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    I like sitting still when aiming.

    I aim well. I dont rush many shots at all. And while I do rock back and fourth its only in between shots. But in the 2.5 secs I take to aim I almost never get turret overmatched or hit at all. I think I get hit 1 in 4 games where the 62a would stop it. But I also have much better depression and can use the tank where I cant use a T54 or 62a.


    Look at the easily overmatched area and it is very very small.



    That seems to be the playstyle most people have that dislike the 140. That's just not the way the tank works, the 140 is not the medium equivalent of a depressionless T29 like the 62A is, it's just a medium, through and through, and does the job better than any other T10. You're supposed to be abusing your stature and exposure, not your turret. Seeing as the game is filled with mediums that have ~the same playstyle as the 140, I dont see why people have such a hard time with it. It's like they see that RU turret and just go "nope, hulldown 24/7".


    And in the regard of "Non T29" meds it is the very best turret`d armor med besides the T62a. Playing strictly hulldown it does more than ok. Meaning it does a similiar job as the 62a at the 62a main strength but does other things much better. IDK, I think its the most complete tank in the game.



    I don't just use the turret when going hull down and sniping, the main problem I have with the 140's turret is not only does it turn slowly as I'm circling heavies, but I'm also at risk of having them smack with their 120mm+ guns as soon as they swing their gun my way because my turret just gets overmatched. T62A does not having that problem because I could drive behind an E100 for example and the best he could do is fire his HEAT shell at me and hope that he hit a spot that pens. Granted, I can't do this in my 907 but at least my gun is pointed at my target unlike the 140 >.>

    Not only is this a rare instance for me, but it also is very rare they will land a shot right on the top of the turret as im strafing them. E100 will almost always fire HEAT. And E5 isnt tall enough  and can depress enough to shoot your hull anyways.


    I cant think of a tank I truly fear with a 120mm+ gun that is tall and whos turret moves so fast as to reliably hit my overmatch zone.


    Also the 140`s turret traverse is not bad for a med...Its just not 62a. Its the same as the 430`s, same as the M48`s and more than the Batchats.

  2. So guys will it be used over 140 or 62a in CW?


    I am seriously depressed, It`s the only tank I lack now.


    This. So much this. 62a has the best turret I've ever seen. 140's turret gets over matched so easily it's ridiculous. Trying to hull down with the 62a/140 is like night and day.


    I've only played one game in the 907 but I was getting a good amount of bounces off of my turret.


    I never ever get this. 140 turret for me bounces 90% of the shots it takes. Only when I get lazy does it not. And since it snap shots like a boss it adds to it. Now if it had t59 aimtime it might be a issue, but it doesnt.


    Everytime I see this argument I think the guy just sits there exposed or is playing against Purples at 25m away and rolling up into the same exact hulldown spots.


    The actual strip of overmatch area is like a few weld thickness`s when you have the 140 depressed at all. I know shots are just lines and not really 105mm shells si it can be hit but the odds are ridiculously low from range.




    I mean, look at how tiny that is. How the hell are you guys getting hit in that so often unless you are sitting still?


    Also tanks like the 140 and 907 that have overmatch zones as balancing are gonna get huge buffs with accuracy nerfs as well.



    It's my first Tier-X RU med... If it's "bad" I should have gotten the others a lot sooner.


    There`s a reason they are used as 80% of the med`s in CW. They simply can do all jobs well. They scout 2nd best, they brawl 2nd/1st best, they snipe 2nd best, and have the 2nd best overall armor+speed+DPM.


    2nd or 1st best at every single role when the 1st best tanks have glaring weak points makes them a clear winner IMO. I seriously love my 140 to death.

  3. Ofc there will be tears over the 907. Because people driving it are mostly competent and will be able to perform slightly above potatoe level. So bads being owned by one of these on several occations will be inclined to start the waterworks and complain to daddy WG. And then they will confirm that the tank is OP. As they would confirm ANY tank OP, as long as it's driven only by good people.


    Ofc this happens. My whole question is in relation to past Camp tanks that have almost the exact same player base potential, how much better will it be. If it will be at all. Im taking bets :)


    I personally think it will take the spot as the highest W/R tank in game.



    No, no, just no.


    Sorry, I messed up again.


    I didn`t mean it has amazing attributes. I meant it has amazing stats as in W/R for what the tank is.



    62a is pretty mediocre, so I dont even see where any of this is coming from. 140 isn't "kept down" by bads, the tank has great server stats and high expected damage values.


    Will it be the highest WR tank? Yea, definitely, because it's a competitive T10. None of the other reward tanks were. It doesn't really prove anything. The 907 could be a 100% copy of the E-50M and it'd have the highest WR. That doesn't prove German bias though, and neither does this.


    I agree with the E50m statement.


    But the 62a isnt mediocre IMO. It is one of the most used meds in CW.  Also, the 140 is possibly the most complete tank in the game and doesn`t stick out in W/R to much.


    This wasn`t a crusade to get RU meds nerfed. I just see the Devs all the time talk about how the M48 is perfectly fine statistically and thought this was a good time to show head to head how a "Better" M48 stacked up against a very solid medium.

  4. How will a tank with completely different armor layout confirm anything about other RU meds?

    Seriously how in the world do you not understand this simple topic?


    It will have very similar turret armor to the 140, very similar terrain resist and speed and only slightly worse gun handling with huge DPM.


    How is having slightly better side armor changing all of these other factors?

    In all honesty the RU meds are not as OP as everyome claims they are. My stats in them are lower than my other 2 meds, but even that is just a combination of powerfulness of a tank, and the fact that I shifted tank selections as I got better.

    Your personal stat padding doesnt make a tank not OP.


    I have heard you talk about your Leo before. Why is it the Leo is not the "Bread and Butter" of CW meds everywhere? Answer, its very very limited because its armor. The RU meds are seriously good at every medium role. They have best camo, great DPM, amazing fire control, and amazing armor with great speed. The only thing they lack i na major way is depression, but in CW that is much less important.


    Leo and other tanks are pubstars because they abuse terrain and farm newbs with ease, but used in force or by experts the RU meds are much more complete tanks.

    After playing an E50M, I dont honestly feel RU meds are that blatantly OP for the entirety of the server.


    Here they might seem to be, but most of the population here is way above average, so we cant count that as proof that RU meds are over powered.


    I would bet that in almost every Tier 10 medium if only purples/blues played it it would have good stats, if its competitive it will have great ones.


    But you cannot base a tanks being "OP" on the fact that drooling tards cannot use it correctly.


    As Garbad said a few times. A hammer doesn`t get judged on how bad it can be as a screwdriver. [Or something]


    E50m is great again at farming newbs, but if its so great why is it never used in CW as a med? Because its a pocket heavy that gets easily murdered in true heavy fights vs IS7`s or E5`s.


    Also, Im not saying the Rus meds are supremely OP. But I am def saying the 62a stats has been hugely brought down by the RU server. Otherwise looking at just stats the M48 and 62a have the same general stats, and im sure all of us who are reasonable can agree the M48 is trash compared to the RU meds.


    So your point is exactly mine. RU server has the most reds, because its by far the largest. Then those reds instantly go for there own tanks. They are always going to be baddies, but are truly bad there first t10 line and thus makes the RU meds look like dogshit on stats to balance out there great effectiveness everywhere else.


    I will admit since brawling meta came back some tanks have became much better like E50, but still the RU med has almost no downsides at all. My 140 is by far my my go to tank if I need a win and dont know who or where im fighting as it can do it all well.

  5. It has been a long standing belief with many of us, that the mass of RU baddies who get the 140`s and 62`s as their first tanks artificially keep the stats down, and hides there amazing abilities.


    Meanwhile the elite few who stick with it and get the M48`s and others that are rarely if ever used in CW/competition keep those stats much higher than the real avg.


    I`m thinking this will show just how great RU meds really are. I mean the M60 has amazing W/R stats and is just a M48 with better handling. At first with 219 Pen and meh gun I thought it would be meh. But with it basically being a true Hovercraft/Railtank and only being in great hands how well will it perform?


    So will the 907 be the highest W/R tank of all time above T5? If so what gap between the Failowe and M60 will be needed for them to admit how amazing the tanks are?


    Im also interested in the 260 because its basically a only "Purple" level tank with better than IS7 stats. I wonder if this will finally prove us right. What do you think?

  6. I hate on this site you can quote a three page post without spoilers just to say this.


    LTP (learn to post)

    Im sorry about that. Thanks to jack for editing. I was on my phone, and when on my phone I have issues with Multiquote and Reply functions. [its my fault I shouldn`t post on phone.]


    Either way, Im glad there is a forums where people can call out others by name for dumb shit. Just like how jack called me out on my dumb shit. By doing this, he has shamed me into trying harder. IMO this is a huge problem on WOT forums. No one can be called out on things.


    It`s a very powerful teaching tool, and often times when not used can be a bad thing.

  7. It's a premium tank. Even if you don't play Chinese heavies, who cares. If it's a good tank, it's worth playing in it's own right. Also, even though the 113 isn't great, the 110 and regular 111 are amazing. I honestly have no plans on getting the 113, but I have had the 111 unlocked for a while and still play my 110 because I don't want to move the crew and it is just a fun tank. I'm looking forward to the premium 111 to help get me a 2nd Chinese heavy crew so I can keep the 110 and 111 with good crews in both.

    Also,Im almost sure the more the CHinese and WG become one the Chinese line will get a buff and or new T10 tank. It seriously might be the least used T10 in all game for CW. I mean even though I like it it still isnt as good as IS7 for protection and not fast enough to warrant not using a med. Also for its tier is Alpha is simply Meh.


    I seriously bet as games like Armored Warfare come and whoop WG`s ass, they will make more race-centric stuff for players who ight leave game.


    Only downside to AO is its Cryengine meaning hardly any Rus shit comps could run it. So if WG hopes at all to keep the guys with 4 and8 cores they better offer a better and bigger selection and in a way its what the 260 is about and I have a feeling more.


    TL;RD 113 will be buffed IMO eventually or replaced by a Wz111 x model I read about with a much better T10 capability.

  8. Didn't seem like it did, my pagefile was up, and Windows was well aware it was using an SSD!

    I just checked and my Pagefile is on for my main but not my SSD where wot is.


    I guess all in all my setup os like having WOT o na giant thumbdrive, but it still screams compared to what it used to. Also I have had multiple people do what im telling you to do with another partition and they all said same thing. Vast improvement.


    Best part is to test this out it takes very little time at all..

  9. are there specific maps you stutter on? or just in general?


    I have my Wot installed on an SSD and it only stutters on poorly optimized maps like windstorm, stalingrad, and kharkov

    Exactly this.


    Ziddy read about OS problems with SSD+HDD so when I upgraded to SSD, I put wot on its own partition. In theory it should be slower but for ome reason it runs much much better than whwn I had WOT and OS on same partition.


    So basically I would load in with 15 sec countdown and when tanks pop`d they would be .5-1 sec late al the time. Micro lag like crazy. I then read on FTR about how WOT`s number one issue is CPU and SSD/HDD.


    I then run WOT on a solo core with nothing else sharing any CPU load, and I left my OS on the HDD and then installed SSD with only WOT [Even though Cache and Reg is still all in HDD] and now my game is lightning fast with almost no stutters. Its like cheat mode compared to what it was


    So try making another partition just for WOT and see if that helps. I read a theory it was the OS getting in the way of the faster HD speeds and right or wrong this fixed it.


    Just literally make new partition and then copy WOT over to blank directory and report back.

  10. oh man comrade you have not heard of the glorious KV-220 and Churchill 3 those 2 are like kicking puppies and clubbing seals at tier 5, but I love the FCM 36 pak 40 it is a slow marder 2 at tier 3 but get a vision oriented map and farm damage, even in tier 5 it punches tier 5s.  

    But for my KV220 I need Gold spam. Does the Churchill not?




    Why is 127 so good? 



    Churchill III is glorious with dat 180mm pen APCR.

    RiP KV-220s.


    that aside, Valentine II is also a fun tank. Insane traverse, insane hovercraft terrain resistance, great armor, underwhelming gun but is always top tier (locked MM).

    Other tanks i'd highly recommend are the SU-100Y (boombox), BT-SV (expensive as all hell though), and (if it ever pops up again) Su-76I.

    TY good sir



    Fuck what the masses say, the Chi Nu Kai is hilarious and prints money. +1 to Honorabru engineeringu

    It has been my favorite so far actually. Its pen is just great. And when you learn to Chai Snipe and never expose yourself its amazing.

  11. Seeing Assassins praise of he M22 Locust gave me an idea and hope to start a thread of hidden lower tier gems.


    I used to see anything sub T7 Prem as useless because income and training exp where both garbage but that just isnt true anymore.


    I want your opinions of the top 3 underrated/favorite T6 or less premium tanks. I would also like to hear why you love it so much and what it excels at.


    I want to start playing some lowertier games on my T95e2 alt and want to see my options. It seems like they always have shit pen and need gold but maybe im way off.



    Also I`ll take submissions for tanks that can farm credits super well at its tier as well, but only 1 of the top 3 can be so.  Is there any amazing tanks I missed out on?


    So whats the most fun prem? The best crew trainer? The best true cred grinder [when using gold is in account]?


    Please help me.


  12. Would hanging around with expert veterans of the game, with many thousands of battles where they do the right thing, improve my WR and in the end my WN8? Truly a question for the ages but I'd wager that it would. Of course, WN8 farming may eventually be limited if we become 3 super unicorns rolling around the same battles all the time but that's a price I'll have to pay.

    Question also wasnt about your W/R, but also their own. If they are used to platooning with other unicums, and are then forced outside their comfort zone, can they overcome this?


    Also the reason it would need to be a hybrid Wn8/W/R IMO is so all parties would have to be involved in the win.

  13. So lately I have been so busy getting screwed out of my top 3k spot for my tank in the the game, has been tiring and boring as shit.


    So I want to see if we can come up with a way to get a controlled group of Jizzinyourpants Uni`s to effect major differences in others WR and WN* numbers.


    So since ever Supercum is diff we would have to come up with a series of micro competetions where they could compete or shine in.


    I hear sooooo often that "Unis only play together because other UNI`s pull there weight"  which, imo is less about that and more about them making it easy mode and win. Also I hear guys brag about how they can make a tomato`s have much better games because of them.


    So thinking with a clear mind, I want to come up with a way to try to test this theory in a semi fair way


    I`m thinking we call it the "Unicum Decathlon." We set up a bunch of scenarios and see which Unicorn can bring it home.



    I will re-initiate when I have gold packages ready. I really do want to see who is the best overall player.


    ANy Ideas as to what and how this could be done?


    I also was thinking about sponsoring a West solo challenge as well.

  14. That tank basically already exists, it's called 113. And barely anyone likes it.

    But they dont like it because a lot of reasons. Like a lower plate that is pitiful. Not 120mm, and not well angled. Then it doesnt have the -6 the IS7 has. Also it doesnt have a huge alpha for its tier like it should.


    My Idea would be make the 130mm have its autoloader and more alpha. I think if you gave the 113 a lower that could bounce T8`s and -6 people would cream themselves.



    No, the hull was always 150mm


    Then why is it 120mm in RL?  Chieftain is pretty good with the ultra sound by now.


    I guess I wrote my post wrong. I was more excited for it to possibly have a alternate hull. I really want it to have a version thats "Less stuck in mud"


    Also Dont you want a version where is autloader fires faster?


    Also the 705 you talk about, you wouldn`t want that either?


    Once again thx for being my expert. I dont know to much about USR tanks. Im a 1948-1970 Nato specialist. I truly am intrigued bu a IS4 type with a rear turret though.


    "The IS-7 was designed not to be penetrated by the 128mm with a muzzle velocity of 1100m/s."


    But this is way way to vague. What degree was the lower angled at? The 128mm JT was capable of about 100mm@ 60 @ 500m consistently with perfect conditions and perfect hand made ammo. So 120mm@60 would have easily defeated it and 150mm@60 would have laughed at it.


    There were two gun options for the Object 705A, a 152mm with a muzzle velocity of 900m/s or a 130mm with a muzzle velcoity of 1000m/s-1100m/s

    TY TA


    So there is room to improve the heavy tanks then. hats very cool to me.


    OOP might say this has nothing to do with the game and it will never happen etc. But this is almost the same way the E5 started. A few of us in Beta talked on another forum and had the idea we could swap the T30 for a better canidate and after many tears and 1k pages later and countless consultation with the archives it happend.


    I think that would be cool if the RU got a true superheavy. I know RU line already is the most complete and there are many more lines to go but still it would be nice. I`m just waiting for my AMX30 then life will be complete, its closest thing to m60a1 we wil lsee :)


    @GM 150mm @ 60 is 300mm Sorry but that is way overkill.


    But im not sure what lower plate was angled at. All I know is thereal IS7`s are not 150mm thick. Chieftain said it and I had another forum dweller who used ultrasound and got 120ish mm.


    120mm would stop a 128mm at almost any range as well.




    OOP this kind of tank talk is super fun IDK why its annoying to you at all.


    We have all the guys busting out books of diff tanks and comparing knowledge and insight. Its very fun IMO, and if its not your idea of fun, just ignore it. But this is how many tanks in the beta days got changed and infact how and why the Chief got hired. To discuss changing tanks with a tank "Expert".


    I understand WOTLABS is about playing game and getting better at it but still, this is part of the fun of WOT IMO.

  16. E5 should have had early composite armor IRL so what?

    E100 and Maus have buffed turret armors compared to RL design, so what?

    T32 has one loader and 6 deg of depression IRL, so what?

    Germans never produced 1200HP engine for E-series, even the french couldn't squeeze 1200HP from the same engine in their attempts post war. So what?

    The list of shit like this goes on, fore every nation, class and tier. SO WHAT?


    Also i have never seen early (cant say about late designs, but i doubt it) chieftain designs with 195thick UFP, on the other hand MK1 has armor as follows:



    TBF though most things have at least some sense to it.


    E5 armor was going to be glass/laminate which was 150% -180% effective vs most AP-HE rounds and 300-500% vs HEAT rounds. But its thickness was only gonna be 110mm ish. So ingame since the decided never to use laminate they made i 254mm mustache and a great upper plate to compensate. And while ts still not godmode vs HEAT they did pretty well IMO.


    ALso T32 only had -6 degrees because it was a pilot and it was clearly known to be able to make the -10 work as they would have used a shortened breechblock.


    Im not sure about Maus.


    I take your point. But the biggest defense about tanks that were simply OP like the T54 was "Historical accuracy" and takes that came our woefully UP also had "Historical accuracy"


    WG has spent so much time talking about depression and armor as very close to RL, and they say they would start off at a certain point then ad from there.


    My entire point with the IS7 got sidetracked by OOP trying to make me look like a realism fanboi. All I was saying was IMO this presents a great oppurtunity to intro maybe a secondary hull for the IS7. A light and heavy one. And this would change the IS7 more into a IS8 on steroids than a tank stuck in mud.


    My point was giving us more options not less.


    I think the more ptions you give players the more those players seperate themselves skill wise. Look how good it was when you could use 150 or 128 on romba, or auto vs non auto on all the new scouts. I would love more options as well with some of these heavies, and IMO it gave them a reason to do so.

  17. What are you trying to achieve by asking that here, where nobody has the power to change anything about the game. Other than the attempt to garner approval?

    I was asking if guys would like the IS7 to fall into a slightly different niche that it was more than likely intended for.


    Nothing we say or ask or do will change WG or its tank design. So by your logic any thread about any sort of game improvement or change is then useless mental masturbation.


    I was just seeing if anyone else wanted to see the IS7 shift into a slightly diff role and have a true Rus E100 style tank to be implemented.

  18. It's...a...game


    EVERYTHING is a balance parameter ultimately.


    How many times do you need to be told this?

    Your constant yammering on this kind of thing is, in a word, annoying.


    Take it to the main forums, this kind of yammering is par-the-course there.

    WTF are you talking about. WG has said many many times armor profiles is not a "Balance parameter". They have even gone out of there way to talk about how they do 3d res scans of tanks. Also this is the reason the IK get boned on tanks. The answer always is "Well we did test in RL and its XYZ thick so dont expect it to be more than it was in RL."


    No one is yammering. Im not one of the historical accuracy fanbois. BUT that said id they advertise that Armor profile is not a balance peraa,eter then it should be equal.


    You say armor isnt, but they do, its why they are making T54 have 2 hulls,, its why when HD models come they are supposed to be more true to there 3d scans. Sorry OP but you are the one who is wrong.


    ROF, Alpha, Pen, Burn Rate, and over all soft stats are balance parameters but armor is not supposed to be as all. In the past they way the y cheated to "Balance" was to use a hybrid tank. A hull from 1955 on a tank from 1945 etc. But even they said twin hulks are coming and then this will be a major issue.


    I never once said I wanted historical accuracy, that would be boring. But on certain tanks like that they make OP and give reasons like "Thats how it was IRL" make it so that others can be bent as well, and it simply doesnt happen to the tanks they dont like.


    Anyways, I do hope they make the IS7 a lighter attack platform. IMO it would be very cool.

  19. Can we get EE or TA to tell me once more the name of that very cool looking rear turret super heavy. It was a beast is all I remember from my E5 armor thread.


    I always thought IS4 should be sidescrape king, IS7 attack king similiar to IS8 but actually have more DPM than meds and actually have some armor thats useful. Then have the super heavy that plays like Failowe, with great armor.

    reading is hard, my bad

    Damnit Drunken why? It wasnt anti....


    I got a rep for being anti USSR when in reality I am a fanboi of certain tanks like T64 and others, and IMO the fact the plate was found to be 120mm shows me the IS7 wouldnt have been to heavy to reach speeds. But weight and armor never made sense for speeds they claimed.


    Glorius day IMO. Also shed thos ridic MG`s and go even faster yo :)

  20. There were a few prototypes supposed to be build, you are pretty much talking about the upcoming Obj 260 (If a bit different).

    Yeah except wouldnt it be cool to have a truly scary offensive heavy? A 130mm 560 alpha monster with 2500 DPM and a solid turrret. Hull would be shit, but who cares.


    I always saw IS7 as being way to "Heavy in game". USSR was going more for a shock heavy or a MBT style tank IMO rather than a Maus type, and these thickness tests just prove that. I mean if the paper says 150 and its 120mm or 100mm and side is 20mm lighter imagine how much ot could have been lighter. And in that case it could reach the speeds we always wanted for it in game.

    That would be a massive buff for higher-end players who can consistently hide their lower plates. If anything, I would welcome it.


    And best part....Historically accurate.....Suck it Whereaboos :)


    130mm autloaded animal. All with only a much weaker lower and sides, but TBH its lower is already a weakspot.

  21. So after the Chieftains video I finally have my proof [besides a buddie] that the "Real IS7`s" [not just plans but actual tanks] had a 120mm lower plate rather than the huge 150mm in game.


    Also, another huge thing is the pike nose is not as pronounced in game, its much more like the IS3 and shallow, making the pike less pulled back.


    My question is why not make the IS7 a super fast attack heavy with its real stats more akin to a glass cannon like a KV1s was and choose another variant as the super heavy.


    I know for a fact the real IS7 [well the 3 a friend measured] are.


    -120mm lower plate.  [One even was 100mm just like a IS3 which makes sense if it was the first built]

    -10mm side skirt armor vs the 30mm it gets in game

    - Much less thickness on welds in sides than front.


    All this makes total sense as the IS3 and others were the most armored thing there was, and so adding 20mm or almost an entire inch was a huge increase. Adding 50mm was overkill most likely.


    In RL nothing could pen 150mm that couldnt pen 120mm so it was a waste I bet,


    So why not give it its real armor, but give it its real speed, and increase ROF and make it a beast. Maybe even increase its alpha to 560. Then make the IS4 or better yet that super armored rear turreted heavy they had as the "Tanking Heavy"


    IMO because they over hyped the IS7`s armor they had to make the T110e5, since IRL with real layout a M103 would keep up with a IS7 that had -2.5 depression just fine.


    This isnt a "US STRONK" thread. It is a Armor needs to be real, or just admit its fake and tailor it all to games needs.


    Maybe they could even make a IS7 hull that was thin, and then make one that was "Paper Thickness". Thin one could carry 130 with 560 alpha and other carries 122mm



    Make IS7 more like E5 with weaker armor and a better gun.


    After all 130mm gun wasnt just a bit bigger in size but a lot bigger. Give it the 560 Alpha it deserves. Make it similar to a Wz111 or IS8 but actually match med DPM or approach it at least. And uncap IS7 speed then as it shed so much weight.

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