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  1. I don't know if this topic was made after HE rework, but what tank to use for alliance-8, internal critical hits? Tried chimera, FV and charioteer multiple games without single critical...
  2. So it looks like it's not worth bidding and spending more than it's worth
  3. and that exactly is the problem: i'm not on lower end of hardware requirements(i5-11400 & RX 2060), yet updates are breaking more than they are fixing.
  4. I'm lucky if I can load Forza at all. Holy shit what a trash game, I paid 100euros for something that won't even start.
  5. I've bought components on Black Friday for the replacement of similar config (mine is i5-6400)... If you upgrade CPU, then you need to upgrade motherboard, ram (and cooler?) Price of compatible better cpu model 6th or 7th gen is too high and not worth it... Spend 400 euros for the 11400/B560/DDR4 combo and you're good. (today is the last day of the discount on the mindfactory.de so you still have time for some good deals on everything)
  6. So, whats better choice for bonds from ranked, Kampfpanzer or Concept 1B?

    1. kolni


      Concept is good, Kampf is very mediocre 

    2. sr360


      Concept 1B is a tier 9 Chieftain, Kpz suffers from not-a-PTA syndrome 

  7. I'm at the 95% chevron, yesterday i won 5/15 or something like that. I cant say it's enjoyable, but my goal is to get 3 chevrons per season so i can get the tank in the end. Theme of this season is camping mediums and failing miserably. I don't remember one game that we won which had snipers (when I say snipers, i mean the ones that are on the right flank, not on the other side of the map). I'm surprised how little VZ 55s are there (usually 1 or 0 per team), while at least one Kran is a mandatory per team.
  8. Bond equipment doesn't have category slot bonus? Isn't it better(cheaper?) then to use improved bounty equipment in two bonus slots?
  9. Regular ammo pen got buffed to 210mm. My Progetto can't wait to be blessed by RNG for -1000.
  10. Epic two year old bump incoming. I've unlocked all field modifications on Progetto, but they all look shitty to me. Are there any worth upgarding?
  11. M46 Patton or Leo PTA for bond equipment and what setup?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. kolni


      PTA is like a full tier above the Patton (9,5 vs 8,5)

    3. echo9835


      Both tanks a very good, but the PTA is miles ahead of the Patton. The PTA has much better pen, alpha, and mobility, you can carry more games with it than the Patton because the gun is relevant in more situations. The Patton has much better DPM and gun handling than the PTA, so when you need to kill squishy tanks as fast as possible in a point blank shoot out, the Patton will do it better. The Patton is made much better by bond vents because it needs the accuracy so much more, but the PTA will benifit more from a bond rammer and Vstabs more because its gun handling and reload time is so much worse.

    4. H4NI


      Well, i've 3marked Patton with one good game after months of not playing it, so i guess dilemma was solved by itself.

  12. Meh, this build makes me even more frustrated playing lights... It works pretty well, so you are forced to watch your teammates failing to hit or pen enemies again and again and again. Such a stupid feeling when you do everything perfect, spot 9 tanks and get 250 spotting damage. Waiting for a LT build which will give me Maus-like HP...
  13. Anyone tried newly buffed premiums, are any of them worth playing now?

  14. T34 • Decreased the dispersion during movement and on hull traverse from 0.28 to 0.25 m • Changed the dispersion on turret traverse from 0.22 to 0.16 m • Changed the engine power from 810 to 930 h.p. • Changed the turret traverse speed from 18 to 24 deg/s • Changed the hull traverse speed from 22 to 26 deg/s AMX Chasseur de Chars • Changed the aiming time from 2.2 to 1.9 s • Changed the dispersion on turret traverse from 0.16 to 0.12 m • Decreased the dispersion during movement and on hull traverse from 0.2 to 0.16 m KV-5 • Changed the pen
  15. I remember that being on their TS: memes about Auschwitz, names of the channels, usergroups...
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