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  1. Doing LT-15 mission for 260. Yesterdays map pool: 3xParis, 3xPilsen, 3xKharkov, 2xWesfiled, 2xWinterberg.

    Today: 2x Erlenberg, Abbey, Mountain Pass, 1x El Hallouf

    Holy shit, i'm so triggered.

    1. monjardin


      It always feels like MM gives you the shaft when you are trying to do that mission, but in reality, one rarely ever gets a vision map in general.

      I did see a guy do LT-15.3 on Windstorm, but 7k of it was his own damage. ;)

      I tracked it when I was doing one of the LT-15's using a 13 90. I finally got Prok on the 100th game and did it easily. Didn't get any other vision maps in the first 99 attempts. That was before they decided to add tier 10 "scout" tanks. What's the point?!

    2. dualmaster333


      Erlenberg and Westfield are good maps for it but the rest are pretty trash.

    3. H4NI


      Yeah, got Fishermans Bay two times (missed the mission for 600 damage). It's becoming my favorite map in LT/MT. There are always some retards camping until the end of the game just waiting to be farmed.

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