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  1. I see tons of people say how good the 30 is. What makes it so good compared to the leo pta? I hate the PTA myself, IMO its a scavenger that cant hold its own vs anything. It is so team dependant its crazy. At least with the Leo1 it has DPM to scare away T8`s that have more DPM than the PTA. PTA just has nothing its great at except padsniping. So when I hear guys rave about the T9 amx I wonder why. Is its DPM better? How bout gun handling, I think PTA aimtime and bloom suck for a -6 soft tank. Also I havent got my Leo1 yet. Is it really that derpy? People talk often about how derpy its gun i
  2. TBH, the Fv is much better than the M48 IMO. M48 is just so meh in so many ways, it gets shit on. The "All around" works great for the E5, but is crap for the M48. M48 can`t snap shot like the 62a/140 anymore, its still soft vs T9 and above all over, has a huge profile, has low DPM. So the Leo plays much better as camo opportunist. The Fv and STB have better hull down and DPM, almost all have same speed, E50 can bully as a pocket heavy sometimes and since the M48 isnt hard enough, it might as well be soft. I think all in all M48 is the most meh t10. Fv at least has a niche of huge DMG when f
  3. Im still struggling hard to carry solo. 1 enemy platoon of meds who are competent and im cooked before I break 2k dmg. And if I sit back and hide from platoon to conserve HP, I am the shitter blue who cares more about Wn8 than Wins and we end up losing. I find its a good bully often times. But vs T10 meds, it is toast and in many maps you have to go medium side. Its great when Im platooning, but solo is bad.
  4. Whats not to like? It IMO is the 140/62a of the heavies. Fast, railgun bloom and aimtime, and solid front armor with great acceleration. Its almost as good as best in class tanks in almost all areas. City maps im fine and open maps im fine. Lol it even has similar camo to my m60, but 60 is the worst in class. What dont you like about it? I have noticed guys who prefer meds only dislike the tank as its slow. If you just keep reminding yourself your a pocket heavy its impressive what it can do. Im sure you know this. My favorite thing is in the new meta of funnels, its just medium like enoug
  5. Great game. I still see that there where 3 t10 players platooned with great stats where as the other was solid yellow. I know it doesnt take away from the tactics but doesnt it seem like the PTA simply cannot carry? I mean open maps it does very well, but It just feels like it has no carry to me. Like I said ill keep trying very carefully with all your tips, and Im sure it will get better. But I still am a skeptic as to how much better this tank can be. I mean facing the pTA in any other T9 doesnt scare me, si why would it scare my enemies. We shall see :). Also, as of late Im soloing 95% i
  6. I run this pretty much. Dual reps+ Crew Camo+Optics/Rammer and all the safe skills to limit fire ammo rack. Im fine on long maps, its just the cities that really are bad for me. But ill try these tips today and let you know. I just hate sitting back and basically hoping my pubbies win the match, and thats what it feels like. Fulc toon with me and show me whats up
  7. 2k DPM is not good with a tank that can`t trade with anything IMO. IDK how you can solo 69% with it, thats crazy. See its the opposite I find. Everyone yolos me because im as soft as a Romba but with a 10 sec reload. Also while the speed is great, the lack of depression hurts it badly IMO. Rus tanks have -5 and -6 but you dont have to remove the turret from all engagements. If the PTS turret is exposed, its penned.
  8. All great points. It seriously just seems like all the normal strengths a soft tank has like depression, fast reload or High DPM are lacking in the PTA and it makes it very hard. I still avg 2k DMG but it feels like much less. Like T61 at least has -9 and so you abuse depression with its low DPM/Softness. Patton line is the same. I think I got a good suggestion about living till end of game where my vision and camo play a role, but to me it feels to team reliant. This tank just cant do anything solo.
  9. Im really having huge trouble with Stalingrad and other maps in the PTA, it is so soft and so low on DPM even scouts can hurt me and take more than half my health. So on stalingrad how would you experts deploy? It seems like I go beach but lack of depression really hurts me as well as low DPM and softness.
  10. Lol I love that they made the tank from drawings and then say its "Not Historical" INRL it would have glass armor and be only 110mm thick for UFP, but thats at 66 degrees and with glass its basically 50% increase in KE and 200+% vs HEAT Also it isnt Egg shaped INRL, it had a flat plate. They basically got lazy and used the M48/M103 style shape instead of a straight hull.
  11. I just came back after long break. So is E3 armor better or worse? If so how? I missed out on it and just unlocked it...I feel like im to late. Also did the E4 change?
  12. Or I can just grind my 3 t9`s i need Im cool not playing 10`s for a bit, I just like my E5 because I make creds in it. Luv incoming
  13. I missed you to baby Oh man look at the XVM camo on you That will help us vs arty for sure.
  14. Ok guys, Im back after 6 months and notice my friendslist is whacked. A lot of buddies moved on, some forgot me I want guys who want to win [not just DMG farm] and are always trying to improve. I prefer last 1k games 2400 ish and 58% ish. But if your a good teamate and cool guy, Im game. You can either add me or tell me to add you. Im on West and play 1-2 hours around lunch then from 8 pm West coast till morning. It has been brutal lately for me. Solo on west is so much harder than east IMO. I have been playing east. I can play east if you prefer. Im working on lots of T9`s. I need 50 mil o
  15. Please add me. I dont think guys realize the level of pain on West at late nights.. Seriously I want a Garbad to do his solo 68% here Im just back after a break and would love a partner.
  16. Please god, add me. I just came back after 6 months and been having a hell of a time. Im Cali on at weird hours sometimes.
  17. +1 thx so much man. Do you own a Su76? How much is it better in its tier? Also is the 85mm considered goood alpha for its tier? The reason the su 12244 really shined wass its massive 390 alpha at t7. At t7 390 Alpha is very similar to having the 704`s gun at t9. I mean think of all the T5-6`s it 2 shots and things like Hellcats...Forget it. But after the TD nerf and map changes I wont use it as it brings my Wn8 down tons as it was way way OP. The Su85 seems like it never got a chance in the TD`s hayday.
  18. Sp in your opinion is the su85 or su12244 better for ther tiers ?
  19. I just used mine for that cred event and OMG.....All slow US tanks need to have like 1.7 sec aim and low bloom and this one is shit. Its like a T32 without the great turret, and with low alpha and bad gun handling. Seriously this thing needs to feel like the E5 does. it needs gun handling like a Rus med seeing as its soooo slow and lacks most things. I still think US med line might be best. M4 is still fun to play as is Jumbo. T20 is fun. Pershing is pure sex and M46 is AMAZING and since it doesnt matter what T10 you get, just that its a t10 the T10 doesnt matter. So IMO US me
  20. This is true, but its clear the Walker is gonna get nerfed and hard. Sorry to say but when the RUskis see there lights become dwarfed at every turn by a truly Semi-Op tank....You better believe that is gonna get the M48 treatment. Exactly this. Just keep the one crew man and as they get super duper high up 90% training will be fine. Im almost 100% certain M41 is gonna get nerf hard, where im almost sure T49 if anything will get small buff. Yeah this is true, watch Jacg in it. He sits there and circles enemies like a shark, then he isolates lone ones3x crits them + 700 DMG and re
  21. I`d say the M41 is gonna get nerfed into oblivion, so for now keep the m41 and enjoy it as it lasts. Then go back to the T49. I was so surprised how much I loved the T49 with the 90mm. It really is a laser beam and has some handling advantages over ru251, but mainly it spits those rails at huge and safe depression. Also using the X Turret saves huge amounts of weight and makes it great. m one of the few guys who think the 90mm is great and in some ways better than the RU. I was avging about 1900 DMG per game before CW and before derp. Its a shame they said it will never get the 90m nor
  22. Yep its true. And as I said as the Sigma/accuracy changes to more inaccurate 140 will become better. Also if 62a goes HD it will become more like T54`s IMO. Wait you used heat vs overmatch zones in STA? Brave. I love when guys spam HEAT at my 140 as usually it means im in godmode. I love when the T54 drivers who are baddies face me.
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