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  1. What do you mean, wn8 is obsolete for quite some time now....
  2. /necro So basically, after two years, mm changes and everything else, 120mm is still the way to go?
  3. Does anyone play WoTB? Started it for the lolz and noticed that playerbase is even worse than regular WoT.  Real players with 32% winrate, wtf. Need someone to platoon with, obviously.

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    2. kolni


       players used to play wot blitz on pc cuz no arty

    3. Oicraftian


      Mobile auto aim actually fixed issue where aimpoint would jump over horizon.

      Since it'd take the targets range when you 'locked on' instead of using ground as a reference.

      For a while I felt PC cancer > Mobile cancer

    4. H4NI


      the game has some advantages to regular wot, but feels super weird... stock tanks are pure cancer, but fully researched are more balanced and you have +-1MM with no arty. i will play it probably for another month and delete it when i get bored :MingLee:

  4. H4NI

    FL Tiers

    I found udes 14 quite enjoyable in tier 8.
  5. I'm retarded: it's Wolverine, not Achilles. But it's the same stock gun on both of them, so I wasn't wrong, lol. 101 pen, no premium shells
  6. the MM is especially retarded in this one.... that fuel limit is a turn off, but stupid MM is even bigger. Got to level 2, MM paired me with level 1 players. Have fun stopping 4 tigers at the 6th attack. I'm surprised we even got there... Not to mention that Achilles cant pen tiger and doesn´t have gold or he ammo, so you are stuck with flanking Tigers with speed/traverse demon Achilles while others are basically oneshot.
  7. H4NI

    FCM 50t love thread

    /necro Tank was buffed few months ago, and I've read few reviews describing this tank as "accurate" and with "good gun". Am I playing different game or what? Mine misses more than quarter of all shots fired and I can't get it to work on a satisfying level. Setup is in the spoiler. How do you play it anyways? I guess new MM should be better for SMM tanks and it should be easier, but wtf is with all those misses...
  8. Overall>Recent WR and WN8. Looks like i've had enough of this game... Looking back past few months, there was much more smashing the keyboard than enjoying in WoT. Need suggestion for next game to play, besides Division 2.

    1. hazzgar


      Watch movies, read books, do some sports. Seriously. Meet people too. Cook some food. Helped me feel much better.

    2. DirtyACE7


      Take a nice break for however long you think you need. Doing this has helped me tremendously and then you will come back a better player because you will be much more relaxed and mentally rested.

    3. kariverson


      I feel ya. In the same boat. I feel meta has changed too much and I failed to compensate. I had a similar status a while back. 

  9. Does rental T44 earn credits/exp like regular premium? If I remember from last year, it had some limitations...
  10. Looks like i'm dead inside. Maybe It's time to do this professionally, lol.
  11. Was playing TVP 50/51 lately... it's amazing which shots can be missed in that tank.... A few times i was actually baffled and thought "wtf is this"... shots from mid range going completely off the aim centre, some falling to the ground etc... on the other hand, the snapshots some players got while i was peeking were amazing.
  12. http://lab-vole.cz https://play4stats.com/ play 4 stats much detailed when you login with your account
  13. List of tanks to play in frontline? Skorpion, Defender and Progetto not available, lol
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