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  1. Does anyone play WoTB? Started it for the lolz and noticed that playerbase is even worse than regular WoT.  Real players with 32% winrate, wtf. Need someone to platoon with, obviously.

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    2. kolni


       players used to play wot blitz on pc cuz no arty

    3. Oicraftian


      Mobile auto aim actually fixed issue where aimpoint would jump over horizon.

      Since it'd take the targets range when you 'locked on' instead of using ground as a reference.

      For a while I felt PC cancer > Mobile cancer

    4. H4NI


      the game has some advantages to regular wot, but feels super weird... stock tanks are pure cancer, but fully researched are more balanced and you have +-1MM with no arty. i will play it probably for another month and delete it when i get bored :MingLee:

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