wonder why. Is its DPM better? How bout gun handling, I think PTA aimtime and bloom suck for a -6 soft tank.

    I just got this thing 2 days ago. I really like it so I don't know if it's just me or the tank but I've been doing pretty terribly in it currently. 68% sub 3k DPG (getting rekt in it basically). 

    With that being said the cupola is not as big of a deal as I thought it would be. The tank is pretty paper though. The gun is hands down a lot better than the Leopards as it doesn't miss random shit. Snap shots are nice and common. 

    Also I havent got my Leo1 yet. Is it really that derpy? People talk often about how derpy its gun is. Is it actually Derpy like STB where even aimed in or at 90% aimed in it misses? Or does it just have huge bloom?

    Also do certain tanks get more penalized for not being 100% locked in than others? It seems like STB for instance is all over the place when not fully zoomed in much more than other tanks, where as the 140 is a laser with 70% aimed in and up. Does the accuracy penalty stack higher on some tanks?

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