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  1. ANd proving there is Rus bias is hard.  If you are level headed you understand the 62a and 140 and T54 and IS7 are literally ruined by the hoardes of newbs on RU where its there first tanks.


    But look at PIP`s challenge so far and the guys who have done 70% solo and won the challenge all have used Rus tanks. Bigcheese did like 74% solo in the IS7 and the T54 guy on NA is very damned close.


    Can you honestly say you think the Rus meds are not dominant in both CW and Pubs? Shit the only tanks that come close to them are niche roles like the Bat for scouting only. Things like M48 and Fv4202 and other "Generalists" are garbage compared to them.


    IS6 is far and away the best Premium for carry and wins, its no wonder Rerolls soley buy them as they are easy to dominate in. The 390 ALpha starting at T6 is the same as if a Jag100 had a turret as its the same ratio. It one shots T4`s and it 2 shots almost any T6`s. Hell 390 DMG at T8 is good.


    Sorry but since the game caters to the large Rus crowd. And that crowd is mostly terrible but they want to use there T54-IS7`s etc is it any surprise those tanks are made best in class so there player base feels better.

  2. Sure we can. Bring forward any statistical data proving your claims pls.


    And no, unicum stats are not significant, as already mentioned 1000 times, this games i designed for your average noob, so pls statistical data showing that average noobs are over performing in most soviet tanks across multiple tiers.


    Thats the only way, and i mean the only way, you can prove something on forums with "denying stat deniers" as its moto.

    So when they admit Rus tanks are king of brawlers, in there videos and in descriptions. And they start making maps shorter and 10x more brawly what does that mean?


    Also when accuracy is a big negative for these tanks that have amazing armor, great speed and great alpha and then they introduce a Sigma change that makes ALL GUNS hit 66% of the time how is that not a buff to those guns with long aimtimes etc?


    Also when redoing the already great IS7 and taking away its one hitbox from the front and making its cheeks go from 365mm effective toe 450mm effective adding 40mm of "Fake" armor meaning it now has NO CHANCE OF BEING PENNED FROM ANY TANK how is that not a buff?


    Next nerfing view ranges ontop of brawling maps benefits who the most? Oh yeah the already blind russians who want to fight and shoot upclose.


    OMG come on man.

    How about defend the T54, a med withy parts from the 1970`s and HEAT literally the best parts of a tank from a 20 year span.

  3. There is none

    since RL ww2 HEAT sucked (buff US)

    While RL APDS / HVAP where terrible vs sloped armor, like Panther glacis (17 pdr APDS couldnt penetrate placis of panther)

    Some mechanics benefit russians, but others, mostly benefit US tanks...



    Russians used lots sloping which is in wot less effective as IRL...

    Germans used thick plates with high hardness, which was IRL also much more effective as in wot...


    (armor wise, both germans and russians get shafted by game mechanics, the US with the relative flat, soft, steel get no peneatly, while their relative bad gold rounds are in wot all of a sudden super stronk...)

    LOL WTF you talking about Slope is godly compoared to raw thickness.


    Angle always wins. Its why a MAUS still gets raped as HEAT doesnt care about angles. Also HVAP wasnt terrible vs Slope at all. The Panther was simply a extremely well armored tank at the time. Later 90mm HVAP went right through it like butter.


    In game which is safer from HEAT ingame MAUS or IS7? Saying slope is less effective is ridiculous.


    Germans also had massive cracking issues. Go read some of EE`s test on German Face hardened armor.


    I cant do anything but laugh at you saying US gets advantage over real life. Go read about BHN levels of hardness. It is not just whoever has the hardest steel wins. It is a mix. Vs extremely hard shells soft armor is better as it "Catches" some of the impact and doesnt spall.


    Extremely hard armor like the Germans cracked welds and often times killed more crew than if the round had just penned.


    In game Rus doesnt just get massive slope they also get massive thickness. T54 gets 20mm more raw. IS7 gets 40mm buff to its turret raw. IS3 gets a big buff to its pike angle.


    I still cant believe you think Rus tanks get disadvantage in game...LOL


    Lastly 17 pounders shot at a Panther and penned it 4 out of 5 times from the front so IDK WTF your talking about. HVAP had issues, but not Darts.


    Only time the 17 pounder had issues was vs TEST PLATES of equal thickness. When they actually got test Panther after the war the 17 pounder went 4 out of 5 times right through it. German Armor was not as good of quality at end war when they were made.

  4. compare engine size:

    Glorious german engineering:

    700 hp


    Oversize US engine:

    450 hp


    You are using all WW2 stuff. I wasnt arguing that. However if you want to get into it the US Engines had much higher reliability. Also your comparing mid range engines vs Germans very best.


    Ford GAAN was easily producing 600 HP out of a very small package. But all in all I will concede German tech had amazing designs. Even though they were not great in practice.


    If you want to get down to the actual best performing engines it was the H blocks far and away. Brits were getting 2500 HP out of these engines and tuned down 1500 HP reliably.


    A Serman to Maybach is more than unfair....One was made to power a much bigger tank. Also Sherman engine was much better for engine life.


    My comparison was T54 vs Patton which is a head to head comparison. Same MBT style tanks, same era.


    Also you realize the Sherman engine was a 18 liter vs 23 liter right?


    Now the T29 engine was a Ford GAC and it was producing 770 HP with less displacement than the Panthers 230. But this doesn`t prove one over the other .I would need to look at the main bearings and block to see if the 230 was a solid design. I will study it more.


    Point is the US had IMO the very best Engine and Drive tech overall as it was the US main export. Auto industry was completely used as a war machine during the war.

    US had by far best machining, meaning anything automotive was usually superior. US had great guns. It had Meh armor.

    Germans had either wonderful designs or complete failures. Stug was absolutely brilliant. Panzer 4 was great. Tiger was a flop, and Panther was not reliable.

    USSR had amazing armor designs, and amazingly simple designs that produced great results as well. Also they did big guns very very well. 122mm was a great gun.

  5. SFC why are you so bent about Russians and Russian tanks?

    Im not bent.


    I simply think its retarded that WG either compares tanks that shouldn't be compared in same tier or simply makes frankentanks vs tanks that were very real.


    Also I am against the whole "Early Nato tanks were dwarfed by the T54" argument most guys seem to eat up. This myth about T54 supremacy and over all USSR dominance is just plain wrong.


    But if you think that a M48 that was designed and released in 1950 should be the same tier as the 62a which was in 1962, IDK what to tell you.


    IMO M48 gets shit on as a med and is one of the most useless tanks while the Patton line was one of the most iconic. If anything The Patton and 62a should be dead even in usefulness as it was in release.


    Im a big fan actually of the 140 and 62a, I wish all T10`s were up to par with them. But they are not.



    Im not against Russians or RU tanks at all, I simply know history and have delved into this topic deeply and dont like how WG matches tanks up.  No one can deny they have extreme Russian bias. And if it was true with just one line that would be ok, but ever Meta change RU is at the top place.


    WHen arty was OP 261 was beyond lethal. When TD`s were OP it was 268 and Foch tied as way to OP. In all of Beta and before gold T54 and IS7 were end all be all tanks. Rus meds still dominate CW by a large margin. \

    They really do get extreme loving.


    But im a big fan of the 260 and really looking forward to it. I cant help if Rus tech sucked ass until the T64

    His personality seems to consist of 95% MURICA STRONK! and 4% human and 1% unicum.

    Nope. I do think the game is extremely biased. I also know much more about the US programs than most players. So by me explaining this most guys thin im saying Murica is best all the time when in reality im just saying WG either picks bad mechanics to use, or they break there own rules about dates and modules etc just to make Rus tanks the best.


    How is wanting evenly matched tanks me being 95% MURICA?


    I guess me wanting tanks that balance better is a conspiracy.


    The worst part is they have all the tanks they need to make this a better tree. We have said it since the begining.


    OOPMAN please explain to me why the T54 in game should be more OP than the T55? Why should it have a engine that was 20 years older than its release? Why should it have a experimental gun? And a hull that was stopped in 1948? But more important why should it have ALL OF THESE in one tank?


    I to can make a super tank.


    M60 which was still pre 62a, with its advanced hull of 110mm@65 degrees with reactive armor, and the turret that is 400mm@ LOS.....Seems right doesnt it? Oh and thats only 10 year span of tech, the T54 in game spans 20 years of tech.

  6. It's not like the terrain resistance values now have historical accuracy, I doubt they calculated how big the ground pressure actually is ([weight of the tank]/[surface the tracks cover], and even if they did, how do you calculate a number out of that for asphalt/dirt/mud (or good/normal/bad) ground?

    Also they'd have to include the suspension, was there ever a test on even grounds to compare all of them?


    So, I don't think it will change much, WG will do whatever the fuck they want, just as usual.

    It might hit some different tanks this time, but I doubt they will be Russian..

    Actually suprisingly this is a actual test. And as a rule tracks thaqt are very large tend to "Float" on mud but do much worse on paved or semi paved roads as to much surface area is way more friction.


    But I agree WG will do what they want.


    My point is they are going from a value that was semi realistic but not set in stone, to a system that is very well documented and anyone who knows engines and drive trains can understand why the US was so far ahead.


    Seems to me they will either have to make another stat to offset the US and Nato tanks.

  7. Since none of the attributes of the tank have been finalized, the true gun depression value, whether -3 or -5 should be considered preliminary.

    I dont think so.


    Little values here and there can change but its base values already have changed once, meaning this is the final "Hardstats". The tank is in the game for its second iteration. First one was complete historical values ith BL13 and -3 depression and exact IS4 turret. This is a much stronger IS4 turret with -5 and IS4 like gun stats.


    At first it had a Bl9 type 122mm and other attributes were much lower. Then it was redone.


    WG has never once changed a depression value once the tank is model`d and its final gun chosen. Just like they dont change armor values etc.


    Also because the values where changed twice this IMO is the closest thing until its super tested further. And even then things rarely change much.


    Thing with the 260 is, it had very specific attributes and unlike the other semi paper tanks where they can take away stuff etc, they cant on this besides adding the much later gun to it.

    Im 99% sure this is the final stats other than tiny things like 10% nerf to pass ability and 10% bloom nerf.


    Anyways 260 is hybrid IS7 and IS4 and they simple picked the best of both rather than the worst of both like many hybrids they make. IS4`s gun and gun handling with IS7`s hull and a turret tthat laughs at all but E3 gold shells.

  8. 3 degrees fun depression is very workable, see 34_3

    Good god people I have posted this like 10 times.


    THE 260 HAS -5


    -3 WAS A RUMOR and for some reason even after me posting pictures of tank inspector people keep thinking this. It must be because guys dont want to imagine a tank as OP as that.


    260= -5 = same as T54=same as 62a=same as 430

  9. Oh wow, this IS the best soviet heavy, the question remains, why is IS-7 shit as it is.


    Also they have never been realistic for any nation since the beginning of the game, from armor values, relative inaccuracies between guns, fake guns, fake ammunition, made up armor penetration mechanics, impossible turret/hull combinations... the list goes on. I would be totally fine with realistic gun depressions provided they also fixed other imaginary stuff they made up.

    WG uses realisim when it wants to all the time.


    Half the reason the Nato tanks are clearly weaker than the RU Meds is "Realistic armor values" etc.


    For tanks like the T54 they chose the best possible parts over a 18 year period and make a franken tank, but for most Nato tanks like the Pattons they simply get gun upgrades.


    T54 has Hull that was to heavy for its suspension and was closer to a Spershings speed.

    T54 has gun from a T55 and even a experimental one.

    T54 has Engine that was made during T64 era and was also never even close to used.

    T54 also has best turret of the bunch


    Compare this to the T55 coming out and thats what it should be.


    T54 had 100mm armor not 120. While its Turret armor is best in game/class.

    It had LB1 gun, but I understand upgrading its gun.

    It also gets hundredsHP more than even its high engine. It had a 520 then 560 then in very end 580 HP engine

    All this while it gets great bloom and gun handling, and great terrain resist.


    Now look at M46 and TBH its under what it should be. It should have M47 hull. It should have its engine and keeping with experimental engines should have the M48`s 800 HP one.

    Following the T54 it needs accuracy that dwarfs it. Also it had -9 depression and T54 had -4.5.


    I`d say 80% of what they do to Rus tanks are Biased. They either match up tanks that were years apart or simply cherry pick tanks from a huge gap.


    M48 vs a T52a? Really? Why not M60a1 which WAS STILL same period? Why a M26 Pershing that finished its development in 1945 vs a T54 that just began its development in 1945?


    If you want to be real the T44 and Pershing were made at the same exact times. Both were highly advanced for there era and both were starting to go 85mm+


    The Non Bias`d tree would be.


    T34-85 -- Ez8 with 90mm

    T43 -- T23 with 90mm

    T44 -- Pershing

    T54 -- M47/48

    62a/140 -- 60a1/t95e5


    IMO Rus tanks take on the better parts of Chinese tanks most times but where Chinese get -depression Russians magically dont. And Rus gets much better gun handling for very small DPM increases. as a whole.


    WG has always said they will always ,make armor true to life and as well as depression and balance around that. Problem is they do things like give the IS3 -5 depression because a test model that mounted a 85mm was able to do it, when in reality is was -3.


    It just bugs me they use these excuses sometimes and not others. I wish they would just say, "We cater to the 80% of our player base who is from former USSR" I would at least respect that.



    Less depression+less alpha+ weak turret+ mediocre dpm= nope


    You can really on IS-7 turret to bounce everything, it can actually use it (-6) and has enough alpha to trade favourably usually.


    This is more medium then heavy, as a heavy it is far from IS-7 roadblock style W/R farming

    How is this a medium? I has a amazing turret second only to the IS7 but massively better than the IS4. It has more DPM by a ton. Only 50 Alpha less, shoots APCR standard thats like a missile and its gun handling is literally twice as good almost....Its armor is basically the exact same. As the only things that can pen it are E3 Prem shells and they still will pen only 30% in the exact right spot.


    For the speed and ability to DPM down a target I would take this any day.


    Hell guys chose the 62a and lose -1 just for a slightly better turret, and less speed etc and thats a toss up.


    Looking at this tank the IS7 wouldnt beat it in ANYTHING, no more sluggish feel or derpy gun which is the part that balances out the IS7...This literally the way it is, is the perfect tank and if you get them they will be the only heavies used in CW unless you need depression. That -1 degree doesnt even come close to being worth it.

    I can tell you what I DON'T want the missions to be. Something like get 8k dmg in 10 tier 10 games. Or reach 1800 raw xp in a tier 10 game. That would suck.

    BTW two more gameplay videos, one obj 260 and one t55a.


    obj260: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWmNk5LyyCY&list=UULZIN4aTXYm92c1ENyN8KmA It keeps up with 50b!!


    Someone started rumors 260 was gonna suck and actually never looked at it in tank inspector. It is lightning fast on paper. It will feel like a E5 accelerating and actually hit its top speed.


    I just hope the mission isnt timed. If they make these missions hard to get I will do it fine, but these grind fests that make you log in every day bla bla are BS. But I dont trust WG at all so meh.


    But I would trade M60 Failowe and 907 for 260 if its the way it looks on paper.


    It really is so good I think clans liek G will require it or at least that will be a major asset to clans having one.

  10. My Avatar is my pic. When you do contracting work and train other countries police and military they frown upon social media etc. Its how aton of PMC guys get captured and killed. While I was in south america some of the local hotties would find out who the PMC guys were and get paid good amounts to get compromising pics of them. Hell we even had a tranny scandal...Not the autopart kind


    But this pic was 7 years ago so, whatever. Now I just am older, and have more tats.

  11. So, on FTR....


    - apparently, to replace the effect of terrain resistance (and to justify some tanks moving slower with the same horsepower), a new parameter will be introduced in the new motion physics: “loss of horsepower in transmission and drivetrain”.


    I find this absolutely hilarious. This is absolutely a real thing and since WG is so "Realistic" and obssesd with "Realism" as an excuse when it comes to Rus tank benefits like armor or depression [lol], this one will kill them unless they absolutely lie.


    -fact that Rus Drivetrains were sloppy [on purpose many times]

    -fact they had upto 20% of TQ losses from crankshaft to drivewheels.

    -fact US tanks had by far the best drivetrains seeing as they were basically MOPAR which had the best running gear tech there was for a long time.

    -US tanks had a 2-3% loss in TQ in crossdrive tranny`s.



    So, when they do come out with the Pattons 810 HP and 40% loss to make up for 62a`s very low HP and 5% loss I will call bullshit and try to work with Chieftain to get it reversed.


    Its so obvious the US was the best because we had the largest automotive industry and Gov contractors NEVER loss money on RD when it came to engine tech as it make cars better.


    AVDS 1790 had 800 HP and was 29 liters of displacement.with around 5% loss if we go by Pershing standards

    T54`s V series had 520 then 560 HP with 39 liters of displacement. with around 16% if we go by the majority of guys who worked on them. The heavier the tank the worse it got.


    Either way the US Engines were 1/4th smaller, consumed less fuel, lost less Power do to much better transmissions being much tighter and they had much better life because they were not super old tech stretching the compression to its limits but more finely tuned machines.


    I wonder how fast they will pull the plug on this? Or I wonder if they will start using smaller engines on US tanks rather than proposed ones like the 700 HP in the T54...LOL


    The really shitty thing is if they make US tanks sloppy we will climb like shit, and accel like shit which IMO is one of the best things. These Devs always seem to find evidence from good old Yuri when needed .


    I think the new system should all be Accel vs Topspeed. This balance works great in racecar games and it has a real basis. Basically you would have tanks like the IS7 and that would be a "Top End Heavy" vs the E5 that would be a "Low End" Heavy and then things like the MAUS and E100 that basically accel instantly to say 15 KPH but then slowly move up and they would be "Even" and this would be because electric trans etc.


    This balance would level things out like the 140 being as fast as most scouts. And you could make the 140 be the drag racer as the 62a could be the road racer. Low end tanks like E5`s would slowly accel up hills where IS7 would bleed speed up hills. E5 like it does now would have a low hard cap where IS7 like now would have a huge top end that was hard to attain.



    New system will be heavily biased if they use real stats, and I wonder how they will make up that RU had better Engine/Drivetrain tec than the US as it was night and day better for US and in turn, nato.


    Terrain resist wil be much harder to implement with HAVOK so what do you think is a better replacement?

  12. Easiest is the T110E5 (as far as EXP needed). Plus a good HT crew trainer (and free EXP buffer)


    Almost tempted to reroll an account and do exactly that, play the hell outa the T34, free EXP to T29 and just go from there. Could probably get it done in less than a month with some concentrated play

    Thats what I am gonna do.


    I want my T95e2 as ugly as it is. T95 was my idea for this damned game and I want it now.

    Guys also remember I dont want noob friendly as much as OP if you are skilled.


    Afterall a 2600ish/62% Player will be playing this.


    So easiest = Most OP in a good players hands x Funnest

  13. So since I have brought like 5 guys to game who have 8+10`s and now feel cheated I think I will have to "Help a Friend" pick the easiest T10 to grind.


    So I want everyone opinions on the absolute easiest 10 grind in the game.



    I dont care about how good the 10 is at all.

    I won`t have much free exp so keep it in mind.

    I dont care about Wn8 so if its a OP line hard to make Exp DMG I could care less.

    If you think 2 lines are tied, pick the most fun.


    Ok, please tell me what was your absolute easiest or most fun grind. I was thinking of picking the M48 line to get a head start. And TBH the line is fun and the only bad part is the final tank.

  14. As I get better at playing tanks I am able to see more.

    Now I notice that when I get in to a complex fight with several tanks near by my fps drops from around 30 to 10, even lower in sniper mode. 

    I know I need to get a proper rig someday, I was just hoping it was not today. Are there settings that would help a lot or is this the time to spend.



    i7 - 4700 2.4 ghz

    Navidia GT750m

    8 GB ram


    Thanks in advance for any help

    This is not about graphics levels. This is all CPU balancing.


    WOT is terrible at sharing ANY CORES with ANY PROGRAMS


    If you are at 30 fps and it dips terribly it is 99% of the time CPU usage. Most huge dips are not graphics cards but CPU.


    So if you want overall better FPS do what the others said. BGut if you want to stop dips in FPS you need to make sure WOT is set to the highest affinity or download a program to assign each program to specific cores.


    My AMD Phenom when left alone goes from 15-35 all day long until I used CPU Control program and assign ALL programs to 3-4 core except WOt then it never drops below 40.

  15. I follow the principle of, as much as possible, never playing before 4 pm and never after midnight: Before that time is Elementary School Hour (high pop of kids) and after midnight is Botting Hour (people who press W until death for "fast" exp and actual botters).


    Echelon's numbers are disturbingly low, though, and I would never play under such circumstances if I had any possible way to avoid it. The MM only works with X thousand players online and in my experience that number is between 20k and 30k depending on tier spread. Once you drop below 20k, the likelyhood of strange MM goes up by quite a lot because WG would rather give you a quick match-up than a long queue time. I mean, just doing the math while pretending no one idles in garage, 2k players result in 66 matches and when you start factoring tier spread and other shenanigans, the likelyhood of MM fuckups is high. Even with 10k players, you have 333 matches going which is easily low enough for MM "magic" to happen if certain tiers are under-respresented.

    Your right you need lots of players in MM. See what sucks is on NA server West has no CW no tournies etc. So guys just stay o nEast because its easier.


    They should make all CW that is mid TZ to Pac TZ on West so it shares the load and so its not 30k players online with 25k on east.


    My numbers are 54-57% solo on west at night. And Solo im 59-63% on East when my packet loss is down.


    East ping isnt bad for me, but its packet loss is OMFG bad.  Anyways, I still want Garbad to try a solo challenge west as I know in my heart he would see how much worse it is.


    I mean all rules are off, the dumbest pubs on normal times in east is every other player on west at night. Every player will Zerg you at anytime and no matter what they will take you down to 40% health...They have no concept of winning so they dont care and it throws your game a bit off.


    And yes its totally the place to Bot and from what I have seen they dont ban shit on NA as I have reported the same bots 10k times.

  16. dat shitter only has 88 games so he doesnt have one

    Is it really needed to get 100 games before mark? It seems like I was 60ish before I got mine, but IDK.


    But 3 FCM`s is fun. It fires like an autloader. Also its the best bullying setup there is for ramming.

  17. What I'd like to see is replay packs of games that you had to carry solo.  I.E. when all the fuckin pubbies fucked up and you had to save the game.  Descriptions of your thought process in these would be nice but isn't necessary.


    The main reason I'm asking this is because I want to be a better solo pubber (on top of that my clanmates seem to only care about playing for wn8, and not the win....) but these fucking pubbie teams, there are some that are beyond my skill to save!!!! It's so bad I'm about to take a permanent break from tanks to my other games.....

    Yep I want to see solo.


    Not with Sela or other Unicums TBH.


    Dont get me wrong I appreciate all that you post but the reason you got famous IMO was your solo challenges and thats the proof you are as good as you say you are.

  18. 12t is alright, but T64 or T37s are prefered. While the clip potential is good, the speed and constant DPM of the 64 and T37 is miles better. I would also pick up a KV85 and put the 100mm on it, While the depression is harder deal with, its still the ideal tier 6 HT. You can also pick the T150 as another viable choice, the DPM with the 107mm is pretty damn good. Hellcats are also still viable, but the nerf really did hurt it

    This. Also M6 is always a amazing choice as its APCR is amazing and its depression+ speed as well. Its like a FCM.

  19. c11e42ae13de0525eb7a10d658054af2_timegri



    I've noticed that my winrate drops significantly in the late night hours, I can easily win 65% even solopubbing during primetime, but struggle to carry 60% during late night (ie early morning slots)


    Has anybody noticed similar effects?

    I have always noticed this. Esp on west. This is because as I said before the teams are packed full of bright red account grinders up in the middle of the night who dont care and just want 10`s or are botting.


    Also with 3-5k players I typically run into the same exact guys. Usually its a Blunicum platoon mixed with greens and the rest bright red. This means you cant even rely on the pubbies to wn if you die and left them with a 8 to 4 lead.


    Basically with the amount of bad players on at those hours luck really does matter because these guys sure as shit dont know a tank from a whole in the ground.


    Gromstrom has reported this as well. He is 2300 Wn8 player with a 53% W/R on West at Night and I cannot break 60% unless I platoon. Hell JacG one of the best players I have seen cant not do 65% solo on west at night. I dont think Garbad could either....Players are sooooo bad. Also I seriously see 1 in 15 players as a bot.


    Also its harder to get a normal platoon of guys you play with. Literally everything is against you. When I get to play in a good platoon in the day it literally is 75% wins.

  20. So the e25 is on sale for 30% off this weekend.  With the rumor of it leaving the store soon, this may be the last opportunity to get it on sale.


    Normal Price 6700 Gold

    30% off Price 4690 Gold

    50% off Price 3350 Gold


    I was waiting for it to hit 50% off, like the EU Server.  And if I buy it this weekend there is a 98% chance it will >:(


    - I don't need it for the credits 

    - I have the JagTiger and the RHM, so I guess it can train crew, but nothing like I can train my RU Heavies [Church3,KV220,KV5]

    - Unknown upcoming TD view range nerf on the horizon

    - I have something like 20 Premium Tanks and I play about 6 of them, will this be another tank that just sits in the garage?

    - Black Friday is just around the corner and I have just enough Gold for the FCM50 or the IS6 (assuming 15% off)

    I would always buy a limited tank if I could.


    Because, the worst feeling ever...Regret.


    What if meta comes back and somehow the E25 just fits it perfectly? You will cry. Also if you sell your toon and its limited tank, your account goes way up :)

  21. T49 is plain awful IMHO, a stupid gimmick. E5 seems a mixed bag (esp. after reading Rexxie's comments on it).


    Im telling you E5 is not what guys think now. Since the map changes I rate it as the 2nd best heavy there is. IS7 is the overall best IMO is it is made for these maps.  ANd while E100 is a god there still are some open maps like Prok where it really really struggles where as the E5 is 2nd place best in almost all maps and definitely has a spot in EVERYMAP where its the best tank of the lineup. I hated my E5 and only didnt sell it because im a E5 fanboi who worked for a year to get it in the game. Because the only natural predator of the E5 is TD`s.


    Basically besides 2 small areas on the lower hull the E5`s frontal armor is 80% covered in immune to 270 or less plating. Meaning vs newb meds you bounce 80% of the time. Also its tumor is great vs meds etc as there is only the root of the tumor to hit. All in all vs other heavies and meds the armor is great, not good...great.


    This changes when enemy HEAT spams then Armor goes to 60% effective on hull because lower isnt thick enough but upper still blocks and turret minus the tumor is immune. It really changes though vs TD`s.

    Your armor vs TD`s goes from 70% effective to like 30% where only the turret is reliable and it turns it into a T29 style tank where you have to hulldown. Because UFP and lower are 275/250 ish the 285-300mm of TD`s pen often and with 750 alpha it only takes 3 shots.


    But now that TD`s are not every 3rd tank the E5 has come back strong and IMO its as powerful as it was on release day.


    Lastly give the T49 a chance, I to thought it retarded until I saw Jacg murder T10`s in it. Its so fast you play peek a boom behind a heavy, wait for enemy to shoot roll out aim for 5 secs hit him and roll back before he shoots again.

    THis tank is impressive when you use it right. Esp hitting meds like Fattons, or anything french or ass shots. And its so fast these come about much more than you think.


    Lets hope this aint total no-life missions :P


    (all rewards so far seem ok, only that T28 concept thing seems ``akward...``


    And 3 deg gun depression and a fairly weak turret
    ps: i also cant believe WG will keep suchs a massive mobility difference between IS7 and this 260, unless this 260 is like 113, on paper good, in reality terrible beyond belief.... (so incoming 260 mobility nerf or IS7 buff)


    It doesnt have 3 degrees depression or a weak turret at all.


    it has -5 and a turret easily almost as strong as the IS7`s. The 260 is a massive beast, dont look at numbers posted on FTR or other BS look in tank inspector.


    The weakspot on the turret is 385mm....Lol All the rumors about the weak turret was when no one saw the armor model and was trying to figure out why this thing was so OP in other ways.


    Look for yourself. It is a much more OP IS7 2.4 sec aim time with great bloom that puts the IS7 to shame. Much better HP/Ton and better terrain resist with higher DPM all for -1 depression.....Im sold




    There is the "Weak" turret :) Only issue maybe a shot trap, the rest is very very solid.


    Here in this pic you can see just how badly this beats the IS7.



    If the missions are not time based and purely a checklist of hard things like marks of excellence ill be fine, but these timed events just to grind for a 2 week period are ridiculous.


    Either way this tank would make up entire CW teams and PWN.

    T-55 is really cool, must have only DDR tank in game!

    260 must try playing it/against it before i rate it, the speed can be cool, but -3 depression is hard to work with, especially when you cant reach lower paltes and are forced to use HEAT....

    Once more guys its not -3. Look at my Pics.


    The reason it was listed at 3 is because in RL the IS7 was -3. And in beginning when this was modeled WG was saying depression was always going to be realistic.....Then they realised the T54 would be -4, IS3 would be -2.8 and almost all there OP tanks would be less than the Chinese. Obj 430 would be -2

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