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    I was doing that for a while and then I realized that I was choosing to forgo a rammer for a gld... so I went to rammer and I don't really feel like I'm missing out.

    SInce GLD only count after being completely still they help a lot less than people think. You have to plant and shoot and if you rock at all the 10% is reset from what I am seeing with my new Aimtime mod.

  1. So m60 being just the same as m48 is ok. 907 comes close to 140/62 and its bias.


    OMG the M48 is a broken tank. So the M60 and its 6% camo with paper armor are not viable CW tanks.

    ALso the Failowe was terrible statswise and why didnt they rebuff that? Answer is they are pandering to the 90% of there playerbase.

    TBH its ok they are Biased but they should just admit it.

    The whole engine deck of the 907 is one big overmatch zone (25 mm thick) for anything with a caliber of 76+ mm. I would call that a quite significant hull weakness as people shooting down on you by just a bit can hit that engine deck. Since it is a relatively low profile tank, other tanks can shoot down on the engine deck when on even ground as well.

    I am not arguing that the 907 doesn't have above-average armour for a med, I am just pointing out that it is not as godlike as you are making it out to be.

    I think I will still go for the M60 as I really like my gun depression and having the T62A unlocked and obj 140 in the garage I dont see the point of another *amost* identical tank. Especially not with the upcoming German T-55A as well. All dem T-54 clones man.

    Lol so we are now considering Engine decks as gaping holes in the armor? Lol ok man.

    For a med it actually is as good as it gets. Hell this was even the argument as to why they gave it a shitty gun. They said forever that its armor was so OP if they gave it a 250+ gun it would be OP.

    Pardon me if I take your ramblings with enough salt to trigger anasarca.

    Your past predictions include whining about the E5 before it came out and believing that the VK7201 was far better than the E-100.

    Lies. I didnt whine about the E5 before it came out. I was one of the ones who led the movement to make the E5 competitive in the very beginning . You do realize they changed the entire tank because of the T110 thread. We got CHieftan involved, and we made sure it wasnt a worse IS7, which is exactly what it was. This was well before FTR and WOTlabs could put pressure on WG to do the right thing.

    I said if the E5, was going to be as they made it, it was going to suck and it would have.

    The VK was not my finest hour I grant you that. But I bucked up and admitted I was wrong. Not many others here do so.

  2. E50 is just as good as T54...


    (and E75 is plain better as St-1)

    While I agree E75 is better all round, T54 is also better all round.


    E50 is a great medium with amazing brawling and sniping but so is the T54, but the T54 also has a much better gold shell, much much better camo, better speed and overall a better armor layout IMO.

    I always consider soft turreted tanks to be a major weakness no matter how good the hull is. Look at IS6, amazing hull but poor turret make it pretty easy to hurt. Now add a huge LFP and the E50 really only has a small turret face and upper hull.


    Med attributes.

    Camo= T54

    Speed= T54

    DPM= T54



    Gun Handling= Both

    Pen= Both as the HEAT is better, but so is the 220 pen


    ALpha= E50



    IMO the E50 is amazing, but vs heavies I much rather be in the T54, as well as spotting, E50 is a close second and the reason it gets as much love is because players love to pad it.


    Both are so good that the T10 step up is much smaller than other 9 to 10`s.



    Another great match is E75 vs STI. I think STI is better at what it does, same as the E50 was. But like the T54 the E75 can do it all well. Its fast, great armor, great gun.


    A even better match now is the E100 vs the IS7. I think we all like the E100 more because its fun, but in all reality I think they are equal in carrying brawls and TBH I think IS7 armor overall is better as HEAT cant pen its turret like the 100, but the E100 has better gun choice.

    OBJesus 907


    "This isn't even my final form"

    OMG just saw this....Genius

  3. Your 220 zones are actual 205, and your 240 zones are actually 230 - I think you had the camera unreasonably low when you checked those armour values. You aren't going to be taking hits from an ELC, after all.




    Sorta, sorta not. You can make the furthest 1/3 autobounce, that's about all. To get it half autobounce, you have to be nearly broadside. I've no doubts the 907 will have the best armour scheme, but overpowered? 4x better? An example of russian bias? bahah

    COme on man its clear that its Rus bias though.


    Also look at picture about side, that isnt broadside at all thats more than a sidescrape but still in a 35 degree arc.


    What other tank would they change the eve of awarding a tank?  Everyone here proved VK is terrible compared to E100. It literally only has rear turret advantage. But has terrible bloom+worse DPM etc and M48 is gimped and even though M60 is better it has camo rating of a smaller heavy. I forget but it was like 6% vs 16% of RU making its 20m viewrange advantage still meh.


    And then all the sudden the RU tank becomes better than the 430 without a doubt and arguably as good as 140 or 62a. I mean its bloom is right there with the other rail guns now.


    Also I rechecked and at 200m my angle of camera is more or less the same. Its similiar to T59 effect where up close armor is much less effective, but so is the 62`s.

  4. Your 220 zones are actual 205, and your 240 zones are actually 230 - I think you had the camera unreasonably low when you checked those armour values. You aren't going to be taking hits from an ELC, after all.




    Sorta, sorta not. You can make the furthest 1/3 autobounce, that's about all. To get it half autobounce, you have to be nearly broadside. I've no doubts the 907 will have the best armour scheme, but overpowered? 4x better? An example of russian bias? bahah

    Yeah sorry I just did it in like 30 seconds.


    But TBF its the same if you do the 62a. It is what ? 165-185 from bottom to top. IMO its pretty simple one is a true 64 degrees and the other is really a true 59 degrees. And the 907 has its sides pulled back as well but not enough to make it a weak point for angling. But the 220 zones I dont think are far off.


    Also that level Rexxie is from distance pretty much the same. Sure up close its at ELC level but at 300 meters almost all shots are level.


    Point is the 5 degrees + Pulling back make it 20-40mm thicker and even more vs APCR. And the sides are ungodly powerful. Also the roof has overmatch but is very small and unlike the 430 it has no overmatch on the hull.


    I still think its a great armor layout. Much better than any current meds.

  5. Since SFC_Hyperbole.

    I still think its much much more effective. But yeah it was exaggeration. But come on it will bounce things that the 62a simply couldnt. Look at the angles and stuff I posted.


    Its sides are easily 4x as effective since half its side is a bounce everytime from 10 degrees to 30 degrees angled.

  6. Since when was the 907's 200mm armour considered 4x better than the 62A's 180mm?

    When its immune to  180 Pen T8`s, it matters greatly esp when you take almost no dmg from things that get lucky shots on sides etc.


    I should have said 4x more useful vs T8`s. Seriously think about all the guns that will reliably bounce vs the 200mm.


    Also its only 200 in a very small strip in the middle. Most the tanks front is much better. It basically is going to be 50% ok vs E50`s and M46`s as well, and thats with dead on shots.

    But the true amazing thing is the sides. 185mm protection from almost dead on side shots and with a tiny bit of angling completely savage.


    Here look at my great art.




    Look at all that 210+ area. This is night and day better and like I said it makes guns like T8 meds+New T8 lights bounce and IS3 with bad accuracy will also struggle.


    The crazy part is angling it makes it a god. Look.



    All the blue is bounces. And look at the angles of those shots....Very wide. 


    Most people think of raw thickness or angle but dont think about where its placed. This tanks armor layout is vrilliant. 62a is straight sides and straight hull, and the 140 uses a better shape, but this takes the 140`s shape and makes it even better.


    Ist like the 430 with no overmatch and its taller which is also a bit better.


    This is by far a superior layout with almost immunity to T8 meds and 170-180 guns which is huge IMO. And with new T8 lights having 190 pen etc its also big. And this will bounce things like waffles on the sides IMO pretty often just because angles.

  7. I told everyone they would never let a Rus med be shitty.....Its now probably the best RU med there is if it holds with 140 stats

    Shit AP rounds as standard?! Fuck that I'll still take an M60 over it

    To bad AP rounds get +2 Norm


    THis is actually pretty damned great. Also you dont know velocity of the rounds. Also furthermore I doubt they are actually AP rounds and just gonna have 140/62a gun. Either way its win win


    So the 62a gets .96 bloom where this gets .1 . Almost the same damned laser beam.


    It has turret overmatch but still the sides are 185mm- 250mm and the front is a beast with 200mm in middle and 250mm on sides.....This might be the new champ. Ill laugh when its used in CW.


    Rus bias is a myth right?

  8. There is your answer. 3 mark mission for tier 10 tanks. Make it with 10 different tier 10 tanks for 260. Only top players will get it. The better the player the easiest it's gonna be.

    I`d say make it...

    3 marks in 4 out of 5 tank classes. This is 400 games and it shows skill in all class types.


    With each 3rd mark you get 1 lower tank like Stug. 2 tanks T28 etc. Then with 260 you need to get 3 marks on 2 countries and make them a OP country and UP  like US-China, Rus-UK, Germany-France

  9. Even 1 million xp per nation sounds better. It's surely gonna take less games than the current requirements and you're actually gonna finish instead of managing only the arty one lol.

    I love these "Better you are, shorter the mission is" ideas. TBH this is exactly how missions should be for rare tanks.


    Only guys who can get 3 marks should drive these tanks IMO. Infact I think they should give away 3 mark gift tanks.


    3 marks is both time consuming and difficult but less time if your good.

    Wow. Some are doable but that TD mission is ridiculously impossible. Most unicums have like what, one 10k dmg in 10-15k games? I have 1k battles in FV183 and the most I have accumulated is 9.600 and 9.600 in WT both before getting nerfed to hell. And they were the only ones capable of these. It's never gonna happen.


    Spotting dmg... Damn games will be infested with suiscouts. 8k was possible in the old murovanka and prkhorovka. But now? Gonna be really really hard almost impossible. Especially with the pubiies.


    These need to be toned down a bit.


    And fuck I need to grind a superheavy tank fast. I'll get the VK450something B and sit infront of everyone lol.

    Yeah these are ridiculous and team dependent.


    So basically we will see clans of pubstars popping up just to complete these missions :)

  10. Lol why not just grind to a t10? Lol does he need Crew members and 1 million creds that much?


    Wait if you dont platoon the main account still gets free exp right?

    I guess im stil unclear as to why its so much better to platoon with reroll rather than just do it alone.


    If you Plat with reroll for 1 mil exp you get 1 mil creds and Crew members that are already for a prem tank. But isnt that it?

  11. Looking for a partner or 2 to hekp grind my reroll for 95e2.


    I am usually on later from 7pm Pac time and up. I prefer West.


    I need someone who can play lower tiers and help me wade through the shit. Also, It would be nice to exchange info like AIM or Gchat to stay in contact.


    It can be more than one guy. Maybe a group of us can do it. Please PM me or post here.



    Im thinking US line but may do a Rus reroll if it helps the team more.

  12. So my clan is composed mostly of average players, and we are trying to be active in clan wars for at least tier 6 and 8. Well we are doing pretty okay, getting to the second or third round of the landing tournaments we've been in.

    Now my question is what we could do to improve our focus fire. We ended up battling HAVOK for the chance to fight the land holder of Scranton Pennsylvania tonight. We held our own, but lost 15-3. This was due to our lack of focus fire - we left most of their tanks on 200 HP or less. Are there any training techniques we can do to help this when we are fighting in large, chaotic pushes. We do pretty well in clan wars fighting similar skilled clans, but often lack the focus fire on our losses. And when we are in champion strongholds, we seem to do fine with this. How can we improve?



    Playing well in Pubs and turning corners as a group is worlds apart. Learning to not plug up an entire rush is soooo important.


    Most guys get tunnel vision and if they are leading a charge will stop to shoot not thinking that he is now blocking 5+ guys shots who could be alphaing the enemy.


    There is a reason teams who play together all the time win more than even teams made up of better individual players.


    You need to have one guy in a training room basically film your group as it rushes into your other group and watch who has what bad habits.


    As far as focus fire, noobs tend to shoot who is shooting them or the tank DIRECTLY infront of them and not a tank of who is naturally being focused. This is because its instinct to hurt who is hurting you and or tunnel vision monce more. You need to practice often.


    Then designate a 3 man team who are the "Leaders" of rushes. These guys usually should be guys who tend to keep going until the encircle the enemy. Then put your weaker players in the middle to follow suit matched by the best guys in the rear so they will live longest.


    Then tell your team the rule is they are expected to alpha the lowest health guy within a 30 degree cone. Then during reload they should switch to the one shot guys. This means they will take a second to turn turret but only by about a second as most turrets turn at around 30 secs.


    The key is making these guys understand rushes must NEVER get plugged up and ALL GUNS need to fire at enemy. Its almost more important in a rush to see the rear of your tank than the front as you see if you are blocking shots etc. In pubs blocking doesnt matter as people are slefish and want DMG but in CW you want that guy dead and at T6 esp they die in 3 shots, so if you block 3 buddies you will die instead of enemy.


    Then the other is having guys kill low health targets by not staring ahead but looking in a "Cone".


    All in all I do wish XVM or game had a ping target thing where when a FC pinged a guys name that guys overhead marker would pop, like EVE has.


    I used to have teams that were bad where we would push and until the blocker died we were losing the battle, then he pop`d and the fire lane was open and bam we won.


    So make sure your guys either move after firing or they cover up the enemies guns to block shots. TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN

  13. I dont get why these ships are special? In that world will they earn more? I dont think it sounds like they will as its more sandboxish. So why get one? I mean technically If I grind I am able to buy those in game right?


    So the only advantage to owning one is havin it right away, when others start in low T1`s? Like the Lowe and M6 alien was in beginning of WOT, Except you couldnt buy those with creds...Someone please help me understand. Is it only to support game?

  14. I think its quite clear, for all players with enough gray matter, that something has to be 'the best' and something had to be 'the worst'. Perfect ballance is not possible.


    Can we establish your source of buthurt?

    Ru not the worst?


    Usa not the best?


    Im saying, RU gets a slight edge over EVERYTHING as often as is possible. 


    Of course something has to be the best. But RU tanks just happen to be the best in every meta shift. As I said earlier. And things like T54 have been the best....Forever.


    Most other OP tanks come and are around for a while then nerfed hard. Not with Rus tanks. Besides the KV1s. And KV85 unlike other tanks that get nerfed to hard is still great for what it does.


    So I ask again do you think the RU meds are not the dominant force in generalist meds? Do you think the IS7 buff on turret was needed? Do you think the 260 being the only gift/rare tank that is better than others in its class is fair?


    Faillowe clearly made worse, M60 is much worse than most T10 meds, T55 worse than T54, 260= IS7 which is already one of best heavies but better in everyway. Fair?


    Did Sigma changes help RU more than others ? Don`t you think Brawling maps help IS3`s+STI`s+IS7 more than others as a whole?

  15. Scf, eu cw meta does not use 90% russian tanks. Yeah m48 is on lower side of use spectrum but we are not discussing why m48 is not the best tank.... or are we? Should it be?

    EU meds in CW isnt mainly RU meds?


    Besides niche things like scouts 1-2 Leos or 1-2 BC`s what is the makeup of meds?


    Generalist meds, are 50m, 121, STB, 4202, M48 140,62a. Your telling me these others are used as much as the Rus ones? STB has made a small step up, but iMO only crazys would use non RU meds as the main force.

  16. Then it should be easy to provide some hard data, instead of a bunch of opinions. Do that, and I'll shut up.

    I think its much much harder. I dont think its simple. And I dont want you to shutup we need guys like you :)


    But no one can convince me the best end tier med tanks in game far and away are Rus, for both CW and Pubs. No one one can tell me the IS7 didnt get a un needed buff on its turret and was hidden by making it HD.

    Hell they made the IS7 correct with 240mm cheeks and Rus freaked out so they added 30mm of fake armor to it....LOL


    Or how about the old M48. It was perfect on release. T62a had ROF way better camo and turret armor. M48 had better fire control, depression and Alpha....So what did they do? Nerfed it into mehness. For no reason except Rus forums were complaining it was good.


    Also any numbers are gonna be dkewwed IMO anywhere as everyone knows Ru meds are the best and everyone is told Rus heavies are the easiest and so most guys do those lines first. Just 2 days ago I asked what is easiest line to grind a reroll on and 90% said RU heavy. General chat says same thing.


    Why not just ask the entire player base what is best Tanks and I bet 70% would say 140 as number 1 and 62a as number 2. Do you disagree?


    For a reasonable man, the burden is met.  You will note that no russian patriot ever tries to argue the T-54 isn't an abomination.  They just lulz at "tinfoil" and keep on driving their communist fantasy wish fulfillment engines.


    Lol so true. Everytime I point out the Frankentank, or the fact they make certain tanks that were shit way OP its always. "OMG MURICA" "We all know you love MUIRCA" etc


    And on other forums when I would argue the T64 and how great it was I got nothing but "OMG Comrad, you love Ruskis way to much" "Move to Russia"


    Fact is I like tanks that were actually good or great, and I study more than the history channel or "Common Knowledge"


    For instance that post about the Panther and 17 pounder and how great the 230 engine was, is soooo full of myths its not funny. He also compared a 3 ton tanks engine to a 44 tons tanks and pointed out the HP diff. Why not compare the the exact same 45 ton weight class engine? This is exactly what WG does. Compares shit that isnt comparable.


    230 Panther engine as I said was 700 HP but the Ford GAC was 770, and it had much much longer service life. Yopu can try to compare diff shit all you want, but balancing is supposed to level that stuff.

  18. You're the one claiming that there's Russian bias oozing out of every orifice, the burden of proof is on you.

    I think its obvious. I think guys who try to prove it simply can`t because as I said if we took NA RU and EU then it might be fair.


    But if we take good old fashioned simple truth. Why dont any clans in game use M48`s? WHy do 90% of CW mediums end up being 140 or 62a? Why do the majority of changes passively buff rus tanks?


    Norm used to be 8 degrees for AP and is now 5, that benefits sloped tanks most.

    Sigma changes benefited Ruskis as the Gun handling is supposed to offset Alpha and Armor and Speed.

    Brawling meta even furthers this, and in a brawl you want what? Oh yeah Alpha, Armor and Speed.


    Literally the only map where a IS7 sucks now is Prok, the rest are owned by them. Rus meds are literally good everywhere. And when TD`s were OP you had 268 which was 1st or second. You had 704 which is as good as most T10 Td`s , ISU which is best. and SU a T7 with a huge Derp. Oh and the Su122-44 fast insane DPM and huge alpha.


    For all points in time Rus has owned the meta or partially owned it.


    No numbers to back this up just common sense. IMO its ok as I have adapted and just started using Rus tanks....I would think it was funny if we made a T95 med just loke they made the T54. All from 1956 it had 285mm Hull Armor @ LOS it had 400mm+ Turret@Los with a 105mm gun that was around 285mm Pen and less dispersion than a L7 gun. Also a 800 HP engine in a 40 ton tank.....Then we could see how many people cry MURICA!!!

    Please enable your sense of humour. I was taking the piss.


    Honestly, just pretend the tanks in WoT are ALL made-up fakes. You'll be much happier if you do...

    I know you and know your joking :)


    I do imagine they are all fakes. I just think its funny that they had a good system and then they are replacing it with one that will be horrible for RU tanks, but they will be best for sure :)


    I <3 OOOPman

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