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  1. I'm just wondering how will a typical EU player manage to set up their crews with the new system. Most of them find intellectually challenging to use keyboard and mouse at the same time, have wrong crew setups with current system etc... It's just too complicated. Besides being bad system overall.
  2. Being bored at work, i've decided to roam official EU forums. FML, obsession with "gold" ammo and reward tanks is fkig too good to read. All those sweet tears, nutritios and delicious, amazing.

    1. arthurwellsley


      There is one new player on EU forums who has been spewing forth threads every day complaining about 2 key ammunition. After some goading he has finally put up a replay and of course he drove a Type 4 heavy sideways on into enemy guns and his failure is nothing whatsoever to do with the enemy firing 2 key ammunition at his Sumo heavy tank.

  3. Badger, full HE - easily makes 3k damage per game even on this server infested with tards. Shoot E100 in turret (or other heavies), 30-35 damage.
  4. Was this global problem or per account issue? Because, it's the same situation on my acc.
  5. Even worse... I don't even rememeber correctly. Haven't played the last one since there weren't new tanks...
  6. There were previous 2 campaigns where you had the chance to get it. If they haven't, i somehow doubt things have changed so drastically that they can now. Of all the tanks, they decided to remove the Chieftain. Typical WG move. It's so advanced that you don't know if they are trolling or actually retarded.
  7. Playing with anon mode since day one and nothing is changed. Maybe i'm not purple (enough) so it's different perspective, but i still get focused/yoloed like i used to before the mode was introduced.
  8. any tips for T32 2.0 equipment? Still rammer/vstab/optics or there are new shenanigans? Haven't played it since ESL was in tier 8 so...

    1. churchill50


      That's still a pretty solid setup.

      Depending on how good your crew is and whether you're running Food, you could drop Optics for Vents or IRM if you wanted. That's up to personal preference though.

  9. Which is the best T8 premium light? Besides EBR, ofc... Picking HWK 30, ELC and T92,  but they all seem mediocre...

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    2. sr360


      432 feshur. And it only got stronger with equipment 2.0

    3. churchill50


      As has already been said, the LT-432 is by far the strongest tier 8 light tank. It's more a tier 8.5 or tier 9 light tank to be honest.

      The HWK 30 is also strong though, although it plays more as a paper med than a scout a lot of the time. It's a better M41 90.

      T92 LT isn't great (since it's just a worse Senlac/LT-432), and it's kind of painful to play since the stats are all over the place. Great acceleration, but horrific top speed and traverse. Amazing gun handling and gun depression, but horrible DPM/alpha.

      The ELC EVEN 90 is a meme tank, and nothing more. It can scout more aggressively than most other tanks due to great camo and good view range, but everything else about the tank is horrible.

    4. H4NI


      meh, i won't trade then, since i already have 432 and bulldog.

  10. Wins/Battles         19 / 21    (90%)
    Average Tier          8.0    (8.5)

    Amazing tier 8 MM today with 3 min roflstomps and shitty WN8. Guess you can't have it both ways.

  11. try playing blitz, its wot but without all the cancerous features.
  12. i see BBV was already a retard in 2013. i wonder where it all went wrong for him I was in -322- back in 2015, when they decided that the second clan should be a cw one. body and some others joined but at the same time they let in a lot of shitty players which resulted that all players from 322 got triggered as fuck and went back in two weeks. After that i've joined LAVA. Fun times...
  13. You dont know how to subtract 10 or 1000? BTW, only my recents got better. Overall still the same. I feel less skilled
  14. The first one one was 5,3 per Richter chart, second one was 5,0 (and after that more than 30 smaller ones - basically every thirty minutes there is one minor). It could be worse, but there are a few people who lost homes. There was a lot of confusion: stay in home - leave home but spread out. People started panicking and massively left the city to their weekend houses etc, so there is no control anymore. From my point of view and looking at the behaviour of the people from last few days: we are fucked. People are so casual, maybe this woke them up. We'll see. From today there is a ban o
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