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  1. They announced a buff to the IS4 and since the IS7 didnt even need a buff and it went from 240mm cheeks to 270mm [From TD`s penning it to nothing in game] and fro ma major facehuf weakspot to nothing, im guessing IS4 will become a beast.


    I mean its clear the IS7`s real thickness is 120mm lowerplate and side skirts are 10mm vs ingame 150mm and 30mm. I`d say they will go very far to make the IS4 feel "New" again and its a safe bet it wil kick ass. That said, STI already does.

  2. I'd honestly give this a 7/10. The mistakes and retardedness of the pubbies is what allowed you to live.


    If I did what you did I would have been dead in a second.


    You did a good job, but there is a lot you can improve on.



    At the beginning telling your team to go hill was good, but once you start specifically telling a certain guy to do something, you waste your time, and probably cause them to "rebel" against you.


    You pretty much wasted the first 4 mins trying to tell some guys to do things. Another thing is that you got to your first position and sat there pre-aiming where hopefully the Type 59 would reverse into.


    The IS-3/Tiger had the right idea to get rid of the Type, so that they can get the battle moving forward.


    You then peek out and spend quite of bit of time pre aiming the Lowe as well. I personally would have peeked that edge to see if I get lit, and if I didn't I would move onto the hill to get shots onto the JT/Cearn.


    A mistake I want to point out is that you peeked the corner when you were being proxy lit by the Cearn when you moved up to the position with the ST-I.


    That lowe was able to get that shot on you. If he was a good player he would have had gotten it for free.


    Then, when you move up and start shooting at the T34, you would have been dead if the enemy tanks were competent, or XVM whoring, based off how you just sit there in the open.


    But you do make the right call backing off to help base when the the T34/Waffle get unlit.


    For the end carry you did the right thing going down to start going back to base.


    As soon as you lit the Tiger you put some shots on him, but then you back off. If I were you I would have finished him. Never let tanks live, even if they have 1 hp. Every time I do this it ends up fucking me over.


    Relocating is good, and thankfully that Tort was a one shot.


    Overall well done.


    Only things I suggest you change is for you to stop relying on your teammates unless they are in your platoon and quit wasting time!


    Also, when going for shots, make yourself as small as possible so that its harder for your enemies to shoot you. 

    Thx so much for the input man.


    I was preaiming the type because he would have rolled back but the Tiger and ithers shot him. I didnt want to because I would have gotten smacked and traded DMG for almost no reason IMO. That was my thinking. Preaiming lowe worked IMO as I got 3 blind shots on him and lept him suppressed so he wouldnt kill my pubs very fast.


    The guys allowing me to shoot T34 was because I knew where they were at. I knew Tiger and PZFL were busy and I knew Tort was out of draw and couldnt react.


    Overall your right. I really wanted RU to live so we could have late eyes. Normally I tell initial areas to go but im not that bad.


    I know if they played it smarter I would have died, but IMO isnt 90% of carries 4 guys v 1 who all play bad? :) If they played good no player on the server could handle 4 on 1.


    Thx so much JoJo, I`d love to get a platoon of you ever on west late at night.

  3. Why do you need to 'trust' them? When the game dies you will move to the next one, no harm no foul. Its not like they are rasing your children. You invest your time (money is optional and voluntary) in exchange for fun. The moment you are not having any more fun you can leave with no consequences so the whole idea of needing to trust WG eludes me.

    Uhh this isnt true. At least not for us guys who arent "Just play for fun"


    I have put in years to this game...."No harm no foul" just gives them an excuse to take there huge jackpot and somehow be covered. Some of us put in a huge shitty amount of time for the future fun we were promised [beta guys]


    Trusting anyone you invest in, is a "Must". 


    WOT isnt just about signing in and having fun. Maybe if it was a FPS like counterstrike where your character didnt get anything but more fights you would be right. But a game with CW and deeper fighting, mixxed with buying tanks for real money and grinding forever is totally diff.


    So your argument holds water for games like Online tetris, not WOT IMO. Esp since your a guy posting in a 3rd party forum about the game where you learn etc. If it was just about the fun now, then why did you try so hard for your account? Just give me your account and start over since its about "Fun". I`ll trade you a 500 Wn8 account with more t10`s than you have now since the huge investment doesnt matter much.


    Arty isn't going anywhere any time soon if ever, raging about it here does nothing but make us look like fools, Minsk doesn't give a damn if you hate it.


    Raging about arty doesn't matter, which is true. I'm not telling you to not try to change things, I'm telling you that pure, emotional bile and sperging is useless because Minsk doesn't care if you spew bile, spew numbers, that is all Minsk understands, painfully so.


    Yeah I guess my point is, WG doesnt care about anything we say or think, whether its constructive or not. Wether its pure emo bile ir a well thought out change, unless we are on RU server and have either a pro team pushing it or a huge following they could care less other than calling us names. We are the red headed stepchildren of WOT.


    But im all for stopping retarded arty comments, except if they are funny :)


    I still think the comments section is a little much. Is there a way to simply make anything with "Arty" in it not to be on front page? I understand you not wanting this to be Arty hate central, but Status updates really are mostly about being pissed about either pubbies or other unfair things, and that happens to be arty :)


    Seems to me Threads are public section where as status seems like it should be protected free speech. If a guy wants to look dumb, I say let him...But your the boss man :)

  5. Great job so far. I love my E5 to death. I hated it during the TD Op period, but vs anything except TD`s its armor is amazing.


    Gash one question though. You said Rerolling was more about progressing and getting better, but I really dont understand that logic. Wouldnt it have been better to progress on your bad character and see the growth change you from a baddie to a Purple? It always seemed like that was a terrible reason. I think taking your bad periods and overwriting them with AMAZING games is much a better tool of progression and growth than starting new and acting like those x amount of battles didnt happen.


    My E5 for instance had 400 games 150 of which were compromised b someone else using my account. I brought it back from a 48% W/R and 1600 DMG avg by doing a respectable 70% W/R and 3300 DMG a game in it lately, and while Rerolling would have been nice even since some wasnt my fault at all, but I would feel like it was cheating. 


    I dont judge you but I really am asking, how you think Rerolling is better for progression and becoming a better player?

  6. I fucking hated the T28, and I LOVE MY E3 to death.  One of my best performing tanks on a consistent basis.


    T28 sucked because you had all that frontal armor, and everyone from tier 9 and up (and some tier 8s) would just melt right through it.  That was what sucked about the T28. 


    The T95, eh it's decent, but it gives you a real taste of what frontal armor is REALLY like and how the E3 will perform.

    I hated the T95 so much I had to save upo and free exp.


    It is literally the most team rellient tank in game outside arty IMO. And people are such drooling tards they never cover your sides etc. Even things like the At15 feel more mobile. And TBH its armor isnt that great since accuracy buff made its hatches able to hit at 400m with T10 meds etc.

  7. Status updates seems to far to me. I have never once spreged about arty, and I understand its here to stay, but in most cases status updates are the venting room. I`d say 50% of all updates I see are "Dumb ass pubs" "I did XYZ DMG and still couldnt carry these tards" etc.


    Also, I understand it makes us look "Unprofessional" but saying as a reason Minsk doesnt give a shit about what we think is a useless argument as well. Just because they wont listen to us doesnt mean we shouldn`t keep telling the truth. If there is a broken game mechanic, we should be the ones pounding it away until it goes away.


    IMO WOTLABS is supposed to be the force of educated light in the dark uneducated pubbie masses. Im not saying I agree with all the arty sperg, but we should never have a reason for anything be "Because WG doesnt listen anyways" or "We wont changed anything anyways"


    If all we ever talked about was stuff WG was willing to change or willing to listen about, the forums would be dead.

  8. 7..


    I feel you played it well.. but you seem to be really bossy in chat :P this may be why I remember having some flame wars with you :>


    Part of the luck that you had was the T34 being in the open, the Tiger 1 being oblivious, and the wt pz IV and the 50 100 all not knowing how to aim..

    As well as the Tortoise getting off cap..


    I think you would have been better to go up onto the hill, even with a slow vehicle like that, you can get hull down and take full advantage of your gun depression, instead of sorta subbing out as a heavy tank.


    I also think it would have been smarter to head of the left side of the cap circle instead of the middle.. considering i have no mods, i wouldve been unable to tell the tortoises hp levels.. but that was a split second descision, and what you probobly were planning on doing, was to reset, then use your mobility to keep him guessing.. (I hope)


    The replay seemed to be mostly lucky, considering the incompetence of the enemy.. so i dont think you really out played them, they just sorta.. forced you to outplay them by putting themselves into dpm/ping/reaction fights.


    Not much skill, but if you were a green player, you wouldnt have been able to win this..


    Obviously you and I are extremely similar skill levels.. but i think what i said has some merit..


    I was bossy only because like lakesville, if guys dont get to the right side and hold it, its GG. If I feel like my team is competent I dont say much. But if Im not in a plat and I literally dont have another player over 1500 Wn8, I turn into Patton :)

    Also I was trying to tell RU to live as his vision would have easily assured victory.


    Also I was chatting often because I have been doing so much CW, I was in CW/Comms mode :) just typing it instead. But TBH the only reason we won was I got the guys to rush hillside with me.

    Thx for the feedback.


    Since I was a real Soldier and we often had heated fights, I get over stuff so fast with other players I dont remember flame wars. In this game though I notice guys have much longer memories because fights to them are uncommon things and as a whole most dont have the College football/Lacrosse/Military background, but in all those sports you yell and scream at your buddies but almost never actually hold grudges etc.


    BTW I was going to rush up hill [bTW I dont have final engine :) ] but as soon as Tort got off cap I knew it was him and figured why the hell should I :).


    I agree pubbies made it possible but then again I have never seen a win/carry where 4 on 1 and the 4 were of any talent at all. I think that is obvious Lol

  9. So I just had a great game in my Cent 1. And while I think I did pretty damn well, I want to learn. So for this I want guys to tell me what they think I should have done. Also I want a 1-10 score of how solid of a match it was.


    I posted on WOT forums as well and want to see the difference in opinions.


    -So rate 1-10.

    -What could I have done better and at what point.

    -Could the game have been won earlier and was it in my power to not allow it to get so close and make it look better. [i see this often in Wn8 padders. They either last stand and look god and lose or get lucky and win]

    -I your opinion was I lucky and not as skilled?



  10. Example:


    Mobility vs Speed

    I'd rather define mobility as the ability to accelerate and turn, the speed as the top speed reachable by the tank.


    ie: The Hellcat is very fast, but not mobile, the FV4202 is very mobile, but not fast

    I hope I'm guessing what the OP is suggesting correctly

    Yeah Mobility IMO means many things.


    I like how simple arcade race car games use metrics to break up mobility.


    Accel, is the rate at which a tank gets up to speed.

    Speed, is the Mid range to high range speed.

    Mobilty, is the ability to accel while turning or doing other maneuvers.


    So Example is IS7 vs E5 would be E5 dominates in Accel as its 0-20km is pretty badly better. IS7 though wins as soon as it hits 20km as it keeps going to 45 while E5 stops. E5 also turns and accels much faster.


    IMO the most important by far is Accel and Mobility. People complain about 35kmh top speeds but the tanks that do it, at least when I drive them could only go faster 10% of the time. FV4202 is annoying because its so damned quick, it feels artificial slowed. But things like E5 are within that range most games.


    So I guess one is fast the other is quick and the other is agile. And it all adds up to mobility. Seriously though they should just add those 3 metrics and have bar graphs compare tanks rahter than Power to Weight because traverse and resistance makes P to W useless anyways.


    140 would be

    7.5 Speed

    7 Mobility

    7.5 Accel



    7.5 Speed

    5.5 Mobility

    6.5 Accel



    6 Speed

    7.5 Mobility

    7 Accel


    I think this should be the way we rate mobility as a whole. It certainly would show you what tanks are fast where in the powerband etc. Esp since things like the Maus accelerate super fast to there 15 kmh top speed.

  11. 1345 PST, west server



    I thought this kind of stuff only occurs during low pop hours, not the middle of the day.

    Haswell is West server not much more uneven as a server? Not just population wise but in most things, I find west to be weird.  I often get these weird tiny matches and the player base seems to be Great or Terrible with very little in the middle.


    Do you agree with me it has way more Recent/Unicum Platoons and then mainly baddies?

    Middle of the day is low-pop hours.  Most people are either at work or at school

    And on West its even worse because so many players play on East with there buddies or just stay there because the population probs.


    If they made West players play on West I think our numbers would go way up.

  12. I'm sorry, I couldn't take the rest of your post seriously. West is no worse or better than East. Please explain how people living on the west coast are less intelligent than those on the east coast? Earth's magnetosphere fry their brains? I play on the west and see plenty of good players. I also play on east and see sh*tlords. Being in Havok, I'm even more surprised you make that statement. When I was in Havok I regularly got invites to platoon on west. 


    As for the server population being low, that is true. I felt initially that I always got tier 10s in my 8s but I think that was confirmation bias. 

    It has nothing to do with the population. Im not saying people who live there are worse.


    IMO what happens is, east gets "home grown syndrome". Happens on tons of games I have seen.

    Basically all the CW, and organized games are hosted on East, and the next thing is East has far more population zones. Add this up and guys who get into CW who platoon with buddies etc get to be comfortable on East and rather live with 80 Ping than play with a server that avg`s 4-10k population.


    Also this means only guys in California or the very far west get a huge benefit as guys in midwest are equal ping and as I said they already play there in CW and population is much better for MM as a whole.

    Im one who literally cant play on West easily as I strobe light all over, and I end up seeing mainly guys grinding platoons or guys who are newer to the game. But as a whole most who play in organized areas of the game stay on east.


    Anyways, West is packed with Reds and or Recent Purples it seems like. Its rare to have matches where both sides have solid green teams, where as on East its very common.

    I think the problems with west are more that purples farm there (and the more purples there are compared to the average player, the worse it is for carrying), it's closer to the Asian playerbase (which either means really good players or godawful bots), and MM has a harder time constructing balanced teams with the small playerpool. I am not under the impression the actual players are any worse, though.

    This is a common outlook. Later on west I literally see a bot every game. I also see the same exact players over and over.


    West is looked at by most who I have played with as a "Full Time Farm" filled with baddies and Unica/Recent  where the East is there for the talented/advanced part of the game as well as players who are stuck there.


    For guys who live in the west its a real option to eat the 80-130 ping to get better more equal teams, where as living in the east there is no question what to do.

  13. Because SFC_Hyperbole.


    You have a E-Hard on and while I understand part of it is legit because my past transgressions, [Many which I apologized for] the other part is simply good old fashioned E-Priapism



    What im saying here isnt some closeted idea. Guys like me who play on west but grew up on East know the server is full of baddies. It has far worse players as a whole. This is shared amongst most guys I have played with.


    The x5 weekends on east and the nightly west mix of red+good platoons I would say is the same.


    Have you played west? What is your home server.


    Anyways I stated it as my experience and not as a fact....So IDK what you have a problem with about what I said.

    IMO west is full to the brim with either 700`s or less or Blue to Purple platoons. it lacks the thick green I consistently see on the East.

  14. Actually no. The alternative explanation is that tier 8 players aren't waiting in the queue for as long as they were. Tier 8 queue times used to be terrible.


    There are still roughly twice as many games played in tier 8 tanks as tier 10 tanks on EU, so even with the removal of BT12 there's no reason for tier 10s to be the most common tanks in their games, on average. RU may be a bit different as tier 10 games are relatively common there.

    T8 que times were never, ever bad for me. T8 Prems made sure of that.


    Why dont they simply make T8 tanks have less of a chance to see 10`s by counting T8 meds as scouts or support?


    T10`s are so OP in there form [esp in meds firecontrol] that they really should be limited to what they see IMO. Couldnt they make T8`s only occupy 4 slots max with any T10 game or something. Im sorry but T8 meds as a whole have it the worst. T34 can still use depression and pen tanks, but seriously what does a player who needs to grind and not use gold do in tanks with 180 pen?

  15. I swear this data might be correct for the large east server with its 20k+ Population, but on west this change is massive IMO. So much so I like playing my T34 now [as it is better in higher matches for creds etc] But for other T8 meds I really do see 10`s much much more.


    With a server of newbs like West my theory is they are all either playing T8 prems to grind for creds or using there 10`s and trying to pwn to overcome skill. And with 1-5k players there just isnt enough 8`s and 9`s to provide for all.


    Im almost sure of this so how can I test it?  Is there a place in Vbaddict to use dates?

  16. You'll likely see it for sale again someday, but a lot of things have to happen first and it'll be years minimum. They'll have to change the price to match "modern" standards of 12k gold, their frequency will have to dwindle a lot more, etc.

    I really dont think so. SEA was going to do it and got the axe.


    TBH WG makes way more money using the T59 as a "Prize" to keepo stream numbers up etc. Because the fact is while people want a T59 if they have the funny they will buy other prems that arent as good to fill the need, And now that T34-3 and At15 and other shitters are becoming good, its even closer,


    9.2 MM weights. The notion of meds having lighter MM than heavies was long gone since 7.x. It didn't affect game balance one bit, thus nobody cares, ergo no explanation required.



    Wait what? Im confused. T29 still has 32.4 as does all t7 heavies and most T7 meds like T20 have 26. Well tank inspector says this and it reads the XML.


    Are you saying the XML is wrong? Or it just doesnt matter?

  18. Not sure on that Marine, I took Orrie's advice and maxed out my gun's ability. Optics are only an advantage at the late game & imo clearing out a flank with comfort and high DPM is gunna give me a better chance to win & keep my pubbies (some of whom might have optics) alive. Of course I could be completely wrong but this set up has worked better for me overall.


    Good luck target, I look forward to seeing how you do! :)

    I do way better with Optics. Vents do very little for an already laser beam aiming gun.


    Also in the E5 you often are the last few tanks alive because you could escape when a flank was overran etc. Late game is really where this shines over other heavies, so why lose that major advantage of spotting meds who are shooting you?


    Im all for Optics as its frustrating not spotting things that pepper you, and the gun is already a railgun and the .2 sec reload isnt worth it IMO.


    Also I know use dual rep kits as the E5 doesn`t light on fire, and it is much better IMO than food. E5 can be tracked and decimated much easier than other heavies and its easy to get ammo racked if you get side shot. So many games where you burn your rep kit, you will need one again. It has made my play night and day better.


    Not counting CW, I was 3600 DMG in last 50 battles and 3300 in last 100. I was avging 3100 Wn8. But CW ruined my 3rd mark, as we either steamrolled enemy or I had to sacrifice.


    I was at 93.9%

    General rule of thumb: VR is 400m and tier 10, it gets optics. Spotting the enemy first improves effective DPM over its on-paper DPM

    Not to mention you farm another 15% exp from spotting your own targets you shoot at.

  19. First off: I never stated it was a gaping hole, I just pointed out that your statement that the 907 was without weakspots was not correct.

    Secondly, it may be that you all drive around on the flat bits of the maps on the NA server, but over here in EU scrubland we fight around and on the terrain. This means that you quite often have shots at the engine deck of tanks. For most tanks this doesn't mean much as the angle is often so steep that it is autobounce, but with the 907 you just need a few pixels and you are GUARANTEED a pen on it. Even a damn Sherman E8 can auto-pen the engine deck. That for me is a weakness that should be considered when playing the tank or playing against the tank.

    Whether this med is as good as they get is up for debate. It depends on playstyle really. Yes it has decent armour and a rail gun with nice DPM, but it has limited gun depression and low-ish alpha which means that you will not always find it easy to keep the gun on the game to use the DPM.

    By the way: there is no reason to begin writing as a jerk when someone disagrees with you. Try to be a bit more civilised, lol ok man?

    Finally, I dont know if you know this, but this forums supports "multi-quotes" meaning you dont have to write a new post for every quote you want to respond to. Just a little friendly tip to avoid spamming every thread with 3-4 posts every time you want to answer multiple people :)

    EDIT: I just merged this last set of posts for you. :)

    EDIT2: Slight edit of wording and grammar.

    Problem with multi quoting is in purple section I cannot come back and add the quote. I have to wait for approval. Next half the time im on a phone and catching up on threads so I cant read 4 pages of a thread and respond to all of it before it needs approval.


    Also I wasnt being a jerk at all. I was laughing at the fact we were now picking engine decks as weakspots. That is funny to me.  Its true what you say about terrain, but then you have to list every single 30mm Rus turret of the IS4 and others...Hell while we are on engine decks....


    62a= 16mm or overmatched by 57mm

    430= 16mm

    121= 15mm

    T54= 20mm

    140= 30mm


    IS4= 30mm

    IS7= 30mm


    So the tanks im directly comparing it to in the 62a has 16mm. A 57mm over matches it.


    Also, the 30mm that most Rus engine decks have are overmatched vs 90mm and at T10 76mm vs 90mm is almost zero difference as most scouts or t8 HV guns like IPanzer use 90mm.


    T54 has some of best in class armor and yet it has 20mm engine deck armor and I have yet to hear one argument saying its a minus having that thin of engine deck because to most arty which is all that matters 20 vs 30mm doesn`t change much. And being overmatched by a 57mm in a 62 or by a 90mm in a Is7 also doesn`t change it much.


    I wasn`t being mean, I just was laughing that it had come to us talking about its engine deck to talk about its negatives.


    But look at that list. T54, 121, 62a, 430 all considered solid armored meds....All of them less than the 907 engine deck and all seem to be fine. They also all have much worse sides and at best same-ish fronts.

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