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  1. H4NI

    IPIP300 Personality Test

    Looks like i'm dead inside. Maybe It's time to do this professionally, lol.
  2. Was playing TVP 50/51 lately... it's amazing which shots can be missed in that tank.... A few times i was actually baffled and thought "wtf is this"... shots from mid range going completely off the aim centre, some falling to the ground etc... on the other hand, the snapshots some players got while i was peeking were amazing.
  3. H4NI

    Best stat sites at the moment?

    http://lab-vole.cz https://play4stats.com/ play 4 stats much detailed when you login with your account
  4. List of tanks to play in frontline? Skorpion, Defender and Progetto not available, lol
  5. Since WG killed the small eu subforums on the official forum, i'm trying to set up something by myself. It's more out of curiosity than fact it will be really used. I would like to add the option to login via WG account, maybe show clan and number of battles, just like here or xvm... Software is IPS Community Suite 4.2.8 How do you add it to admin board or what do i have to copy from WG developers site? Paging @Never or anybody else that can help.
  6. H4NI

    Dead XFX R9 280X

    new or what? i've bought on amazon pretty good used 970 for 200€+shipping not even a month ago.
  7. Doing LT-15 mission for 260. Yesterdays map pool: 3xParis, 3xPilsen, 3xKharkov, 2xWesfiled, 2xWinterberg.

    Today: 2x Erlenberg, Abbey, Mountain Pass, 1x El Hallouf

    Holy shit, i'm so triggered.

    1. monjardin


      It always feels like MM gives you the shaft when you are trying to do that mission, but in reality, one rarely ever gets a vision map in general.

      I did see a guy do LT-15.3 on Windstorm, but 7k of it was his own damage. ;)

      I tracked it when I was doing one of the LT-15's using a 13 90. I finally got Prok on the 100th game and did it easily. Didn't get any other vision maps in the first 99 attempts. That was before they decided to add tier 10 "scout" tanks. What's the point?!

    2. dualmaster333


      Erlenberg and Westfield are good maps for it but the rest are pretty trash.

    3. H4NI


      Yeah, got Fishermans Bay two times (missed the mission for 600 damage). It's becoming my favorite map in LT/MT. There are always some retards camping until the end of the game just waiting to be farmed.

  8. fk them, i'm not buying that, lol
  9. Right now on newegg germany RX 570 is discounted to 201€ (regular around 220-250€), RX 580 4GB 218€ and 8gb starting at 260€. For comparison: Asus Rog Strix Radeon 8GB - 258€ in my country, the same card from reputable seller is 450€. It's fking amazing.
  10. yes and no... Yes, I can go with 1050ti, and no if it means 1060 or 570. There is not much room for that kind of stuff when you are getting paid 800€ per month, lol
  11. I have Cooler Master 550W power supply... I can't remember is it CX550 or something like that... It's semi modular bronze 80. Not the greatest quality, but so far worked fine with everything. It's running paired with i5-6400, OC @ 4,4GHz
  12. I want to replace my old GPU - Gigabyte R7 250 1GB version with a newer one.My monitor is LG 23MP68 (supports freesync with 75Hz, 1080p). WoT is the only game I play consistently. I have two options: 560+freesync or GTX 1050Ti. Which one should I choose: higher performance with 1050ti or amd combo?
  13. any news about the implementation of the new values to the website?
  14. WG reached the new low with these post-patch bugs. 9.20.1 was bad to say the least, but is a fucking joke... What a bunch of amateurs, amazing.

  15. I have a question regarding the spawn places on the Siegfried Line and it's the same for Bases 1 and 2. Sadly, I have only three screenshots, but believe me, every game is the same. Here are the screenshots: Why on earth do light tanks get a spawn place that is the furthest from the field area of the map, which makes them basically useless since you can't spot anything because you are 20-30 seconds late. What is the role of the scouts on this map? Can somebody explain me the logic behind this? I know they said that spawn places are random, but not once I got the spawn close so I can go and actually spot something. How do you play in this situation?