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  1. try playing blitz, its wot but without all the cancerous features.
  2. i see BBV was already a retard in 2013. i wonder where it all went wrong for him I was in -322- back in 2015, when they decided that the second clan should be a cw one. body and some others joined but at the same time they let in a lot of shitty players which resulted that all players from 322 got triggered as fuck and went back in two weeks. After that i've joined LAVA. Fun times...
  3. You dont know how to subtract 10 or 1000? BTW, only my recents got better. Overall still the same. I feel less skilled
  4. The first one one was 5,3 per Richter chart, second one was 5,0 (and after that more than 30 smaller ones - basically every thirty minutes there is one minor). It could be worse, but there are a few people who lost homes. There was a lot of confusion: stay in home - leave home but spread out. People started panicking and massively left the city to their weekend houses etc, so there is no control anymore. From my point of view and looking at the behaviour of the people from last few days: we are fucked. People are so casual, maybe this woke them up. We'll see. From today there is a ban on leaving place of residence, but total quarantine will follow for sure. Public transport is already shut down.
  5. We had a fucking earthquake in Croatia this morning. Precisely, in the city that has 1/4 of whole nations population. People are panicking on the streets. Things are looking pretty dark from our point of view, there will definitely be more infected.
  6. Sitrep from Croatia: from next week there are no classes in schools and unis, kindergartens are also closed. I have a doctor friend who is dealing with corona, and the number of ill is actually quite higher that our government reports every day. So to top it all, we have a cover up (china style, lmao). People are losing their shit. In the supermarkets there are leftovers of milk, eggs, rice, oil, toilet paper etc. Economy is fucked up also: my company particularly since our main resource is imported from Italy. Production will be stopped in the upcoming week.
  7. Triggered as fuck, bahahaha...

    Fucking wannabes.




  8. First day after the black market we got T54-mod, and now Defender & Obj 252U for 40€. At this point they are just trolling us and making fools of us and they can do whatever the fuck they want. I won't buy them or any other tank for real money, but I'm not really a fan of that kind of attitude towards customers...
  9. They achieved their plan: they've milked a lot of players while not giving any meaningful reward. Prepare your wallets, there is still a lot to come. Also I'm baffled to see how people care little about their money and value they get for it. Made 0 offers this year
  10. what was the price of 365 days premium time from last year?
  11. Theres only one offer left - tomorrow morning, or?
  12. Every day is worse than previous one.... Looks like there will be a grand finale after all these shitty offers.
  13. Im only interested in Progetto, since i still dont have it... If it comes for bidding, what do you think the threshold would be in credits/gold? EU server in question.
  14. H4NI

    7v7 on EU

    There you go, fixed. I like it. I'm consistently doing better damage than I do in randoms, and I don't know how to explain it, lol.
  15. Any tips for 3marking this tank regarding the equipment,consumables etc? Is improved equipment even worth it? I've compared my version with full improved one, and it's only 40 dpm better... I dont find high equipment price justified in this case... Current setup
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